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  1. High Risk You scored 44 :( since i take 70 ponds all people are shitty to me.
  2. In china are not as many people with 300+ pounds. So i think its better to go down to a thinner body near to your ideal would should be 100 pounds.
  3. I dont know the price of a rig in the old DDR, 1980. But i think the russian stuff was the same..... but at this time, i was only 10
  4. Produce the canopy guys, not pics and vids after years of waiting.....
  5. 5 times/week 45km/day per pedes to work and back. 4 days pro week 1-2h F.-Studio with Upper-/Lowerbody training, every week, every month. this makes me 22kg lighter in 3 month. If necessary you can go harder. I am 42.
  6. Waldschrat

    The Physics of Freefall

    Metric!! What are in hell is ft² ?
  7. http://garyc.me/bring/ similar sense for me
  8. Do you quit smoking cigars?
  9. Please let me ask did PF Work on New Materials that are to thin this, making less drag force in flight also? Or be all this suits from the same Material? (also the last years?)
  10. Thanks Sir! I hope there is no negative outcome for you!
  11. This is the last Species i know with the "Führers" Name: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anophthalmus_hitleri But i know his family lives in the USA.
  12. Why did i read Almost the same questions for 10 years? stiletto is a little old chute you can found him here i think if you search....
  13. Do you know any places in Europa where i can make a WS-Nightjump?
  14. I Made around 500 WS Jumps with 2 PdF Rigs unmodded and didnt feel it needfully to make a mod Quote