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  1. 980

    Any birds in Toronto?

    try: [url www.skydiveburnaby.com]Skydive Burnaby[/url] (Twin Otter, awesome scenery, 14 500 ft, regular wingsuiters) [url www.parachuteschool.com]Parachute School of Toronto[/url](Caravan, good scenery) [url www.skydivetoronto.com]Skydive Toronto[/url](Caravan) [url www.swoop.on.ca]Swoop[/url](Cessnas, regular wingsuiters) [url www.niagaraskydive.com]Niagara Skydive[/url](Cessna, good scenery) I prefer Burnaby due to the awesome scene and scenery, Twin Otter and altitude. There's nothing quite like leaving the Otter late, flying out over Lake Erie for a while before turning back and heading for shore! You should be able to find some wingsuit jumpers at all the above though and they are all good places to visit. cya sam
  2. Hi These shots are from a tandem exiting a C205, but it's the same exit that works for a C182. I use a FTP, HC5 with Century 0.5 Converter and 20D with Sigma 15mm all mounted side-by side on top. Hanging from the strut and backflying is how I do it. The tandem will fall straighter down than you, so leave with them, track up the hill to stay near them, then figure out how you like to transition back to belly to earth. I do a slow somewhat inverted barrell roll to get belly to earth, which allows me to match the tandem's fallrate by slowing my roll and staying more headdown if they take longer to throw the drogue, before completing the roll to be flat again. With some practice this exit allows you to stay in the TM's view the whole time as long as they stay on heading. Note: picture no.5 had to be rotated 180 degrees as I am actually inverted at that point. cya sam
  3. 980

    Rigger List

    https://amsrvs.registry.faa.gov/airmeninquiry/ http://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/airmen_certification/releasable_airmen_download/
  4. 980

    Canon EOS N3 connectors

    No problems with the cheap Ebay-d from China connectors that come on remote shutter releases and pre-made bite switches for the Canon D-series for 700+ jumps now with my trusty 20D.
  5. 980

    helmet + camera bag combined

    this is tight but will work as I have fitted my FF2, 20D and PC330 in it some of these are bigger and possibly better for your purposes
  6. 980

    vignette on liquid lens

    Hi I had the same issue on a 30mm thread Liquid 2 when used with a PC1000. Contact Cookie Composites or your Cookie dealer if you bought through one. Cookie got back to me right away and fixed my problem. I received great customer service from Cookie and recommend you contact them about this. cya sam
  7. 980

    Using Av Mode for Stills...

    That's what I did this year, my first season shooting stills. 20D, 18-55 lens, ISO 100, Av mode, f-stop of 8 to 11 for a shutter speed between 1/500 and 1/1200 on sunny days, using manual focus and the lens on 18mm. I looked at a lot of the pics I took and the exif data and tweaked my settings accordingly. If you set your f-stop so that your camera chooses a shutter speed of 1/800 or faster on a sunny day while on the ground, you would need to lose a lot of light to get significant blurring due to slower shutter speeds. At least that has been my experience with my setup, my flying position and my head unsteadiness/steadiness. YMMV
  8. 980

    Looking to buy a new camera

    Hey I have 2KC FF2 Carbon and I have a total of about 1000 skydives on it using the following cameras: PC105: about 890 skydives on this one, got it new for $800, 30mm thread, reasonably compact and light, good battery life, reasonable low light peformance, still have it, but stopped using it skydiving after it got wet a 3rd time and now the touchscreen doesn't work. PC9: about 150 jumps on this. borrowed it from my girlfriend. 30mm thread. heavier and bigger than PC105, picture about the same, low light performance reasonable, reasonable battery life. I liked the old style stereo-jack A/V cable on this, much more user friendly and robust than that damned 10-pin D-plug sony is forcing on us now. PC330: about 75 jumps on this. bought it on EBay with a lens for $450. it's big. it's heavy. 37mm thread. good low light performance. great picture (noticeably better than 9, 105 and only a little less sharp than PC1000 in good light, better than PC1000 in low light) reasonable battery life. PC1000: just got one now that the season is over and I haven't even jumped it yet. 30mm thread. Great daytime picture quality. Low light performance not good. Battery life shorter than 9, 105, 330 with standard batteries. Fairly light, narrow, but tall. 4 of the vidiots at our DZ uses these, me and one other guy uses 330s. Comments based on my comparisons with their videos. The PC330 is physically the biggest and heaviest of these, but it fits in my FF2 and they seem to be a bit of a performance bargain. I will switch to the PC1000, as it is lighter and having a 20D on my helmet too, I am looking to lighten up wherever I can until I replace the 20D. Good thing I jump soft opening canopies! The PC1000 seems hard to find and are overpriced. If you can live with the size and weight, the PC330 is a good choice. The PC9 and PC105 also, but the picture is not in the same class as the PC330 and PC1000. hope that helps. If I'm bored later maybe I will line up a PC9, PC105, PC330 and PC1000 and take a group shot if anyone would be interested in size comparisons.
  9. 980

    Samurai Wingsuit

    interesting choice my first reaction would be to say get something that opens a bit nicer for wingsuiting, like a Xaos21 ! but since you seem to want to make the Samurai work for your wingsuiting and a longer snivel might help you from the sound of it... try making the brake setting shallower, this should slow your opening down and might even make it less twitchy also this is of course based on my limited experience with a 105 Samurai loaded at 1.8, so I am not sure if the bigger Samurais have such a deep brake setting too don't forget to contact Brian Germain and ask him what he recommends before trying something some random person on the internet suggested cya sam
  10. 980

    something new?

    that is interesting sounds like a short-leashed dirty-high bag, but without the stashbag a dirty-high bag is a variation of the ho-bag The Ho-bag -you pack the canopy for a smart TARD -gear up as as for a smart TARD -tie the stashbag to the object SECURELY -do a front flip exit while holding the stashbag containing the canopy in front of you -let the stashbag get pulled out of your hands when the ties to the object tension -unstow your brakes and fly, bat-ass, fly! The Dirty-High bag -a Ho-bag, but with the canopy tied to the stashbag with a single piece of breakcord (not a loop) at the bridle attachment point There's a clip on skydivingmovies.com called something like SOBASE teaser that has a ho-bag or dirty-high bag on it. It also has a low-bag, which is a slider-up ho-bag. I would love to see some pics and/or video of your jump if possible. I am particularly curious about how you managed your lines during this whole deal. How far to the side did you attach the rubber bands? Even though the dirty-high bag opened in very little altitude (therefore the name), I'm not sure I would try it as low as 108ft, but there are definite similarities between it and your new jump. What are you calling the new jump? cya sam PS - in case you are a sane basejumper wondering why anyone would even bother doing a ho-bag in the first place, the answer is that I was too lazy to pack and it seemed too windy to be having my canopy flap around unpacked...
  11. 980

    Rollover break settings

    Shallow Brake Settings for: -slider up -slider off with no immediate object strike or proximity of other jumpers (to lessen wear on DBS) Deep Brake Settings for: -slider off with object strike potential or jumps where I could open close to other jumpers I don't feel much difference between the DBS and SBS doing rollovers slider off.
  12. 980

    Wandering thoughts...

    unless what you believe is incorrect, then having enough confidence in it can improve your chances of injury and death quite severely Only if you change your course of action. Admitting that pulling really low is dangerous did not stop several people from getting hurt by low-pulls later anyway. The relationship between your skill and your chances is not simply a two-way realtionship. The other major player is your judgement. Level of desensitization and level of boredom are factors here too. If you look at all of those, maybe it will seem less random to you. WHAT? Nobody told me. It doesn't matter anyway because luckily I'm not addicted. people who say they will never do something and then do it later anyway worry me it suggests to me that they are not capable of admitting to themselves that there are things that they do not know and/or understand this would seem a counter-productive way of thinking in this kind of environment I think the key to longer term base survival might be self-knowledge. Knowing that not only are there things that you know-that-you-don't-know (KDK), but also there are things that-you-don't-know-that-you-don't-know (DKDK) would seem like an effective way to avoid some risk factors that are clearer in hindsight. that's my 2-cents for today, if you paid more, you got ripped off!
  13. 980

    The Best BASE gear.

    I disagree. I have a reasonable sample size of jumps on standard Blackjack 260s. I have just replaced my 2 standard Blackjack 260s with ZP option Blackjack 260s. 3 BASEjumps on the ZP option so far and I believe it opens and starts flying (and being controllable) even quicker than the standard Blackjacks did. of course 3 jumps is not a reasonable sample size and maybe I have forgotten how fast my standard Blackjacks opened when they were brand new, so give me a few hundred jumps on the new ones and I will have a more valid opinion for you. ship me a brand new standard Blackjack 260 and let me jump it back to back with my ZP option Blackjacks for 2 years and I will tell you for sure it really is just about the only way to know I have heard that the ZP option Blackjacks not only have a higher forward speed in full flight, but can fly slower than the standard Blackjack also. I will try to find out and report back. More available flight range is only a bad thing if you do not fly the canopy in the correct part of that flight range for your given situation.
  14. 980

    Vented Canopies?

    Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. We are also entitled to ask what you are basing that opinion on. I know Lonnie has a few hundred jumps on both Aces and Blackjacks of the same size and therefore a very valid statistical sample to make conclusions on heading performance of the two types of canopies. I would like to know how what experience you based your statement on, as I am sure do many others who read this thread. thanks sam
  15. 980

    Bridge day info 411

    bingo! I have video of that and I'm pretty sure it's in the 9+ second region. It's amazing what wingsuits have done even with so little working time, James opened pretty much at the landing area.