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  1. Were you the videographer on this jump? Why would you let your girlfriend's sister jump with him if you were so concerned about his drunkenness and unsafe practices?
  2. I was never able to hear mine either. I tried every possible setting, but no luck. Now I wear the N3 on my wrist and an Optima2 in my helmet. I can hear the Optima2 just fine.
  3. Ooops... that's odd. It was at the top of the forum list when I replied. I'll be checking post dates in the future. I've always chuckled when I saw others doing the same. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. How about ParacleteXP in Raeford, NC Awesome 16 ft tunnel, but a little expensive.
  5. Could it be that the TSA guys are just a little bit edgy with the NATO summit in town this weekend? I hear there are even fighter jets flying over the city already. Not a good weekend to expect their best behaviour.
  6. My number of "acceptable fatalities" varies depending on whether we're killing ourselves or killing each other.
  7. Just curious what changes all of you think we might see in skydiving over the next 10/20/30 years? Gear technology? Aircraft? Regulations? Disciplines?
  8. Got my A license at the ripe age of 52. Don't think I'll be swooping, but everything else I want to do still seems obtainable. Go for it!!!
  9. Buy them all jumps. That's how I got started.
  10. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! If she were someone else, perhaps someone I met at a bar (if I were to go to one), maybe so, but no kindness to her! She lies about everything and the only one who can't see it is the company owner, I guess he is pussy whooped! Ya think? Hi JD Score!!!! Great way to start the weeek off. with a LMAO. There are many ways to get even with folks by being "kind". We worked with a junk yard dog (bitch) that was trying to lose weight (slim fast for lunch). So we would lurk dounkin donutes ads for the 2/1 doz special. The bitch couldn't resist donuts , 2-3 donuts and slim fast for lunch That was to slow so we added mass qty's of M&M's. Big bags 75% off after the holidays. Had a big ass cookie jar in the form of a pig when someone would lift the lid the pig would go Oink oink. Everyone caught on to what I was doing except for the slim fast diet bitch. I had mystery donars leaving big ass bags of Holiday M&Ms on my desk. My bottom drawer was full of that crap. All day Oink Oink Oink, week after week, The slim fast liquid diet never worked for the bitch she was actually gaining weight. Meeting women at bars Think Tiger Woods. IMO Your boss is definately doing her, he just doesn't know it yet he's getting screwed more ways than one.
  11. I wonder what their solution is to the fogging issues that the G2 had? Is it simply the new mouth pieces? I've been holding off buying a new full face waiting to see what Cookie came up with.
  12. Would really put your spotting skills to the test, but think how many points you could turn!
  13. I heard that Sunpath Scotchgards all new rigs at the factory. Is this true? And do other rig manufacturers do it too?
  14. Those aren't the 'beer rules' that I was refering to. I'm talking about getting free beer out of rookies every time they do a 'first'. Not very proffesional in my opinion. I think they run a pretty tight ship at SDC.