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  1. Helloo Everybody! I've been wondering, what you guys is the best position (f.e. backfly or sitfly) to start in, when I'm getting into freeflying. I asked some freeflyers at my home dz, but they all say different things. So what's your opinion about this? Cheers! Peter
  2. maybe it is a good addition when i say that I only experience this problem when I'm wearing my winter clothes, and balling up like when I'm going to leave the plane with a front loop..
  3. So I've got my suit back, and they've made it a little bigger for me. Now I think it fits, but it still is a little tight for example when I sit on the ground. Is this somtheing that will loosen up when i wear it more? Or could it maybe be the fact that I'm used to wearing a RW suit with a very flexible back?
  4. Okay.. Thank you for saying that, because it's indeed mashing my nuts a little..
  5. Hello guys, I've just received my first free fly suit from Intrudair. But when I tried it on, I found it tight when I was sitting on my but (just like when I'm on the plane), of when I was sitting in a sit-fly-sort-of position. Did any of you guys have the same problem when trying out your first FF suit? Because I taught it maybe because of the fact that I'm use to jump an FS suit with a stretchable back.. Or would it just maybe be because of a wrong meassurement? I'd love to hear your opinion on this one.. Greetings, Peter
  6. Thanks everybody for the tips. I really hope that I can get it done whit this, because it really drove me crazy last tuesday;). Another thing I wanted to know: Isn't it damaging for the canopy material to keep packing it, without getting it in the bag?
  7. Okay. I'll try that. And about the psychopack, I jumped those a few, but I don't like the openings of 'em
  8. First of all, excuse me to start another thread regarding to this subject, but I couldn't find a recent one. First let me explain the situation: Last sunday I got my gear back from the first repack, completely without a packed chute. This seemed to be a nice opportunity to try to pack the damn thing for the first time by myself. Today I started trying, and packed from 7 till 10, and I still could't get it done.. My problem is the second S-fold. The first one is no problem anymore, it even looks kinda decent, but when I have to make the second one, it all looks like one huge piece of fabric, and of course I'm not able to get the damn thing in the bag. Does anyone of you maybe have some tips from me to prevent me lighting the whole damn thing? (And now I'm not talking about putting all lighters/candles/anything that burns away from me ;) ). I used mostly the technique of PD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JiAegc8EOw I really hope you guys could help me out a bit..
  9. - Getting my A licence - Make my 100th jump - Start FreeFlying And of course: Having FUN!
  10. I'm not an instructor or anything, but I was told that flying some canopys to try them out, doesn't help that much, cause it's easily to compare to try out different kind of cars to see wich one'll fit you best.. This because it's hard to tell the difference between canopy's if you only use it for a couple of jumps, and especially for a student, because they hardly notice the small details of a canopy (that's what I experienced (A) )
  11. First I make a ponytail and just use the band of my goggles to put my hair under..
  12. For my first rig, I bought an used Javelin, and Minimax reserve. The canopy and the cypress I bought brand new.
  13. It makes perfectly good sense!! Thank you very much!
  14. I watched that video like 10000 times, but when I was at my riggers place, I tried to pack it, but even the flacking was really hard to do!! So I think I'l wait a little longer with trying (A). And to make sure that I can pack the way I'm supposed to do, I'm going to do some kind of packing test (roughly translated (A) ), wich I'll need for my A license, next sunday. When I succeed with that, I'm going to try packing at home and experience with the canopy.