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  2. Instructor Assisted Deployment. It's a replacement for static line, so very similar in its process, but a free fall rig is used and the instructor throws the pilot chute as the student leaves the airplane.
  3. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    I appreciate your comments. however, you are incorrect about me being impatient about the photo's. Mr. Blevins posted that the event was cancelled. that's when I made a comment that the ground view would benefit the case. Robert then replied he might go later in the year. Eric chimed in saying he would go in two weeks and try and get the photo's he wanted as well. I didn't ask anyone to go in the first place. I only suggested pics would be a benefit. Eric already has a plan in place. it doesn't require petty trespassing. Some of us choose not to work with certain people due to strong negative behavior that reached out far beyond the internet. most I'm sure you are not aware of in which I would gladly show you offline if required. In my view. the damage can not be repaired. it is what it is. If not mistaken, I don't want to speak for Eric, but I believe he has a purpose for being in the area. that's why he decided to go. Roberts main goal appears to be searching the area. Eric's goal is pictures and might need them before that time. the bottom line was. nobody was going to the location when I first posted. now, it appears only one is allowed?
  4. Is this still for sale? I sent you a dm
  5. Not familiar with this terminology. What does the "IAD student" part mean?
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  7. From that angle you can't tell how loose you t-shirt is, but a jumpsuit is a good idea for free fall jumps for many reasons. Congrats on the clear-and-pull! I still remember mine back way back in 2002, I was shitting bricks getting ready for that jump, and so happy when my chute opened successfully.
  8. Dewbee

    Big SOB:)

    Super awesome. I’m no lineman, but I dig it Thank you much
  9. dudeman17

    DB Cooper

    Not that anyone probably cares, but it would seem that the point of my earlier post has been missed by some. The point was: 'Cooper' is a decades-old case that most of the world has forgotten about save for a handful of writers, amateur sleuths, aging parachutists, and other curious folks. One would hope that you could all find common ground and get along, even among 'friendly' disagreement about suspects and circumstances. A thought about the earlier disagreement: Mr. Shutter, if, after 48 years, you can't wait a few more weeks for your choice from a plethora of photographs, I don't know what to tell you. Actually, I do know, and it's this: If a trespassing Eric were to get mowed down by an errant Flatbed Ten logging truck, Weyerhaeuser could revoke Mr. Blevins' permit faster than an 80's NPS Ranger. Would that bother anyone else? Also, Mr. Shutter, I'll make you a friendly wager. If Blevins comes across an odd penny loafer or an unexploded roll of quarters, then you have to publicly declare that Klansnic was Cooper. If not, then a free tandem skydive awaits whichever of you is willing to show up to Elsinore on the hottest Saturday in August. [Disclaimer:Temperaturemustbeatleast115degrees.Tandempassengermustweighlessthan250lbsandbeabletoclimb4feetofladder.PassengermustalsopromisenottopersonallysuemeifImanagetogetusbothkilled,andmustalsoagreethatifyouthrowuponmeIwillcutyouawaylikeabadparachute.]
  10. Time Left: 29 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I am selling my baby! brand new condition Beautiful black hardware and black container with blue chop handles. Blue and white Sabre 2. Perfect condition (no patches) This is a complete / perfect condition setup. No reserve pulls. Ideally made for someone between 5-10 and 6-3. No hard landings or repairs. I have many more photos that I can email. Everything is in perfect condition. Jumped only In SoCal so never too hot or humid. Please only serious buyers contact me. I will have the buyer pay for shipping. Rig will be sent to a reputable rigger and money will need to be via PayPal or wire transfer. Blue Skies. Manufacturer Type Size/Model Jumps DOM Serial # Rigging Innovations Inc Voodoo Curv 125 10/2014 16026 Performance designs Sabre2 150 ft² 175 1/2014 Icarus Canopies (NZA) Nano 174 ft² 125 3/2014 53c12641 Airtec GmbH Cyprus 2 Expert 125 3/2014 16026


    Boise , Idaho

  11. ColoradoJones

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    I did my first jump that day with a long sleeve fleece pullover that fits tightly (luckily all my warm cloths are old and purchased before I gained 30 lbs, so they are all snug lol) and my last two jumps were done in the snug fitting T-shirt. Does it look like my shirt is too loose? Ill talk to the coach about finding a jumpsuit (or buying one). I was comfortable at 5k AGL, but I am sure 9k at a 120 mph will be cold.
  12. skydivingmj

    UPT Micron V303 + OP 106

    Time Left: 29 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    UPT Micron V303 around 150 jumps. Built for someone around 5'4 140 pounds. Options include Skyhook, backpad sport with padded stabilizers, variable geometry harness, center flap piping, soft reserve handle spectra, and freely handle. PM for measurements DOM V303 08-2014 DOM Optimum 106 03-2012


    , Quebec

  13. Cuinair


  14. Cuinair


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  15. Cuinair


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  16. Time Left: 29 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Glide (ACE MARD RSL + all options) + Sabre2 210 + PDR 193 + Cypres2 Changeable mode for 5'10" 170lbsThis is an absolutely MINT shape rig that has had a total of 5 jumps. It has every single option available and can be your new baby to make the whole DZ envious!Harness size Y17 - made for a 5'10" 170lbs individual with 40" chest, 15" torso, 35" waist 24" thigh and 33" inseam. It will got up or down about 2".The container has : • 17" MLW• 24" Legpad• Y (Large) yoke• 24" LateralContainer : Peregrine Glide 50/90 with every single option !• ACE MARD RSL !• Stainless steel hardware• fully articulated harness (chest and hip rings)• cut in laterals• padded backpad• freefly bungy• freefly PC handle• DOM 04/2017• in mint shape, only 5 jumps !Main : Sabre2 210• DOM 07/2016• vectran lines• 5 jumps total - the canopy is like newReserve : PD 193 reserve• DOM 02/2017• 3 repacks no ridesAAD : Cypres2 CHANGEABLE-mode• DOM 05/2017• no activations• no mandatory maintenance• Service life 15.5 years - good through 11/2032


    Cleveland, OHIO

  17. Cuinair


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  18. likestojump


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    Cleveland, OHIO

  19. Time Left: 29 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Vector 2004 V304 holds 135 or 120 may hold a 150 Sq. Ft. canopy. Smart 150 reserve 2017 never used. All stored indoors and packed indoors. Only exposed to sun when loading the plane. Setup for cypress. Recently sold the canopy.


  20. HarCher

    Complete: Mirage G3, Sabre 2 170, Raven 150 reserve, no AAD

    How big is the harness?
  21. 3331

    Ian Head

    Ian in blue.
  22. 3331

    Ian Head

    Ian Head over Z-Hills 1980s
  23. CarManAlf

    VISO 2 wont start

    Hey all we have a viso 2 that we just changed the batteries on. it peeps when it senses the batteries but by the time we screw the lid on screen is off and wont turn back on. hit the reset screen flashes 982 in little and 2.50 then 26 little and goes between 2.75 and 5.80 everytime we reset it. Any words of advice or solutions.
  24. i think your all right, and wrong to equate this to motorbikes.... almost all bike crashes are the bikers fault, they didn't see the person pulling out on them cos they were going to fast, in a bad road position or just not paying attention, the stats are all squued by not accounting for me riding safely but to say motorbikes are safe if im riding it would be a lie.... its just less dangerous, i accept the risk cos its fun, being aware of that keeps me alive.... seems to me that this is the same deal
  25. littlestranger

    BSBD Darrell Dunafon

    Good news, one of Darrell's friends found the piece and salvaged it before it disappeared. thanks everyone for helping solve the mystery. t.
  26. Time Left: 29 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Needed: a safety-minded, self-motivated and motivational, charismatic leader who will take care of my skydivers. Must be drug-free (yes this includes marijuana) and have no issues with alcohol. Tandem instructor (Strong- we have an examiner who can cross train), AFFI, AIDI, and S/L. FAA Rigger. Pilot. I hope to move into starting DZ's that are a cut above standard with no drama. This requires a mindset that many do not have. In time, my goal is to be able to take all these flight hours I have and fly for other operators. To do this I will need to find instructors who are above standard and extremely reasonable people. If you are serious about partying this is not the place for you. If you are serious about skydiving and developing your own business, call Cathy 912 322 7282.


    Statesboro, Georgia - US

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