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  1. Thanks for all the replys guys!! Deland was on my hit list :) But I am concerned about no O2 above 15k...... Ill have to see where my vacation takes me I really would love to jump a skyvan, only jumped a grand caravan and a dornier! Thanks again for all replys
  2. Hi all I got my A licence back in July and I am loving being a skydiver! I am going on holiday to the USA next month and would love to jump whilst I am over there. I am staying in Florida and have been researching DZ's to jump, I have seen the 'skydive space centre' advertising 18k drops over Kennedy space centre!! And I am a little bit of a geek so this would be amazing for me! Anyway....has anyone jumped there and if so what is your feedback? I would need to rent a rig/helmet/goggles/alti also as I don't want up be lugging my gear to the states If you haven't jumped there, could you recommend a DZ in Florida? Close to I-Drive? Thanks for any feedback Paul
  3. Haha true! I'm sure they r fine anyway, the last one I wore on a tandem was brand new, I'm not that OCD to febreeze it lol
  4. I'm no lightweight so I'll probably fall like a brick too lol Thanks again for the advice, I think I'm just getting ahead of myself, I like to have everything organised haha Looks like I'll have to take one step at a time! Hoping to do it at langar or hibaldstow, but more than likely langar as seems to be more bang for your buck :)
  5. Thanks I just want to have stuff ready for once my licence is in my hand! I'll probably go down the freestyle route as I can always use it for BASE jumps etc
  6. I'm starting my AFF course at the end of next month, but I don't fancy wearing a smelly DZ suit! Can anyone help a newbie and point me in the right direction for the best places to buy gear in UK? I'm not in the financial situation yet to but myself my own canopy/rig etc, but just looking to get the basics what I'm not going to get as part of course Thanks in advance!
  7. This is my first post so thought I'd do a cheesey Hello haha! Booking my AFF & Packing course at the end of Feb so need to start swatting up, that's why I'm here Looking to get around 200 jumps in over the next year, so I can get my C rating and also start on wingsuits, but I've gotta walk before I can run! So that's about me and a hello anyway! See you around