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  1. I think I'm starting to see a common theme here... Thanks for the input.
  2. How bad are elliptical canopies? I've never had any issues with line twists before but I know that could be very different with a wingsuit. I know someone who routinely wingsuits with a crossfire 2 and saw one person this weeked jump one with a xaos 21... Any thoughts?
  3. Anyone have an opinion on Flite Suit's Bomber shorts?
  4. I'm at a 0.98 right now and the 150 would be 1.23. I realize that's a huge step which is why I don't think the change in elevation will make up for the difference...
  5. B License, a little over 100 jumps, most of those on the sabre with a few on a safire 1 mixed in. Yes to downwind and crosswind landings, never had to land uphill... I've jumped the 190 at sea level and at altitude it was very noticeable faster at altitude.
  6. I've become very comfortable on my Sabre2 190 and I am planning to downsize in the near future. I'm also going to be going down to sea level (usual DZ was at 5000 ft MSL) which makes a significant difference in how the canopy flies. I was told that I should go to a 150 since at sea level that will fly like a 170 will at altitude. What do you think? Is this too much of a jump? Also, any suggestions on types of canopies? I am considering either a Pilot, a Safire2, or just sticking with a Sabre2. Thanks!
  7. My Viso II has bad habit of recording very inaccurate freefall info. If I were to go by the numbers my fastest freefall speed was almost mach 1 and almost 30 minutes of freefall time in one jump...
  8. Unfortunately I don't think the pads in this helmet are removable.
  9. I recently bought an Oxygyn full face helmet and love it except that it is very slightly too small for me. Is there a good way I can make it larger besides sending it in to SkySystems?