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  1. I only have 38 jumps- still on student status. I'm going for my A-license this summer... I guess I should be safe and ask my instructors. Thanks ;)
  2. I've worn clear goggles over my glasses, and for some reason I just prefer the fact that you can't see my glasses underneath. A little particularity of mine, I suppose!
  3. Hey everyone! I'm looking to buy a pair of relatively cheap goggles that will fit over my glasses. I want to buy a pair, so that you can't see that I'm wearing glasses under the goggles. So do you guys prefer wearing tinted (see link below) or mirrored goggles? Would either restrict your vision in any way? Tinted: Are they usually tinted lightly or very dark? Cheers! xx
  4. Hey jumpers! I have a pro-tec helmet that I use for skateboarding, and I was wondering if I could also use this for skydiving? I'm pretty new to the sport, so I'd love to hear all your expert opinions! - Jen xx
  5. Hey guys! There are a lot of whuffos in my life and many of these non skydivers don't understand the pleasure, freedom, mental training as well as the difficulty involved. One of my friends in particular seems to thinking skydiving is a 'joke' and that he could 'fall' from a plane with ease. I merely laughed. I'm wondering, do you guys have to deal with these sort of remarks? If so, what clever retorts do you have? Blue skies ;)
  6. Hi guys! This has been bothering me for a while... when winds are high, are you supposed to flare a little later for landing? And when winds are very minimal, flare a little higher? Also, what do you do to judge how high you are from the ground? Do you look at the horizon? Or the height of people on the DZ? I'm fairly new to the sport, and still need to work on my landings, because it's not very often I have a real nice standup landing... :( Ps. I'm talking about regular ole landings, no swooping or anything. Thanks!
  7. I ended up buying a brand spankin' new Z1. It fits great with my glasses on and it's just super rad. The price (almost) made me cry, but such is life!
  8. Student rig. Ps. thanks so much for being so patient :)
  9. I rent the rig from my local DZ, so I'm not 100% sure of all it's details. I'm pretty sure there is complete riser protection and it's definitely BOC, but not sure about the bridle protection.
  10. Well, I don't know if the NAV is freefly "friendly". I read somewhere that different rigs, when freeflying, can spontaneously open up.
  11. Hi fellow jumpers! I currently have 36 jumps (newbie- I know!) and I wanted to try my hand at learning to backfly. I'm trying to save my money for next season, so I wanted to try backflying on my own (without an instructor). Do you guys think that's a bad idea? I jump with a Navigator 200.
  12. I should have mentioned this, but I wear glasses- that's the main reason why I wanted to get a full face helmet. I don't feel I'm advanced enough to pay full price for a helmet. Assuming I try on the helmet, and it doesn't restrict my view of my emergency handles and peripherals, should I still not get one of the used motorcycle helmets?
  13. Hi fellow jumpers! I'm fairly new to the sport (36 jumps) and I'm thinking of buying a used helmet, but I could use some advice. Most of the used helmets I find online are motorcycle helmets, so I was wondering if those are safe enough to use when jumping. I saw this helmet, used: Do you guys think something like that would be okay to jump with? Again, thanks a lot for any input! Jen