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  1. MarkM

    Tandem Doomsday Scenario

    The DZs I started at in 2000 didn't do tandems. I'd see the places sometimes put out 10-20 SL students a day out of a 182. It was in Indiana, so they didn't have or need turbines but they seemed to operate pretty well. They weren't mom and pop clubs and they didn't operate in some "back in the 80's" style. One DZ was actually very progressive, they were putting students out on BOC pullouts when most everyone else was still using BOC ripcords. Maybe we'd see fewer otters and more caravans at the "big" DZs. Boogies would be a bigger deal since they'd, again, be the place to go for bigger aircraft.
  2. MarkM

    jumping out of personal planes?

    The pilot needs to file a NOTAM for your jump and if you're jumping over a populated area, it could be considered a demo by the FAA which you don't have the licensing/ratings to do yet. So no to the HS football field jump.
  3. MarkM

    Thoughts on the Nationals...

    So instead of sponsors, we'd have a category where people would have to be rich to compete?
  4. MarkM

    Naked Rodeo Video~ + J-Sho Crash!

    Hmm page not found....
  5. MarkM

    Beginner Suit? (2008)

    Cons - you'll be spending a lot of money on a new suit you'll want to replace soon after. Though I think Tony Suits has a trade in program so that's a big benefit for going with them.
  6. MarkM

    Alti-2 Rocks!

    Pretty much the same experience. Sent in an old Neptune and rather than fix it, they just gave me a new one.
  7. MarkM

    Alti-2 Service

    Pretty much the same experience as you. One of my neptunes was dead after 3 years of use and so was my roommate's. He went over and they replaced both free of charge.
  8. MarkM

    Bird-man S-6 Suit

    Wow, that sucks. Obviously it shouldn't take that long to have a suit made. I ordered my Mach One from Tonysuits on a Sunday and it was done by Friday on that same week. Now Tony has been making other types of suits forever so he knows how to put them out quickly, but still, 5 months for a wingsuit?
  9. MarkM

    Flock ‘n Dock 3.0 Z-Hills Mar30-Apr1

    I'll be there. In fact I'm moving to Orlando in a couple of weeks, so I'll probably be at ZHills every weekend from Jan on out
  10. MarkM

    AN 72 boogie interest

    Just make sure the charter stops through ZHills to pick up the Florida gang.
  11. MarkM

    Static Line or AFF

    Progression on SL for me went something like: Initial jumps are SL jumps with practive throws. When you can prove you can exit stable and throw a dummy PC then you do a clear and pull. Then you do longer and longer delays up to 15 seconds(all solo). Then you jump out with an instructor and learn the rest of what you need(though I had switched to AFF by this point). It's sort of a baby step type of progression that first gets you so you can exit and save your own life, then puts you out the door with an instructor so you can learn FF skills. It's cheaper per jump, because you're not paying for 1-2 AFF-Is to jump with you and you're doing hop and pops for the first part. You really need to call the DZs you have available and see what methods are open to you. AFF can be as cheap as SL(to get off student status) at certain places. You also should not do just 1 AFF jump per month. It helps a lot to do the jumps closer together, even doing several jumps per day. Save up the money you need beforehand and then go out and do it. Also consider that with both methods you're likely to need to repeat levels, so budget for that.
  12. MarkM

    Is this a nice pic?

    You mean post pics like these?
  13. MarkM

    Keys boogie

    I'll be there PHI bombing the rest of you. There should be a decent showing of wingsuits. Last year there was a decent flock and I can't imagine it'd be smaller this year. Edit: Also, Rebecca will be there Friday and Saturday.
  14. MarkM

    Injury stat question

    I believe the USPA is supposed to get reports of these from DZs, but I don't know how reliably they're reported.
  15. MarkM

    Scott Bland is notsane......

    Damn, he bought another suit? What an addict.