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  2. celticrider67

    Having trouble figuring out this whole "life" thing

    Madigan... I'm over 50... and one of the things that makes me most nervous is listening to someone tell me how they have it all figured out. Do you know what you can teach someone who's got it all figured out...? Not a damn thing. Where as someone who is teachable, never has to stop learning. If I thought there was a trick to all this, I'd say the trick was to learn to love learning. I had to put booze down about the time I was 24. It was a problem for me. At 24, I wasn't a grownup and I wasn't a man. Not by any definition of those terms that I was able to articulate. I'm past that now and that particular story is perhaps long and boring to anyone not in a similar situation. The point of THAT... is I believe I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I believe that today. I also believe that I'm gonna be fine. As long as I remember a few things. What those things are might vary a little from person to person. What they are for you, I don't wanna speculate, since we don't know each other. But I don't think you can't go too far wrong if you start with these 3 things; 1-try to remain teachable. If you have an interest in skydiving, I'd say that's a good start. Not because skydiving is great... tho I think it's pretty great myself and I'm pretty new to it. But because I THINK there's a LOT to learn about it. 2- find the willingness to ask questions. There is nothing wrong with the answer "I don't know", and it's not a bad way to find out what you don't know. 3- happiness is an inside job. If I can't find a way to be happy on my own, no person and no thing is gonna do the job either. Last thing I'd like to say. I'm not sure about other families, but in my family I'd guess that what they find irreplaceable about me isn't any THING I'm outstanding at... except for maybe being me. No one else could do it nearly as well. Blue skies sir. Hope to meet you up there sometime.
  3. Time Left: 29 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I am out of the skydiving business and sold my last jump plane. I have lots of spare parts for sale for early Cessna 182’s including; almost new FFC fuel cells left and right mfg 4/16, elevators, rudder, vertical fin, horizontal stabilizer, flaps, ailerons, elevator jack screws, main landing gear, nose landing gear, used wheels and brakes, new Cleveland wheels and brakes, new brake cylinders, brake master cylinders, new muffler, exhaust system parts, left wing with leading edge cuff and wing extension, left and right C-182 wings damaged, top cowling, damaged bottom cowling, seats, windshield, lexan rear side windows, battery box, fuel valve and selector, rudder pedals, prop spinner, jump step, pulleys, cables, bell cranks, instruments, overhauled starter drive for 470 / 520 continental, carburetors, Bendix mags, prop governors, oil coolers and mounts oversize and regular, carb heat boxes, induction pipes, rocker covers, rocker arms, push rods and tubes, cylinder baffling, numerous small parts, and an O-470-L engine core for overhaul, 3485 TT, 2304 SMOH, no prop strike, $2750. Everything located at the Ovid Airport, D82, Ovid, N.Y. 14521


    Ovid Airport, D82, New York - US

  4. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Around this time of year, Cooper discussions take a back seat to Christmas and the New Year. Around AB of Seattle, it's the same thing...only here we also watch a lot of NFL football and our interests go that way as well. Especially this year, considering the Seattle Seahawks are doing pretty well. It's also the time of year we release our report for the previous year, which consists of progress and events in the Cooper case (and the outside things related to it). This will be coming soon to WordPress. As far as Christmas goes, I already have a big head start on that thanks to Amazon. People hack on Amazon a lot because they have a habit of putting their competitors out of business. My answer to that is their competitors should upgrade their websites, as well as what they offer on them, and how smoothly that website works. If you've ever searched for something at the WalMart website and then the same item at'll known what I mean. I've decided against my better judgment (*laughs*) to make the April Cooper Campout public, but not until the last two weeks prior to the event. I will even do a press release about it at that time. It's a little early for people to commit to something like this, but so far we have two confirmed people coming, both from previous campouts, two NEW folks who have told us they definitely want to go, and Greg the Techie and I doing the setup. When I say 'making it public,' this means I will release the map leading to the rally point near Shelton, WA, and the times and date people should show up there if they plan to go. The EXACT location of the campsite will remain confidential, except to people who already registered. But...the public release will provide a special email address for contact if needed. If anyone arrives 'cold' and late to the rally point...i.e. everyone is already gone from there and headed to the campsite, then it's the CB radio for you or you may as well turn around and head home. (We monitor CB channel 14 ONLY, because it's the only channel where even kiddie walkie talkies get signal. Your best bet is this: Don't come to the rally point LATE.) This is a sort of middle ground for contact, a little less than we did for the Oregon campout. But...anyone who actually sees the public release, or if there is an article in a paper they see...well, all they have to do is be at the rally point on time. This is the best I can do. We have some trust issues going due to some minor threats against the Oregon trip that were allowed to be posted by Bruce Smith at his Mountain News blog. (Bruce does okay articles here and there, but also allows people to post just about anything they want without benefit of sensible moderation.) I once told him this only makes him look bad, and somewhat irresponsible. However, a lot of this planning is based on the weather. These spring events are tricky. No way to tell so far in advance regarding the weather. Will it be nice that weekend, or will it pour? Will there still be snow below 2,000 feet? No one can say. For the moment, I will continue to keep the date set to the first weekend in April and keep a close eye on the long range weather reports as the date approaches. I figure that within ten days prior to the event, I will know more about that than I do now. But when we finally commit, then out go the press releases and the public information on the event. Greg and I decided that we WILL do the free Saturday BBQ for the first 25 or so people, and anyone beyond that should bring their own stuff for the public BBQ. We can only feed SO many people, especially when everything has to be one-way trucked in. We also made a decision to ignore any of the nasty comments that are bound to appear at Bruce Smith's blog. Mostly a bunch of hot air anyway. When the threats came in regarding the Oregon campout, Tom E and I sat across from the original rally point (we had changed it to a place up the road and people waited THERE) for a half=hour at the appointed time. None of the 'threat jerks' actually showed up. We then went to the secondary rally point and proceeded to the campsite. But that was Oregon, to a place we had not gone before. This time we're going to a spot in the Olympics we know extremely well. In fact, it's my favorite spot because it's open, sheltered, and one of the few spots up there where your smartphone actually works. Anyway...I wish everyone reading this a great holiday, and an even better New Year. One thing about Cooper and the Vortex. It may get a bit strange sometimes, but it is never dull. Stay tuned for our report at WordPress, which should be posted in the next day or two, and will cover the events of 2019 that continue to make the whole thing, well...interesting.
  5. skybytch

    Creating a Game Room - ideas?

    I'm old now. I'd fall off. Pain hurts. The closest hospital is 30 minutes away. So, yeah, no stripper pole. But the cable spool table is spot on. Going on the project list now!
  6. daybv80

    PD Storm 190

    Time Left: 29 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    PD Storm 190 ~150 jumps. DOM 2016 Like NEW condition!! Always packed by packers and riggers on a mat or carpet. Never wet or dirty. Always landed on grass. No holes or patches. Was my first canopy straight after A license and I couldn't ask for a better canopy as a beginner learning to fly. Shipping to the US included in price.


    , Florida - US


    For Sale: Javelin Odyssey harness/container. Model: NJ. Harness size C17.

    Good Morning, is the Javelin container still available? If so: my wife is 5'-6", her weight is 148#. The main canopy intended to use with this container is, Icarus Crossfire 2 -119; together with PD Reserve -126. If you think the container/harness would work for her, then I am REALLY interested; please let me know. Thank you.
  8. BIGUN

    Creating a Game Room - ideas?

    Love it. Years of both Harley & skydiving shit would go in mine. The "Last Load Lounge" would HAVE to have the requisite cable spool table for ambience. My only question is - Where ya gonna put the stripper pole?
  9. garvarg

    Zp.exe 150

    Time Left: 29 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Zp.exe 150, DOM 11.2005. About 490 jumps on the canopy with 1.0 wingload, steering lines were replaced. Canopy is in Russia. I will provide any pictures upon request. Price is $300, buyer pays shipping and PayPal fee.


    Velikiy Novgorod - RU

  10. Suszki

    Hello Everyone!

    I have just started my journey into Skydiving, but in the same time i have lived through most scary part of it, when not long ago (July 2018) I thought only supermen fly! I now, still as BPA A-Licenced solo jumper with only 35 jumps and few hours spent in tunnel, can clearly state that I have began my truest life experience, so fascinating and an endless possibilities ! I have had very special AFF instructor, who's instructions and explanations were second to none! Thanks to him every next info on my "skydiving-way" was so much easier to take and understand...and understanding e.g gear, emergency situations etc in my opinion is a MUST. I've finished my FS1 and start to learn basics to FreeFly...first steps to Back-Fly and Sit-Fly - very demanding, yet that is why it has got me in! I have met so many very positive and so inspiring people at Skydive Hibaldstow, who are also very helpful in progressing. I am looking forward to progressing safely, even slowly as I do so far, but steadily! Blue skies!!!
  11. outrager

    Jedei 2019

    Time Left: 29 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Jedei 2019 for sale. Built for 178sm/75kg. 50 jumps, excellent condition. BASE friendly with non-slip soles, 2 big cargo pockets (fits hiking sticks etc).



  12. Time Left: 29 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Retails for $195 all I want is $110 USD Call or text Rick at 289-407-8999


    Port Colborne, Ontario - CA

  13. ricke

    Semi-Stowless D-Bag

    Time Left: 29 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Manuf. by UPT Will fit 120 to 170 canopy Call or text Rick at 289-407-8999


    Port Colborne, Ontario - CA

  14. ricke

    Katana 150

    Time Left: 29 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    PD Katana 150. 450 jumps with only 47 on new lines. Nice soft openings. Call or text Rick at 289-407-8999


    Port Colborne, Ontario

  15. с РДСом будет быстрее. у меня есть Параависовский слайдер, шил для велика, сейчас лежит без дела. Пиши если интересно.
  16. Time Left: 29 days and 7 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Used rig with only 300 jumps. Requires a new AAD. In great condition. Will entertain any reasonable offers.


    Melbourne, Florida - US

  17. Hey guys, I'm a freshman at the University of Illinois. I've been skydiving for about a year and a half and I'm going to Collegiates for the first time this year. Illinois has a club, but unfortunately, no one else from my school club is going, so I don't have a team. I'm happy to compete in accuracy or something and just have fun, but I'd really like to compete in formation skydiving. I have 132 Jumps now so I'm not eligible to compete in 2-way fs, but I'd really like to do 4-way. I've been really into for-way since I started, so I've had a little bit of practice, but I'd probably be a bit rusty because I haven't been able to jump very often this semester. Anyway, if there anybody out there needs one extra person to make a 4-way team, I'm your guy. Btw, I also posted this in general skydiving discussions Blue Skies, Madigan
  18. Time Left: 29 days and 4 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    $4500 OBO | Selling Javelin Odyssey J1KS w/ Cobalt 150 Main, 143 Reserve and Cypres 2 Container J1KS (All Black with Bright Green and Grey areas, Stainless and Articulated Harness) F-111 Reserve Canopy 143-150 Low Bulk Reserve Canopy 160 Zero Porosity Main 150 Hybrid F-111-ZP Main 170 Low Bulk Main 170 Crossbrace Main 135 Main Pilot Chute 33 Cobalt 150 Main (All Bright Green top skin and Grey bottom skin with Bright Green double diamond) The Cobalt canopy is the result of 7 years of engineering and refinement by renown German and Slovenian engineers. The Cobalt is an exceptional computer-modeled and field-refined canopy design, possessing many technical advances that set it far apart from other elliptical canopies. Cross Porting Airfoil & Inlet Design 2 stage openings PD Reserve 143 (White) · 7 cell · F-111 Expert CYPRES 2 (Install 2017 almost completely brand new.) Most commonly used model as it meets the demands of a wide range of jumpers.


    , Hawaii - US

  19. Hey guys, I'm a freshman at the University of Illinois. I've been skydiving for about a year and a half and I'm going to Collegiates for the first time this year. Illinois has a club, but unfortunately, no one else from my school club is going, so I don't have a team. I'm happy to compete in accuracy or something and just have fun, but I'd really like to compete in formation skydiving. I have 132 Jumps now so I'm not eligible to compete in 2-way fs, but I'd really like to do 4-way. I've been really into for-way since I started, so I've had a little bit of practice, but I'd probably be a bit rusty because I haven't been able to jump very often this semester. Anyway, if there anybody out there needs one extra person to make a 4-way team, I'm your guy Can't wait to see you guys out there! Blue Skies, Madigan
  20. Time Left: 29 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    My wife and I gave up skydiving a few years ago, and are giving away the last of our gear. Free. But you must pick up from Canberra, Australia. See pics. Suit will fit a slim female around 5 foot 8", give or take a few inches and a few kilos. Will split alti and ditter from suit, if you can get here first. Call Simon on 0421 334 714.


    , Australian Capital Territory - AU

  21. Yesterday
  22. npole

    How cold it'll be?

    Thanks guys. Assuming I won't freeze at first jump.. I'll adjust the undersuit, so I'm gonna go layering.
  23. Dave Crocco

    Having trouble figuring out this whole "life" thing

    College definitely isn't for everyone. Have you considered trade school or an apprentice program? Or how about the military? After 3 or 4 years in the service you will have learned a helluva lot about yourself and have a much clearer idea about what you want to do. In the meantime, whatever you are doing at the moment, give it your full attention and do the best job you can, whether it is class work or a part time job flipping burgers. If you focus on what you are doing NOW you will worry less about what you will do LATER.
  24. ColoradoJones

    How cold it'll be?

    definitely latex or nitrile gloves to cut out the wind. Another option for gloves would be motorsports gloves (motorcycling or snowmobiling) are usually thin and windproof (I have snowmobiling gloves which work well for me as a new skydiver, about $60 US). Multiple thin layers, as a student you should be in a jumpsuit that is just slightly big anyway, so there should be room underneath. My last jump was -12*F at altitude (30 on the ground) and it was only tolerable in just a jumpsuit (Vertical Raptor) with a T-shirt under it and gloves .... except for my open face helmet, my face was very cold. That is as cold as I want until my full face helmet comes in, and I should have had my thermals on under my jumpsuit to stay comfortable. You are only in the air for maybe 8 minutes (plus the plane ride) and I, personally, would rather be a bit too cold than hot on a cramped plane.
  25. ColoradoJones

    Digital altimeter or Audible altimeter 1st?

    I would second this ... especially as a new skydiver like me. You already have an altimeter, get an audible. My Brilliant Pebbles is set up for break off and track (5500)', pull altitude (4000') and then a single beep at 1000', 600', and 300' for my landing pattern. But those beeps are just there to remind me of my altitude ... my main gauge is always visual. Case in point: on my last jump there was a low pressure system coming in and the winds were howling East above 4k, very confused and gusting up to 14mph below 4k. My 2-way was first out the door and from pull time to landing I made exactly 1 flat turn of approximately 120* around 400' to land. Dont rely on a set pattern ... rely on your eyes. My partner, on the other hand (new skydiver as well) mis-judged the wind and had to land downwind (Not enough altitude to turn-in) which was no fun for him. Since we are newer skydivers, we cant rely on the experience we dont yet have ... but you should rely on your eyes more than a set altitude. I have a digital altimeter, and I really only use it as a guide under canopy. On top of that, two altimeters are better than one, it is always nice to have a backup. With that being said, I do like the digital altimeter under canopy as it lets me play with my canopy and see how my altitude is affected. I did always find it tough to judge the altitude loss in a turn with the sticky old analogues .... again, because I dont have the experience of 1000 jumps to pull from so I do need the information laid out easier for me.
  26. Dave Crocco

    Softest opening canopy

    I agree with several other jumps who have replied--there must be something else going on. Perhaps you are having "normal" openings and are not experienced enough to know what a hard opening is. I have 1200+ jumps and have had two hard openings, one that knocked me unconscious (my fault, poor packing) and another that snapped my neck so hard that my hands were numb for days. The snatch force of the pilot chute should stand you up; that would not be regarded as a hard opening. Any canopy can give you a hard opening, but if you are having hard openings with Spectres and Safires routinely then look else where than the canopy type.
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