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  1. Looking for a video i saw a little while back of a guy sitting on or near the tail of a twin otter from the looks of it and his buddy on the wheel. In the video it looks like the twin otter does a barrel roll. Anyone have a link to this video?
  2. I have never jumped the aerodyne tandem canopy but the NZ aerosports tandem main is super nice. The 330 is great from them. Open nice, easy to pack, fly smooth and handle nicely from both new and experienced tandem instructors.
  3. When shipping it just put a value of 0 dollars and it being a gift. No duties that way. Just need to be careful cause you will have no insurance on it that way though.
  4. every time i weighed myself with a strong rig on it was 50 pounds heavier then without. The harness weighs 8 pounds i believe
  5. you do realize that the dropzones approach living social and groupon to sell tandems for thier DZ right? Living social and groupon are nothing like skyride was.
  6. The portable tunnel that was in vancouver is at beiseker now
  7. Paraglider pilots do a better job of teaching and practcicing stall recovery than we do in the skydiving world. Paraglider pilots can't switch chutes quite as easy as we can (they don't cutaway a malfunction), so it's understandable. Actually there is a new system out there for paragliding where they can cutaway and a base canopy will open above their head. Learning stall recovery is a great tool. Not gonna cutaway at 300 feet if you have end up in a stall from turbulence or if you get a collapse. A lot of people would be suprised how much better of a canopy pilot they would be if they spent some time paragliding
  8. He is in a sat for most of those attempts and then spins in the last clip. Can see the boomerang shape that is a sign a spin is coming. Much easier ways of starting them the way he was doing it I sat and do variations of helis on my xaos 90. Definitely wouldnt advise anyone to try it. Excellent way to end up in line twists and chop.
  9. Come on man its always about getting the shot! Safety second video 1st! I started doing handcams at 82 tandems under my belt and i was for sure not ready for it. Thankfully i never ended up getting hurt or in a bad situation early on with one. 500 tandems might be a little steep but then it again it comes down to if the person is really ready or not. Some people will be ready at 100 tandems and some should never strap a glove to their hand.
  10. In light winds the rule is worth nothing. Actually, in all instances the rule is worth nothing. The rule is worth making fun of
  11. havent seen one yet but if they can design one that works just as well as they do on sport rigs it would be nice.
  12. Find a good tandem instructor and they wont thump you in on your ass.
  13. must get next to no business if you are in the states. I know a lot of people over 50 who are in better shape than some 18 year olds who have shown up to jump.
  14. Train with 1 minute sessions it will help with the stamina espcially if you have rotators.
  15. Take it slow. You dont need to jump into the whole dive pool right off the bat. Train the hell out of randoms first and then move up to the simple blocks like the 7 and 8 then the 3 and 13 and so on. Be ready to fly in a lot of burbles. Training how to fly burbles in just 2 ways is a fun way to get stronger for VFS. VFS will kick the shit out of you physically at first but once you get to be a stronger flyer it will become easier.