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  2. Email came into the box asking which was my favorite video at YouTube. I think he expected me to name a Cooper video, maybe even one of my own. Not a chance in hell. It was the one done a decade ago by a dad celebrating the lives of his two daughters with a unique approach and a famous song by Van Morrison. Pure genius, it's my all time favorite. But then I am slanted. I have two girls as well, Phoebe and Sara.
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  4. Even though it's currently going strongly in the other direction with little sign of any effort to the contrary. I wonder if you can admit that it is purely down to your bias that you're giving the benefit of the doubt on this one.
  5. At least they're bots and not people that should actually know better: It's pretty much back then when I stopped listening to people like you, because it was so obvious how full of shit your argument was, and how you used it to deceive people. Nothing much has changed, especially in the political realm. . . . and it's kinda sad, because you had an influence on right leaning/moderates, and you sold out just to look good in front of the left leaning/liberals that quite frankly don't fk'ing know any better.
  6. The upcoming documentary won't go very far with the viewing audience if at the end the audience feels cheated, as they did in D.B. Cooper - Case Closed? That was a complete fiasco because Rackstraw (smartly) refused to speak a word to them, and also because Tina Mucklow rejected Rackstraw as the hijacker. That show went from possible boom to an absolute bust at the end. NYT reporter Billy Jensen was a part of that production, and later distanced himself from it. I was emailing him back and forth for a while after the show came out. He said two basic things: He was frustrated because the more senior members of that production were ignoring things that Jensen thought pointed to Rackstraw's innocence. His second 'big point' was that he wanted nothing further to do with the show, or the pursuit of Rackstraw as the hijacker. I don't want to go overboard talking for Jensen, so I won't add any further to this assessment. Truth is, he never ventured anything more to me than those two points. (Although let's face it...if we're talking about Rackstraw, he wasn't exactly Mr. Perfect LOL. He may have even killed his own stepfather and gotten away with it.) But he certainly wasn't DB Cooper. The one thing I could never figure out with Tom Colbert and his team was how they came to the idea that a guy 29 years old with blue eyes was Cooper. Geez, Louise. Nothing told them they might be on the wrong track with that? They had to be led into the Reality Hotel by Tina Mucklow. She booked them a room on the top floor, penthouse suite, and went on her way back to Springfield. It was also supremely foolish of them to offer up a six-photo array to Mucklow where NONE of the other pictures were of a DB Cooper suspect. Only Rackstraw's mug, and five unknown people. If they had laid out ALL the main suspects and Mucklow ID's someone other than Rackstraw as the least they could have taken credit for it. Instead, they bet everything on Rackstraw and got burned. I was able to get a screenshot from the show to show this is what they's buried on either C or D drives somewhere, maybe one of the backup flash drives, but I did post it here once at Dropzone after (guess who) Shutter challenged me on it. It's back there in pages somewhere. This upcoming documentary featuring EU will attempt to prove that Sheridan Peterson is Cooper. EU will probably sprinkle in a few lies about Peterson here and there to 'prove' his point. Then you have some people boonie-crashing around the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge looking for 'evidence' in an effort that EU probably knows himself is hopeless. When they come up with zip, all it will do is make EU look more foolish than he already is now. We're probably looking at D.B. Cooper - Case Closed: The Sequel. I don't mind watching another Cooper documentary, though. I just don't expect much will come of it. If Eric Ulis has Candyland dreams of a movie pointing to Sheridan as the hijacker, he can forget it. I found out long ago that any movie that accuses someone of a crime, someone who has not been formally accused...and that person's family is still living...that studios won't go near such a project, especially with a private citizen...unless they can get a signed release from either the person himself (Sheridan) or if he is no longer living...the family. And I can assure you that Sheridan Peterson's family will sign no such document. Not in this life, not even in the next. I was required to get a release from KC's family in order for THAT project to move forward. EU will never get such a release from Sheridan's family. Why? Because Sheridan himself, as well as his family members, are PISSED OFF at anyone and everyone who has proposed he was Cooper. They know better, and they don't like it. And they know all about EU, I can tell you that with confidence. It's even possible that the legal eagles at the production company doing the documentary will tell the director that they can't bring up Sheridan's name publicly in the show. It invites an instant lawsuit, made easy by the fact that Sheridan was already investigated by the FBI, freely gave a DNA sample, and cooperated with them fully without asking for a lawyer. If the show is dumb enough to bring up his name...they would just be asking for it.
  7. My assessment is based on the fact that most democrats aren't liberal, and your comment about how the "average-left is pretty conservative" The fact is that a popular vote changes the dynamics completely. Wouldn't you want to have a better grasp on the demographics before making such a drastic change? Personally, I don't want a system that would give either side a long reign of power. Our current system has proven to be fair enough. The problem is that we just need better candidates.
  8. I'm not saying that they are, Not until the Reps pissed them off enough. Now they "have to play dirty," and can't be "so politically correct," and can't just "keep up appearances." Sounds like the the Reps are leading the Dems by the nose. Just go crazy right-ass extremist as much as possible, and soon enough all the liberals will become moderates. .
  9. Time Left: 1 month and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Excellent condition, less than 200 jumps, $3,500 Container: W9 (Wings), Designed for 5'7"- 6 ft. I’m 5' 11" 175lbs, it fits me perfectly. Mfg'd Nov 2006 Main: Aerodynamic Precision Nitron 170 (9-cell ZP elliptical). Like new condition, no dirt DZs, hacky pilot chute handle. DOM Sep 2006 Reserve: R-Max 148; Mfg'd Nov 2006, may have been used once by previous owner. AAD: CYPRES 2 - EXPERT installed, DOM: 3/2018, never fired, box with replacement parts & original receipt included. Optional service Sep 2023 Additional: Freefly suit (kurupee) if interested Purchased rig last year from original owner. Jumped the container only 15 times, no jumps on the canopy (used larger canopy due to high altitude DZ). Stored unpacked, kept indoors, well cared for; opened reserve when pack date expired. Skydiving funds are now going to flight lessons, it’ll be a few years before I get back to jumping.


    Albuquerque, New Mexico - US

  10. You realize that anyone walking up behind him in the shower would be looking at Nixon's face. That tattoo might inadvertently serve a protective function.
  11. "Howard be thy name" I heard it in church.
  12. I wonder how the swinger clubs are in prison. Asking for Roger.
  13. They might get him to watch it by telling him it’s a TelePrompTer with pictures. Wendy P.
  14. The problem with Sturgeon fishing is that too often you catch catfish or suckers.
  15. Great perspective - I never thought of it in that way. Kinda like - You can do everything right in skydiving and still die. Hmmm. I'll enter that into my consideration in the future.
  16. You seem to be implying Trump actually watched it. I doubt that. It has subtitles, and that would mean reading. As far as I can tell, Trump never reads anything unless it is on a teleprompter.
  17. Is that much worse in a woman than it is in a man? She was a top student at a very good university, in the early days of militant feminism. She was sold the bill of goods that if she worked hard enough and was qualified, she could aspire to anything. Then she married, and stayed active professionally. Finally she even had to give up her name because Arkansas politics. She’s First Lady and people hate her because she’s prepared and uncompromising about wanting more than “cookies.” She wasn’t happy with the leavings. Which of you guys would be happy with the leavings, knowing you were as smart as anyone else there? After Clinton left office, she moved to NY state and ran for Senate, again for profile, and because she still knows that if you’re in the right place at the right time and you’re prepared, good things happen. And she still has to take the leavings. Yeah, they’re good leavings. Eleanor Roosevelt did way more with fewer leavings. i don’t envy her; she’s a product of her time and environment as much as anyone else. But she did everything “right,” and never understood that it’s just not always enough. Wendy P.
  18. Well, he thinks the universe revolves around him, so perhaps he thought the title was directed at him.
  19. That was one of the best movies I ever saw, way deeper than it seemed. Of course Trump hates it, it makes super rich people look clueless in a Marie Antoinette way Wendy P.
  20. I’m with Turtle on whether Trump will end up purging congress and taking over the government etc. our continuity is too strong. Where we part ways is our tolerance of the attempts. Every time the bar for behavior is lowered by someone, everyone else has a new “lowest.” Wendy P.
  21. Interesting video. Here is a pic of my closed rig. I use the alternate closing method and don't tuck the bridle in under that corner. I think I like the alternate method even more. Notice the lower corner of my flap, it has a slight bend. Rig has about 200 jumps on it.
  23. Received a Mexican Dan Cooper comic, it is legit, published by a Mexican publisher in Spanish for distribution throughout Latin America...
  24. And apparently, Putin has decided on his choice for the Democratic primaries:
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