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  1. must admit - ive been jumping suits for 13years now and i have owned all the major manufacturers and i have had the same experience reg SQUIRREL - keep up the good work guys - disclaimer, i am a full price paying customer
  2. pierre3636

    On the way to rodeo a wingsuit

    hi thats at skydive capetown! awsome - such a great place to fly wingsuits !!
  3. pierre3636

    New suit at Z flock?

    ho makes the suit?
  4. pierre3636

    just out of aff would like to know

    [B]IGNORE ALL THAT GETA SM1 I MEAN STEALTH I I MEAN BM SUIT!!!!!!![/B] just kidding Jarno speak to the man ...
  5. pierre3636

    Bird-man wingsuit made of Parapack

    my winsguit is made of parapack but its not a BM suit. Its brilliant - very durable and much hardier than anything else - i have washed my suit a few times in the machine and its perfect. The only downside i would say is that the stuff is thicker and thus hotter and a sunny day.
  6. pierre3636

    Winter time

    and sweaters under arm wing zips can cause zippers to jam ...
  7. pierre3636

    New videos on flylikebrick.com

    hey dude - what did you do with the pre-boogie Schaffen footage?
  8. pierre3636

    Failed roll attempt in V1.

    plucked from the sky!!! looking at that barrel roll - you twisted your torso mid roll and then once you felt you were off balance you tried to counter (or grab) the air to stabilize with your wing which sped up the shorizontal spin. for starters concentrate on heading and concentrate to do the roll and SLOWLY open up again until you are used to the differnce forces and the different places that the resistance wants to push when you roll. keep your legs together and closed - thats the number one reason for dipping your shoulders, going head low and causing the wedge effect on your tail wing wihich pushes you into a spin. when flying straight and you want to do the barrel roll next time - think deep breath - relax pitch chest up slightly and think head high roll your shoulder and close your legs or cross your legs - keep thinking legs through the spin - slowly open ... good luck! if you have the time - go do barrel rolls on a tracking dive - it will speed up you learning curve it is of course much easier and safer to learn barrel rolls in a smaller suit
  9. pierre3636

    Which tracking suit has the best glide ratio?

    ITS A BLADE, I MEAN V2, oh sorry wrong forum
  10. pierre3636

    My first dock

    amazing !! - no disrespect meant but cant see much of the dock - are there any stills? looks like nice relative flying though... we have been trying similiar stuff - 2.6 loaded 79 canopies do the trick decent rate around 38 - 40mps flies relative Jarno - you guys doing a project on the same kind of relative flying - was that this past weekend?
  11. pierre3636

    New suit model

    from what i hear it was being flow in south africa a few weeks ago while shooting a new video - rumour has it its big and floaty and not too fast forward - then again this is now 3rd hand knowledge
  12. pierre3636

    BMI hypothetical spin off

    PASA the South African parachute association actually have a wings suit instructor rating seperate from anything BM does. The course outline and legalities are pretty much the same but through the course not one specific brand or type of suits is propagated. Our first two chief instructors were Tonto and Taya Weiss whom are both instructors and BMI's. They have now trained up 6 PASA wing suit instructors of which some will become wingsuit chief instructors in the future to move the whole development forward by one generation. Thats how we dealt with the issue.
  13. pierre3636

    K I'm hooked

    regardless of what they tell you - nylon crack is more addictive than the real junk .... welcome 2 the flock
  14. pierre3636

    How was your weekend :)

    we had a pretty sick one too ... went out to a place called Nylstroom outside Pretoria which is the capital of South Africa (geography lessons aside) to jump the infamous PAC from 12.5k. Me and my friend Rob Kruger have been talking about doing this jump for a long time and we finally got round to it
  15. pierre3636

    So how was the PAC at Nylstroom??

    Oh my word !!! that plane was incredible, actually not just the plane, the organizing and the altitude was insane. We had some great flights - V1 and S3s maxed out together from 13k to 3k (while i type this is im trying to keep my grin down). We are planning some bigger ways at Nylstroom for Oct/Nov. Wildchild let the flock down there know....the sheat is coming