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  1. fasted3

    Wingsuits: Flying or Falling

    Flying in a wingsuit is flying, my body tells me so. In fact, I think tracking is flying too, sort of, mostly. But put on a wingsuit, even a little one, And you can fly! This was my opinion 10 years ago, before my first flight, and it is my opinion now. You can call it a squirrel suit, and not be wrong, but to me, it is flying, and in the truest sense of the word; I believe you can get a better feel of human flight with a wingsuit than any other way. What do you think?
  2. fasted3

    Wingsuit landing next month?

    It looks like it's for real. The article says he will land on a box rig: box rig n. [bäks rig] a box rig can substitute for a stunt pit. It can also be used to catch objects. The way a box rig is constructed is by using several cardboard moving boxes that are stacked and aligned in rows, X wide by X long by X tall. To keep the boxes from shifting but without making the box rig too rigid of a structure, they’re wrapped together with plastic wrap. Like the kind used to wrap pallets (think saran wrap). The cardboard boxes crush or give way upon impact allowing the objects to safely stop. Box rigs are affordable and a low-tech solution. Interesting factoid; box rigs are great for catching cars that need to be flipped upside down without being severely damaged. The boxes cushion the vehicle upon impact. Yes, enough boxes that are properly stacked can safely catch a full size car or truck. stunt pit n. [stuhnt pit] a large rectangular shaped foam pad that a stunt performer would use to fall into. It’s not just an ordinary big chunk of foam. These pits are specially constructed to safely break the performers fall without causing harm. This is achieved by using several different layers of foam that vary in density and thickness. Some of the foam layers have channels to help expel air upon impact. These pits are covered with a durable vinyl canvas on the bottom and sides with a mesh across the top to allow maximum air expulsion. Though its not uncommon to see some stunt pits with mesh on the sides for added air expulsion. Most pits will measure at least two feet tall or thick, five feet wide and at least eight feet long. Though the size will vary depending upon the stunt.
  3. fasted3

    I learned to pack today!!!

    Good on ya. I have spent enough on pack jobs to pay for 100 jumps. Don't do that. I have to admit that my lazy side has no regrets, and I did have the money at the time. But, looking back, I'd rather have the 100 jumps. Just my 240,000 cents.
  4. Did the lines look fuzzy? Mine did, and did the same thing, (but not as bad,) till I got a reline. Since then, no problem at all. Safire2 189, loaded 1.2 The new lines look a lot more slippery than the old ones did, and it flies better too.
  5. fasted3

    Trapped brake line.

    How quick does your canopy open? Good on the quick thinking!
  6. fasted3

    American Skydiving Systems

    Yes, I have done business with J. Mike. He has a shop at Gold Coast Skydivers, Lumberton, MS. My last transaction was a month or two ago, and I was satisfied with the service. He's a good guy.
  7. fasted3

    Buying gear protocol questions

    Keep trying. I've used that payment plan and it worked for me; there are other ways, just be careful. No, don't send money out blind. When you find what you want, try and make the deal quickly. Once a seller commits to do the deal, they should follow through, but until that point, they are free to sell to somebody else. You saying, "I'll take it," does not necessarily mean you'll get it, if somebody else beat you to it. The seller should tell you what happened, IMO, but some won't bother.
  8. fasted3

    DZs open 7 days a week?

    A good question. Another is: Will they be jumping? Some may be open, but if not enough people are there, they won't run the plane. Check out the Dropzone tab above to find out what's close to you, then call them before you go.
  9. fasted3

    Got my face slapped today

    My first skydive was a tandem, and I wore a frap hat. The strap was loose and beat me severly around the neck and face. Wahhhahhh Suck it up cupcake, this is your chosen sport, don't forget.
  10. fasted3

    Phoenix-Fly Tracking Gear Failing/Blowing Up

    Exactly what part(s) failed? Did the belt break; buckle come apart? If more than one failure point, what do you think broke first? Losing a lot of weight like that would certainly have an effect on the fit of the suit, and a large air pocket inside could increase the stress a lot. My PF pants do fit tighter on me. No problem with them after maybe 50 - 75 jumps by me and others. Good job on an interesting jump. Really curious about the belt.
  11. fasted3

    What the USPA should really be doing ...

    I'm in. I like clouds.
  12. fasted3

    Goggle/sunglasses choice

    I lose stuff so fast that spending 150 bucks for a pair of sunglasses ranks among the dumbest things I've ever done. Now I use anything cheap that won't fall apart on me and do fine. They give out safety glasses at work for free and I like them best. They look pretty much like regular sunglasses and come in dark and clear. The wind getting in my eyes was a big concern at one time, but I don't find it a problem at all. This is just one guy's opinion, remember, and I'm sure you will hear others that are not the same. Listen to everybody and do what you think is best for you. Maybe try out some different ones first. I'd loan you mine and not worry if you lost them, but most people would probably say, you lose or break them you buy them, so be careful with that.
  13. fasted3

    Top 3 Reasons for a malfunction.

    Ongoing discussion about this subject in S&T:
  14. fasted3

    posting question

    Hit "Quote" not "Reply" then their post will show up in the window. Erase some of it if you want.
  15. fasted3

    Skydiving Wounded Veterans

    I was fortunate enough to be there. Those guys had a great time, and I did too, just watching them. Skydive Spaceland should be proud for making this happen and giving our veterans the opportunity to jump. Well done!