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  1. That was a joke played on him. Watch the jumper look down then give the finger.
  2. My friend jumped a jumbo pc the other day and had to chop it and ride a 1955 reserve. Awesome video.
  3. HA! I saw the photo you posted on FB of that gorgeous old camera mounted to a helmet. Coincidentally, the same evening I found this gem sitting at a friends house . It inspired me to post a photo of my own. I was told this helmet was also in no way a 1st generation skydiving camera helmet. I can only imagine what previous setups looked like. Take care, -Braden
  4. Hey All, Just finally built my new camera helmet. I can't wait to get out and fly this thing. If you guys have any advice about particular cameras to put in my box or how to mount things differently please let me know. Thanks, -Braden
  5. More great info. Thanks a lot. Just out of curiosity, have other containers encountered problems when closing flaps in different sequence on reserve?
  6. Thanks for all of the input. Infinity is probably the direction I am heading however it might upset some people at the DZ . A friend of mine who is a rigger in Hawaii said that he has seen some weird things come from Infinity that had to be sent back. Main trays too big or reserve trays too small. Emergency handles way too high on the lift webbing, 3 ring sits too far forward or too far back. I will take this info with a grain of salt because this is the ONLY person I have heard say anything negative about Infinity after about a dozen or more that I have spoken to. Thanks again for all the thought out responses.
  7. Here is the deal. I work as a full time camera flyer. I am on pace to be doing about 900-1000 jumps a year. I am currently working at a year-round operation. I have been jumping an old Javelin for a while (2000.) I really do like the Javelin for a variety of reasons. Easy to pack, simple, comfortable and safe. I also have been thrilled with Sunpath's customer service in the past. I met one of the reps when I was in Lodi this past summer and he was AWESOME. I am a new and poor skydiver, only about 900 jumps so I certainly don't expect to get a lot of attention from any sort of reps or professionals in the industry. I had some questions for the Sunpath rep and I got WAAAAYYY more than I bargained for. He chatted me about my rig for like 30mins, answered all my questions, gave me his card and offered to replace my number 1 flap on reserve (little fraying.) I also had a recall on my reserve pillow which was handled in a very timely fashion. The only part of the Jav that I don't like is my main flap comes open quite a bit. I started routing my bridle and stowing my main flap between the number 2 and 3 flaps and it took care of the issue (mostly.) I am also not totally thrilled with the pop top. I like the idea of my reserve PC completely covered. I don't know if that makes any since form a rigging perspective as I am not a rigger. I do like the way the bridle is stowed too with the little bit of velcro right about the main pin. I don't know a ton about Infinity but everyone I know that has one simply raves about them. They are sleek, streamline and simple. I have also heard a lot of riggers say they are one of the easier reserves to pack. This is important to me because if I have a chop on a busy Saturday, I want a rigger to be able to attend to my rig quickly and not mind doing so. I have heard some riggers bitch about certain containers and that could potentially put me to the back of the priorities list, were all human right? I heard that the Infinity also has one of the quickest opening reserves on the market (skyhook not included.) I don't want a skyhook as I am a camera flyer. The enclosed reserve PC is also enticing. Infinity also does a double wide leg strap which I heard is much more comfortable. The main flap is bullet proof. I heard they also offer great customer service. Above all else, they almost put a rig into space. The cheaper price also makes a difference for me because I am a poor camera flyer. Safety is obviously my #1 priority but they both seem very safe. Would anyone like to offer some pros and cons to either system? I would love some input from the community. Thanks to all. Blue skies from Texas, -Braden
  9. I have spent a decent amount in Lodi and I still havn't seen Tandem Equipment that was nicer. All the rigs are practically new (Less than a season or two,) not to mention their main rigger is one of the best in the business IMO. I wouldn't blame this on Lodi or Bill. This is the TI's fault. This is not anyone else's fault. I don't give a fuck about his tandem rating he should never jump again even if it's by himself. He's bound to hurt anyone he's in the air with. That poor women jesus. She didn't sign up for that shit.
  10. haha thanks for the responses, I did not know they used those for crw.
  11. That would be a cool system that I don't know about, however, after a little research, aren't those for people who are ripping the swoop scene?
  12. Why the seven cell with no PC? did he/she have a mal on a stadium jump, or is there just some cool system that I don't know about?
  13. I can't figure out how to set a profile pictures that shows up next to my forum posts. Anyone help me please?