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  1. Yuri Stop being ridiculous just go buy a squirrel, seriously! You will have it in your hands in a shorter time frame than you will be able to over explain how to build one to a rigger/ suit maker. You will be much happier. Now if you want a first generation Vampire 2 of medium size in brand new condition I will sell you one I have. Cheap! I also have a good condition X-2, worn but good condition. But just stop being silly, get the squirrel and focus your time and energy into your instrument.
  2. VectorBoy

    Earplugs and CRW?

    My team uses a snowboarder style helmet with muffs that can accept speakers inside. They don't use speakers but say that the muffs cut out directional wind noise and help with hearing voice commands. Specifically the receptor bug helmet made by POC available from antigravity BASE.
  3. What is the short zipper close to your handle mod for?
  4. VectorBoy

    Wingsuit Proficiency Card

    Oooh I want one!
  5. VectorBoy

    A New Beginning

    Very nice. You've joined the dark side.
  6. Articulated harness is not a issue. Cut in laterals will not work on some models of wingsuits. Some of the zip in suits work fine with cut in laterals.
  7. VectorBoy

    Flock Lodi

  8. VectorBoy

    Flight Concepts Express 175 manual

    Redline from Lodi used the Express for a while. Sorry I don't have contact info.
  9. VectorBoy

    Re: [VectorBoy] Tandem Flybys:

    Horseshit Glenn. I've seen you "train" someone who did not meet the recommendations, and it turned out poorly. Further conversation on this subject from you only serves to make you look less credible. If you are refering to the young man who is now paralyzed from a canopy injury I can honestly say I did not train him. He borrowed a suit from someone in the ghetto, not one of mine. I never knew him until I met him in the loading area. Initially he didn't want to fly with me because he claimed he was just barely learning. On the ride to altitude when I asked him his pattern plan and I told him I would go the opposite way he changed his mind and asked if I could follow him. I am however guilty of not reporting him to the S&TA that was siting right next to him on the ride to altitude once he told me how many jumps he actually had, barely over 100 and how many WS flights he had 0 . Not that I would report someone, even today, for not following the recommendations. The recommendations are not a joke to me I followed them but I don't enforce them to other people. Despite bad judgement he displayed he performed excellently on his first flight, I have video, and the following flights that day. You were not on the DZ that day so there is no way you could possibly know this. If you are referring to another actual student of mine that didn't meet the requirements I'd really like a name and how in your opinion exactly it turned out poorly. You can blurt it out here or send me a PM if you want to protect the name of the innocent because the whole jump is probably on video. But without any data its all hearsay. But I'll make you a deal with a name I'll post the corresponding first flight video if it is truely bad I'll forever shut up on this subject, that is in the other WSI instructor thread, this is the flyby thread. Hopefully you won't accuse "seeing" me perform flybys. You decide: help me help you shut me up, name the name.
  10. VectorBoy

    USPA Recomendation for Jump numbers

    I transitioned over from being an atmonaught. How is the suit holding up?
  11. VectorBoy

    USPA Instituting WSI regulations

    It doesn't matter what I want.... it will never happen. Everbody who sez its coming is just breathing hard. Lets see it was coming in 03, 04, 05 then it went away then in 0....
  12. That is like asking which is the best swoop canopy: for distance, for accuracy, for speed? You can look at the best sequential and rotations teams and their choice in a canopy is a small fraction of the equation that makes these teams special. Lots and lots of practice & experience might be a bigger contributor to them being best. I know thats not what you want to hear so here comes some hints. The best rotations team at a world level were on triathalon 99s, I believe, and rumor has it that they are on storm 107s now. The best competitive sequential teams ( smaller canopys) have used lightings, triathalons, expresses, storms recently a canopy based on a highly customized icarus FX. Demonstration teams who dabble in a a little free fall RW and canopy displays ( larger canopys) for large crowds use larger F-111 lightnings, as in the leap frogs, and larger Triathalons as in the British and Canadian display teams.
  13. VectorBoy

    New Video On The Wingsuit Channel

    Nice one Jade!
  14. VectorBoy

    Marine Corps Officer

    Don't they all when the sargent major comes near?