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  1. Monday Lodi was turning loads all day and plenty of fun jumpers. I will be out there next Monday as well and will jump with you if you would like. PM me. Welcome to Norcal
  2. Last month a buddy of mine did his 1st tandem. while taxing to the plane I was fucking with him about the harness not being on right. His camera guy said in a very stern voice "NO it's fine" and looked at me pissed off. At 1st I thought the dude was just uptight and being a dick but on the way to altitude I could hear my poor buddy breathing hard and saying "oh my god", I realized the camera guy knew this and was why he was being serious with him and me. So, it depends on the student and it shouldn't be hard to tell who you can fuck with and who you can't. Apparently I wasn't able to tell till we were in the plane. Good thing I'm not an instructor or camera flyer
  3. Anyone know when registration opens up?
  4. +1. I usually go through my local DZ but if I go online it's them everytime.
  5. I know, I almost started my own thread but knew it would get ugly quick lol.
  6. I've had about 30 friends get dicked and only 2 actually get tickets. Everyone is fucked. Maybe you can grab some in March when they start selling again. From what I hear though the demand is stupid high.
  7. I was backflying last weekend and my balls hurt. Like the wind was hitting them bad. You think this was body position or I just need a freefly suit? I was rockin jeans. I've done it before just fine but the last 3 times the wind his my balls too much so I switch back to belly.
  8. Wait why did you post this twice?;page=unread#unread Where the mods at?
  9. I've had my eyes on the Basik Seven as well. As far as not having a skyhook, here is a quote from their website. "Our unique reserve container uses proven technology with the no side flaps configuration, add with one of the strongest pilotchutes in the industry and the AAD protected cutter directly under the pilotchute on the kicker plate flap. These features gives you the fastest reserve opening system ever seen.The pilot chute spring force give an energy which is not degraded to push all flaps because of this no side flaps concept."
  10. Hey i hope im posting this in the right forum. I was looking on cookies website and to seperatly purchase a cutaway chincup it's $200. I assume I can switch it out to another helmet if I buy one in the future? I'm looking to mount a gopro on a cookie rok. If anyone has done this please reply as well I would love ideas suggestions. Also I'm not jumping shit till I talk to instructors at my DZ but it's 11pm right now and cookies customer service is closed so if you can chime in that would be helpful. Thanks, Jeff
  11. why would I do that? It says it shoots stills on it's own while recording DVD. In the past people have said every camera that does this sucks and that's why they have a dedicated one for DVD and one for Stills. I'm curious if this will finally combine the 2. Guess I should just fucking buy one and test it my self huh?
  12. Do you think 11mp is good enough to just use 1 camera for dvd/stills?