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  1. must admit - ive been jumping suits for 13years now and i have owned all the major manufacturers and i have had the same experience reg SQUIRREL - keep up the good work guys - disclaimer, i am a full price paying customer
  2. BSBD scotty! was a pleasure to meet and fly with you ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  3. to each his own within limits, just know that if you upgrade to early to a big acro suits you have to be ready to deal with some nasty consequences if things go wrong and they do, unexpectedly and violently. if you cant barrel roll, back fly a small suit its pretty much a foregone conclusion that you will experience some nasty flat spins on your back begging to be let out. if it happens on a small suit you learn how to feel them coming and counter before it reaches that point. In big suits problems come faster and more violent. without the small suit progression you are pretty much on your own trying to figure out what works and what doesnt to eradicate the situation while spinning like a top with your back to the ground burning through altitude. trust me you dont want to be there. if you plan to dive and flare and not get to steep you are probably safe until that one time on exit when ... ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  4. i heard she has passed away, very unfortunate! would be good if organisers/DZ can dedicate this record to her. justsayin RIP/VBS ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  5. ive done the big way event previously so I do understand that break off does get dealt with in great detail. If the canopy was a problem why was it not dealt with ? ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  6. does anyone know how the russian lady who had the canopy collision during the record attempts is doing ? also was it due to incorrect break off during the record? ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  7. you mean i cant buy yours anymore ... kidding !! hope your well MB ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  8. cool tks for info cheers ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  9. so its an upgrade ie new suit? ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  10. I might be totally off but if anyone can chip in and let me know it would be great - is there a new high end suit from TS called the x2? ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  11. good feedback - thank you ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  12. for gods sake ... i stopped logging into this forum for exactly this reason ... 10m later when i saw a new suit which looks good i come and check it out and BANG same shit - mine yours mine yours ,,, i guess what we need are moderators that block and kill all post relating to these silly piss fights ... someone please step up. Robi - your new suit looks great and I hope to fly it soon well done to you and the team - i see some good innovations there ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  13. This happend to me as well. Mirage G4 with Cypress 2. Countdown was 100% fine, when my rigger opened the rig up for a reserve repack the hard black plastic where the cutter connection starts was broken. Moving it severed the cutter completely and the countdown upon switching on the unit went to 1111 and then switched off. Its a concern. ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  14. i do it all the time - only wingsuit jumps or hop and pops - personal choice, dont see anything wrong with it as long as you can hear audibles - i use two set to loud and can hear them VERY clearly under wingsuit. ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  15. oh totally my own view (from looking around me in formations) sorry i should have added that, - its just makes sense right - made in the US. most skydiver in the US, people know TS and its reputation. No overseas shipping and waiting and time differences and all that crap. for the record I have bought 2 BM suits when i started flying suits, I own PH suits (i love my stealth) and now TS as well. no cares to get involved in a brand war conversation. ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  16. not so much ... i recall hearing something a year or so ago about massive capital fraud within the company expenses. Running court costs might have something to do with the blow up. Also TS grabbed the biggest market share and grew the business, BM simply got left behind due to lack of innovation. Sad but true. ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  17. When Jari H.M. Kuosma and Vladi Pesa did the first canopy/wingsuit dock at Delad nearly a decade ago Vladi was jumping a Velocity 84 equipped with similar front-riser trim tabs and 50 pounds of lead. One one of those jumps one of his trim tabs refused to release so he re-locked the "good" one down and he actually LANDED the canopy in that very-steep configuration with all that lead. He described it to me as "the longest ass-slide in history", but he was unharmed. Amazing shit. SICKNESS,,, that is insane! ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  18. yep, arrived that previous day, clipped onto helmet and shot - super easy and quality as good as anything out there ive ever used plus its so small no more stiff necks after hard openings. ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  19. best toy ive ever bought myself.. some footage shot in R4 inside http://vimeo.com/9668266 ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  20. hiii finally jumped mine on sat ... very fast forward and very slow if wanted. I have the big one ie X-wing and it was very very easy to fly. not tiring at all for me. i like the suit - thumbs up from me. ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  21. cricket ... dunno been trying to figure out myself for last 10 years!!! ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  22. Great thread. Some things I picked up at the event: All the competitors I spoke to and they were probably the most experienced guys loved the venue and altitude - how can they not - 2 records got smashed and I don’t think you will find similar conditions anywhere else (facilities/medical/legal/altitude above sea level/dry air). Also South Africa is an incredibly diverse country from a cultural and nature point of view. Most competitors stayed a few days extra and went on safari or travelled around and have seen and experienced things they have never done before. Hosting an event like this costs money. I know for the previous meet in Pretoria (where the distance record was also broken) the dz had to pay a fair amount of money in after the event. I would imagine it would be the same for the recently completed competition. South Africa is the host nation for major sporting events (World cup football 2010/ rugby world cup / golf/ cricket) coupled with the fact that we have some enthusiastic organizers who did their homework I think won us the bid. There is no buddy system and I would think that the selection committee would be SERIOUSLY offended at those allegations made in this thread, The process is VERY well documented. I'm hoping someone from the committee or IPC can chip in here. From what I picked up speaking to guys at the comp it was clear that US drop zone weren’t that interested in spending money on a event without turning a profit. Something which from what I have seen isn’t very likely. Once again anyone with more up to date info can correct me. The cost factor solely in my view is the reason why there are no bids to host events. Does anyone know how many bids there was for the past event ? And for the next one? Ill give you two guesses... ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  23. brian you rock - thats freakin funny! ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  24. sorry simon replied to you since you were the last post on the thread, i was in fact replying to themes higher up in the thread. you didnt say ban swooping - agreed! ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~
  25. wow ban swooping ? how many other sports will have to be banned with it then? motocross, formula one, horse races, climbing, gymnastics... the list goes on. everything is dangerous out there. we all take our lives into our own hands when we get up in the morning and drive to work. regardless of what you do. skydiving is PERCEIVED as particularly dangerous and with that swooping within the skydiving community. There are 1000s of people that have gone through the high performance canopy learning curve without any accidents, perhaps close calls but that happens with anything you do, driving cars are more dangerous. In my opinion the top echelon of canopy piloting posses exceptional skills, its amazing to watch and its even more mind blowing to actually think about all the variables these minds are calculating to do what they do in a competition. I would suggest more yellow/red cards during training and competitions. More required training jumps at the competition location and perhaps even a 10 safe jump threshold before a comp starts. be safe out there. ~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~