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Do you use monkey fist, hack or tube, for your handle on the pc, how often you do have hesitation on the pc?

hackey on both rigs: no bridle/hesitation problems ever in over 1300 wingsuit flights. That said, I have seen two instances where weak throws have let to knotted PC/bridle.

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no, the one I have got cannot possibly crack. It is very solid. There might be different quality balls around?

there are. it's been hit or miss from the few peopl ei know that have used those.

but i'd replace it every x jump and to visual checks on it every few jumps or when you pack your pc. If you reinforce it with something, i'm sure you would have less to worry about.

how many jumps have you been using it for?

Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?

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Tube handle, attached at both sides (i.e. tape running through it). This is HIGHLY important, as any handle with a single attachment point, even a light tube, presents a possibility for the bridle to snag/knot/hitch around the single attachment point.

I have personally seen this happen to my buddy Trent (on a 2-way wingsuit jump) and watched him tow the partially inflated PC for 6 seconds before it inflated more and completed the deployment sequence.

Lucky for him he pulled really high or he would've had a reserve ride.

I have been jumping custom sized AV-series pilot chutes from Asylum designs since I started jumping a wingsuit. That's about 800 skydives and 450 of those in wingsuits, mostly a S3 and V2 (big wings). No hesitations with those PCs. It's worth mentioning that I went with a 9-foot bridle (pin to PC), as this is a general wingsuit recommendation.

Initially I had a 32" and that was fine for the 155 sq ft canopy I had, but when I downsized to a 120 it was too big.

So I paid the extra $10 and got Marty to make me a 28" AV-series PC.

Of course, you need to modify these BASEjumping PCs by fitting a kill-line if you are jumping a canopy smaller than about 210 sq ft.

The easiest way to do this is to make a custom bridle that has a kill line, but with a loop for PC attachment, like the BASE bridles have. The AV-series PC has a very convenient place to attach the kill-line at the apex on the inside of the PC.

They also come standard with an awesome yellow tube handle.

It might sound like a lot of effort to use an expensive PC, but since I knew I would one day be BASEjumping my wingsuit and I would be using and AV-series PC with the external handle, I considered it worthwhile to get the same kind of PC and handle for my wingsuit skydives, so I would be very familiar with the feel of that handle, even through an arm-wing.

Another noteworthy bit of info is that you can poke a finger into the tube on these PCs if you are not careful and precise at pull time.

A fringe benefit of these PCs for wingsuit skydiving is that the other skydivers will look at you funny when they notice the large-hole mesh and the Apex vent on your PC....

PS - since I actually know how to sew a little now I made a kill-line bridle for AV-series PCs with a shrivel sleeve to use with the BASE pouch on my V2.

If you want to go that way and you can't make it yourself or find someone to do it for you, contact me and I'll make you one, with or without a shrivel sleeve.

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Hackey on both rigs:
no problems on my GTI and Infinity
Hell of a time pulling the Hackey with Inifinity and S-6.

I am considering using a base pouch with the S-6 as the procedure of reaching in; sliding hands up to rig; extract PC; realy eats some altitude and occasionally is very hard to pull things out.
Probably something I could get used to but I don't see a downside to the base pouch for flocking dives.

Working to be the last flyer on a birdman suit. ;-)
Who also flies a tony suit.

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