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  2. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Here is the problem as I see it. Seriously now... You present to everyone as the only person in Cooperland who can do no wrong, make a bad choice, or make a mistake...EVER. And yet, you have the burden of running the biggest website on the Cooper case. So far, anyway. Everyone involved in the Cooper case, at least the major folk, have made mistakes occasionally. I once thought Captain Scott walked back to talk to Cooper. I once announced that I had the Palmer Report from Portland State University in my hot little hands, when I only had a promise I would receive it. I never did. Your position, is that no matter what...under any circumstances...almost nobody in Cooper Royalty, yourself, or your most prolific posters are ever wrong about anything. It was a good system you had going there until someone started bringing up serious issues and asking questions...most of which you dodge on a regular basis. You have even admitted responding 'honestly' about me to Jim Brunberg, even when you knew that Brunberg absolutely did not want to hear any further Cooper bickering. You knew that, and yet you felt compelled to do that when you haven't even met me. As a combination with Eric...the two of you managed to cheat the Pacific Northwest, and the many fans of the case here...out of the biggest DB Cooper event ever conceived. In truth, you really haven't helped advance the case, at least not in the last year. And in Cooperland, it's all about 'what have you done for me lately?' Not what you did in the past. Things change. The public is fickle. The Cooper Forum is NOT the only game in town anymore regarding the case. Even if you complain to the admins that you are being picked on, THEY might see it differently. They might see that you merely want the Dropzone thread on Cooper to vanish for the benefit of YOUR Cooper website. Let me ask a question. If you have the biggest website on DB Cooper going, then why are you HERE all the time? In all these months since you started posting here, you have not brought up one legitimate discussion about the case. You are constantly on the defensive, and refuse to admit that even you (gasp) might have made an error here or there. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. I don't like having to take on the responsibility of providing people with a decent Cooper event NEXT year because you were 'honest' with Jim Brunberg. And frankly, I don't believe he 'asked you' about me anyway. I was on the phone with him twice a week, and many more emails. You didn't have the sense to take a sensible course with Jim, like he wanted, and ended up helping trash the biggest event ever on the Cooper case. haven't even questioned Eric about it. Or even urged the people involved in his watered-down event to ask a few questions. You have excuses for everything, and never make a mistake, or an error in judgment. This is why people are bailing on you, except for that small group I call Cooper Royalty. As Dan Ackroyd said in Coneheads: "You will be placed on the protected rolls, and will come to no harm..." In my personal opinion only, your only real role in the Cooper case is to serve as defender and protector to a very small group that loses support daily. You don't have to be real with me, but maybe being real to yourself occasionally would not hurt.
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  4. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    Robert, once again with false narratives and putting words in my mouth. this kangaroo court is going to stop. answer this without anything else. the attacks from Georger started here surrounding Gray so why did they stay here and never get removed or mentioned? where is the years of outcry for removal? answer this only...don't drift.
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  6. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Of course you would do've hated the idea of this thread being re-opened since the day it happened. And so do many of your members, who have posted the same thing to YOUR site. My opinion is that you don't like competition. First, Dropzone reopens their most popular, and most heavily viewed discussion thread in their history. Then...the DB Cooper Space at Quora dot com picks up a thousand followers getting the feed in less than a year. Finally...DB Cooper WordPress increases in views each year, even with a measly 14 followers. Averages about 4,000 a month. This tells me two things. You don't like being called out on the truth...and you fear competition. No one is going negative on you, or engaging in personal attacks here. I simply said that you shouldn't sponsor lies told about others on a website you founded, and continue to moderate to the present day. I think that's a fair suggestion. You keep saying that people should discuss Cooper here more, and other things less. I actually AGREE with that idea. Try leading by example.
  7. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    I think it's time to get the Admins. involved here...
  8. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    WRONG. I sent several PM's to him and he kept on posting, rapid, one after the other until I put him on approval only. stop telling me what YOU think happened. The BS with Gray. take that up with Georger...
  9. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    We have one member who is the majority here tossing personal attacks left and right. then we have another major poster who isn't suppose to be on the forum in the first place...
  10. BoeingimGoing

    DB Cooper

    In 10th grade we played one night and I came home and my dad asked how I did and I told him I threw 4 touchdown passes but we lost and that I was tired and going to bed. The next morning he got the paper and seen that we got beat 61-0 and that I threw 4 pick six’s to the other team. True story I promise.
  11. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Those aren't personal attacks...they are FACTS. Anything posted to that site has everything to do with you. You founded it, you moderate it, you post there. I have previously called you out on those lies, and you didn't bother to take them down. So...that makes it YOUR responsibility. You're the admin, aren't you? As far as Cook, a sworn officer of the court here in Washington state, as well as Alaska...he quit your site after he got caught, because he got worried his baloney would come back to haunt him. All the other lies people have posted about myself and occasionally Adventure Books of Seattle, still exist there and ARE your responsibility. If not you, then who?
  12. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    Correct, why? because 1&2 has nothing to do with me. I never once said those thing written by you. #3 was a member (briefly) in 2014! was told multiple times to stop and was put on approval only comments which caused him to ask for his removal himself. Once again with the personal attacks... A personal attack put the attacker in the position of judge and jury, and the other person as an obviously guilty defendant. It can seem like a one-person kangaroo court where the attacked person has no right to argue their case. You just keep a never ending loop of attacks.
  13. BoeingimGoing

    DB Cooper

    Yea more like 30 and he ran 30 lol. Brian Williams was our sideline reporter
  14. BoeingimGoing

    DB Cooper

  15. BoeingimGoing

    DB Cooper

    The Delphi Murderer has a pilot license as well.
  16. BoeingimGoing

    DB Cooper

    A lot of people say they want to do this and do that but they never do the things necessary to accomplish those goals.
  17. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    'Flings sixty yard pass for touchdown...' Yeah, that was a good one. HS football where you live is one hell of a big deal, and frankly...bigger than it is in the Great Northwest. As far as all these arguments from Shutter...let me say just one thing about that. Are we still hosting THESE particular lies at your site Shutter? I will give examples. 1) Geoff Gray doesn't want anything to do with me. (Brother, are you WRONG about that LOL.) 2) My co-author Skipp Porteous disliked me, regretted doing that Cooper book with me and totally wrote it off. (Actually, we were friends until the day he died and we exchanged updates right up to that time...and I am friends with his family today.) 3) Attorney Galen Cook, aka 'Coopsnoop' at your site, claimed in multiple posts that he had contacted witness Bernie Geestman and that Geestman was not only suing me, but that Cook himself was delivering Geestman to the Auburn Ave Theater for one of the Cooper events we held there, to do a confrontation. (That was actually funny, and he later withdrew from your site when he was caught in those lies.) Nothing it ever your fault. Is it?
  18. BoeingimGoing

    DB Cooper

    Yes Alexander, he’s got to be the richest man in Alabama. Spamming juvenile actions that found DB Cooper, showed the world the Golden State Killer’s face first, and now figured out who killed 2 little innocent girls on my birthday in 2017? I was being sarcastic about the being slow part, I know I’m always the smartest person in whatever room I enter, the Forrest Gump part was mentioned because Gump involved himself in several pieces of history, Bear Bryant, Elvis, JFK, Watergate, etc, and so far I’ve involved my name in Cooper, GSK, and the Delphi Murders, that’s what he meant. I wasn’t always a nerd
  19. bmxjuan

    25” risers from UPT

    Time Left: 29 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    25” risers from UPT, Louie-loop and low drag risers for swooping, very new.


    - ES

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  21. paracapanas

    Vector Micron 319 + Velocity 96

    Time Left: 29 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Everything in excellent shape/condition. Container fits in a tall and/or thick person. I'm 5'10" and weight 220 Lbs. I'm sure fits in a bigger or taller person. I can sell parts separated (price shown) Container ($1900) has all extras: extra long "speed type" risers, articulated harness, all foam-pads, cut lines knife, soft slider holder, fully magnetic flaps, extra long chest strap, all freefly options, all stainless steel hardware. Main canopy ($900) is PD Velocity 96 all blue with 1 white and 1 gray stripe at the end. Around 800 jumps. Less than 100 jumps in the lines


    Houston, Texas - US

  22. jvcbraga

    MicroSigma - no AAD

    Time Left: 29 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    MicroSigma: * ~2000 jumps * DOM: 2009 Canopy: * Icarus 330 from NZ, between 700-800 jumps - 151 jumps on the lines vectran 1000 orange. Reserve: VTC II R 360 DOM: 11/2008 7 openings New parts from UPT: (never used) * Drogue 54'' * Risers * Skyhook * Freebag * Reserve handle * Cutaway handle Come with few spare parts. email me for more info and images. PRICE: USD 7300 obo


    - BR

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  24. jcook

    PD Sabre 2 190

    Time Left: 29 days and 13 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    PD Sabre 2 190....excellent condition DOM 07/2001 Serial number sa/90 000125.....600 jumps total less than 100 since reline new slider one small patch installed by PD at time of reline


    Meridian, Idaho

  25. mlillmars2001

    Beginner Complete System

    Time Left: 13 days and 12 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Great beginners rig!!! Vortex II. made for a 200 pound 6 foot (ish) person Asking $2500.00. Main is a 215 with about 400 jumps. I paid about $300-400 to have the lines redone after I got the chute. I purchased the complete system for 4000.00 but the Cypres very well may be expired so I'm only asking 2500. Call or text and inquire!! (570) 854-3847


    Tucson, Arizona - US

  26. lafaurie

    Sabre2 150

    Time Left: 29 days and 12 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    PD Sabre-2 Size: 150 Jumps: 161 (line set also) Always jumped in FL, stored in AC and packed indoors on mat. Never wet. Located in DeLand. Will Ship.


    DeLand, FL

  27. councilman24

    B12 Harness for Jumbo PC

    Surprised the the reserve was so hard. I have several belly warts including sport ones. Also two Strong Pop Top chest reserves, and best of all a new chest container, identical to the lap container, built by Jerry. Single pin, through the PC loop. About the size of a pop top. Holds any 26' lopo.
  28. councilman24

    Riggers liability insurance

    AFAIK doesn't exist.
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