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  1. Yuri Stop being ridiculous just go buy a squirrel, seriously! You will have it in your hands in a shorter time frame than you will be able to over explain how to build one to a rigger/ suit maker. You will be much happier. Now if you want a first generation Vampire 2 of medium size in brand new condition I will sell you one I have. Cheap! I also have a good condition X-2, worn but good condition. But just stop being silly, get the squirrel and focus your time and energy into your instrument.
  2. My Curve is. Just pack the risers above the covers. The curve is actually good to go for any kind of jumping and the new yoke is very comfortable
  3. Because the entire tread was deleted from the incidents forum by the moderators hours before it was brought to my attention. Most likely because of your inappropriate and inflammatory comments in regards to a fatality. I replied to screen save someone forwarded to me but in another forum. I hope this answers your question and have a nice day Do us all a favor and go away for another 4
  4. To clarify that Tri had a standard bag and custom WS bridle and a completelyseparate retractable system for CRW use
  5. I had almost exactly that. My wingsuit peers had concerns about my use of elipticals for wingsuiting So I got a good condition standard Triathalon. I proceeded to install a new Dacron lineset with the 4.O mod for better brakes and a rigger installed retractable bridle for occasional CRW . I was blessed that my elipticals actually opened better than the Tri, and it was a good Tri, and frankly the elipticals were more capable and more fun to fly once open. As far as CRW, it is mostly done with lightnings in various loadings here in the states. We had several CRW Triathalons available but rarely used them for CRW. We stuck with lightnings of which we have many. Ended up trading that Tri for a , you guessed it, another used eliptical. You can put Dacron lines on Sabre 1, Spectre Tri's, and storm for wingsuit and freefall but if you want to do CRW you will end up with a lighting or three.
  6. Thats not matching the actual timeline The V3 came out in 2004 GS1 came out in 2006, Sugar Glider 2004 Tonysuits started making/selling suits in 2006 ws history Ummm, you think Phoenix-Fly's first wingsuit was called the Vampire 3? You're funny! 2003 Phoenix was still bird man. 2004 Phoenix V1 was out at the end of the year over here. 2006 I bought a factory new V2 ( still have it) early in that year. It may have been released in the previous fall not sure.
  7. My reserve container is the velcro sandwich type. The pins are attached to the free bag handle as you describe. In 4 years I've never had a problem but I have seen some nasty videos of reserves coming out at the beginning of a tow.
  8. Interesting. My hang glider belly mount reserve could use those pins. The fairly new reserve and d bag came equipped with two standard curved pins we are all familiar with. The manufacturer told me to fabricate the stows from bungee material kinda like skydiving reserve safety stow material. None of it is TSO'd and actual deployments are slow speed compared to skydiving. The system isn't as tight as I would like and an accidental deployment would ruin my day especially while being towed. Another solution would be the sheathed cable method mentioned, I am familiar with this on some crew containers.
  9. In that case a whole bunch of CRW competitors at nationals have defective canopy skills. I didn't see a canopy landing problem at this years Nats. Like I said before we had some new pups with less than 100 lightning jumps. Out of the 36 CF competitors this year 60% were storms with wing loadings from 1.6 to 2. 10% were on CRW JFXs at loadings well into the 2+ I doubt there were more than 12 competitors on lightings this year, pups aside most have better than average canopy landing skills . Now I didn't see the end of competition state record bigway done on 100% lightnings land as I was one of the last down.
  10. The lightning is a perfectly landable canopy. Newer jumpers just have to get used to how different it flares. Old school tech. Some older CRW jumpers choose to slide the landings because they are older and dont want to run them out. I would recommend removing the retractable bridle and getting a longer standard wingsuit acceptable bridle..... but why ? there are tons of canopies with tons of bottom end for candy ass skydivers to keep their new matchy-matchy wingsuit clean so they can sell it with less than 50 jumps on it when next seasons version 2.5 comes out promising a huge leap in performance.
  11. Awe the brand wars. They were the best and sometimes very funny. Its a shame nobody addressed the first item on the list of PF complaints by the OP. I doubt Robi's brilliance, the PF great designs, lack of production capacity, lack of customer service has anything to do with this. This is a result of a very dark hole in the PF organisation.
  12. VectorBoy


    Yup Did the trail that summer 03. Intense. Very focused slow driving. Axle lockers are mandatory, IMO 4x low T-case gearing both of which you have on your Rubicon are mandatory. Before those existed I could not believe the level of finesse required for that trail, but it has been run by locals for decades without. 33" tires minimum with a few inches( Or more) of lift helpful. Axle articulation is golden this trail will have you twisted up. The right tires ( MT or AT) and the ability to deflate down to around 13 lbs and still have ground clearance will make it better. Unlike other famous or extreme trails this short 16 miles is relentless and does not have bypasses for obstacles other than the most extreme portions and there are obstacles every 40 feet practically. Expect damage, under carriage scrapeage will occur very often. What gets scraped will depend on your trail savy and finesse. Damage to upper body is not unheard of. Go as a group you will need spotters, A club with experience is better and the club will know what parts typically fail and might have most of them, going with the Annual Jamboree turns it into a party much like a good skydive boogie. Plus the Jamboree has helicopter support for parts That may brake from the Georgetown NAPA. The year I went we were in front of a chrysler group were they take people with zero offroad experience in a group of 20 vehicles led by very seasoned guides in stock rubicons. The lead jeep driven by a guide who knows where to put the tires tasked everyone behind to follow the leader exactly and they would be fine a lead and lag pathfinder on motorcycles read the road ahead and assisted lagers behind. They caught up to us at the springs ( a private property owned by Jeep for hosting awesome parties) traumatized due to their steep initiation into the extreme but the vehicles were fine. jeep would wash the vehicles in Reno and take another group through the same week. Off road finesse is the key a huge lift and tires cant buy you and can become a detriment. I did a suprising amount of trail welding on other peoples parts that trip. Pm if you have questions.
  13. My team uses a snowboarder style helmet with muffs that can accept speakers inside. They don't use speakers but say that the muffs cut out directional wind noise and help with hearing voice commands. Specifically the receptor bug helmet made by POC available from antigravity BASE.
  14. Nice Zippy! Gimme a call next time your coming down to Andy Jackson we have to catch up.
  15. Another benefit of using goggles or glasses during the casting is the fact that you will use them with the finished CCM on jumps and you have allowed for their bulk. You can use any flexible plastic to cover the face opening and tape it in place. The face opening provides a better method of pushing the plug out of the front cast half than the plans.