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I updated the article based on new information. You guys need to get out more. B) As if I didn't have enough camping stuff, I had to order a high-powered Baofeng radio for this trip. Now I just have to figure out how to use it. Was told no one uses CB any more. Damn. 

Let me drop a little Life Truth on a couple of you. If you spent as much time helping folks instead of attacking them, your lives would be happier and more meaningful. I don't have to drop names. You know who you are anyway. ^_^

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I guess I will address a couple of issues. 

  • 'No one ever came to the Cooper Campouts, and that's the reason I don't post pictures or videos of the activities.'

    Robert says: The one time I made the exact details of a Cooper Campout, and the meetup location available publicly, outright threats were made against the participants. We mostly got locals from the Seattle and South King County area to show up. Some were friends, or from a forum that supports owners of Nissan trucks. I deliberately made people jump through a hoop or two to go. This is how I separated those folks who were serious, from the ones who were not. In addition, if you make everything public, there's a chance some smart-ass (not necessarily from Cooperland) will show up at the spot you selected before you do, and set up camp just to spite you. I suppose someday when we finally extract ourselves from this crazy thing they call the Cooper Vortex, I may release a few pictures and maybe one of the better videos. But not now, and if I do it, it will be at the private website anyway. 
  • 'He has a private website on Cooper.'

    Robert says:  True enough. There is no denying this. There are already three PUBLIC sites where Cooper fans hang out and do discussions. Mine has the smallest number of members, and the least amount of activity. But it is a place where only nice things happen, or are discussed. Settle for the other three and forget mine. It's no big deal anyway. 
  • 'He screens all comments made to his WordPress and his YouTube videos.'

    Robert says:  Many users at WordPress and YouTube screen comments, and in the case of YouTube, some users don't allow them at all.  I learned that if you don't want the crazy comments, you screen the comments. Better to nip that stuff right in the bud before your reputation starts to suffer. I found out a few years ago that any media types who start sniffing around in the Cooper case also sniff around to see what happens at your websites. And crazy negative crap posted by anonymous people really turns them off, I assure you. So if it turns out you aren't getting the media offers (especially TV) that you USED to, take a look at how other people see your public pages sometime. This is a lesson I learned a while back. 
  • 'Snown bought the manuscript from Sheridan Peterson,' (so that gives him rights to publish Sheridan's book.)

    Robert says:  Buying a copy of the PDF online does NOT give you the rights to the book, or the right to re-edit and publish the book on your own. This is so obvious it hardly deserves an explanation. I wonder what would happen to me if I bought a Kindle copy of The Stand by Stephen King and then decided to upload my own version to Lulu without the author's written permission. Let's say it wouldn't be pretty. As far as anything else regarding Sheridan's book, I have explained that at length. Just go back a page or two here and read them. Enough said.
  • 'Sheridan is unstable.' (and hard to get along with)

    Robert says: Ever worked in a nursing home? I did for about four years, while I was going to community college part time. Sheridan isn't 'unstable,' and if he's 'hard to get along with'...maybe it's because certain people continue to accuse him of the Cooper hijacking, even though the FBI checked him out already and took a DNA sample. They never returned a second time as far as I know. Just a wild guess, but it could be a reason he doesn't get along well with Cooper folk. Especially when they start making up stories about him, and ask about digging up his deceased wife for a DNA test or something. Really, guys? 
  • 'Gayla is Robert's slave'. (poor thing) 

    Robert says: I actually thought that one was funny. No hard feelings. Told Gayla about that comment and we laughed. I told her I was HER slave, since I'm the one who drives us to all the jobs, hauls all the gear, and I do about 80% of the square footage on the cleaning. Gayla handles the kitchen and main bathroom. I take care of everything else, including all the floors. Sometimes I joke to her on how the hell she talked me into doing this for a living for almost twenty years. In the end, everything turned out fine for us.
     :redhairfemale: <<<< "Get to WORK, Robert!" 

    I swear. You think you've seen it all in Cooperland, and then you realize you haven't. B) 

EDIT: I have received news that the group planning that large-scale search for Rachel has moved up their search dates to BEYOND the Labor Day weekend, and farther into the month of September instead. Unfortunately, this means AB of Seattle staff will not be able to participate. Our only large block of time off work was Sept 4-8, maybe until the 9th. They've decided to move the dates beyond that time. (Sounded like they couldn't get enough volunteers because people had other plans for Labor Day weekend) We wished them the best of luck, and I modified the article at WordPress, including a change in the title.

Looks like it's another camping trip to the Olympics for me...before the snow starts coming. :fire:

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Was asked to modify post a bit.

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The heck with DB Cooper. He's probably dead anyway. 

If you guys want to REALLY solve a case about an American hijacker who is most likely still alive and on the run, you should start investigating the OTHER case.

People forget that Cathy Kerkow is still out there, the girl from Coos Bay, Oregon who (with boyfriend Willie Holder) pulled off the longest-distance skyjacking in history. The FBI still has the warrant out on her, and she is most likely living in France right to this day. She speaks French like a native. 

Author Brendan Koerner, who wrote the book on Kerkow and Holder titled The Skies Belong to Us - Love and Terror in the Golden Age of Hijacking, thinks Cathy stopped in at the US Embassy in Switzerland and used a phony name to obtain a genuine US passport. (It was easier back then to do this, then it is today. Back in the day, you could say you were a tourist or a college student who lost their passport and the requirements for getting a new one were a lot less stringent LOL.) 

I once posted a picture of Kerkow next to my high school girlfriend (we're still friends at Facebook) and sent it to her. She thought it was funny. Kerkow is on the right, of course. The brunette with the dark-rimmed glasses. 


But if you figure out where Kerkow is today, you could be in for a reward. The FBI warrant on her is still active all these years later. When they know who you are, they can just keep renewing the warrant. No Statute of Limitations. B) Me? I wouldn't turn her in even if I knew where she was. No way. I kind of admire her. She was Radical Chic at its best, when it was 'the thing,' and sold especially well in Europe at the time. After she and Holder were finally arrested in France, they were released without bail on a promise they had to check in with the local magistrate occasionally. Most of the money was returned to Western Airlines. Then certain people started helping her, giving her money and support. She was a big hit at parties, especially upscale parties where European versions of people similar to Andy Warhol and the like hung out. Holder finally turned himself in to US authorities by agreeing to extradition, and went to jail for a few years.

Kerkow was too smart for that. She bailed the whole program, and hasn't been seen since. 


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I did hear about Bryan Woodruff passing away recently. I guess everyone knew that was going to happen, once he announced at Facebook he had stage four cancer. Last time I heard from him was earlier this year. I had emailed him and discussed the possibility of another fundraiser at the store. Not so much for the store, but to help cover some of his other expenses. He thanked me for the offer, but said he had to concentrate on his health right now. 

Bryan: Center picture, blue shirt.


Song below dedicated to Bryan. 

The last time I ever saw him was at the last Ariel Party, the one we organized together after his mother died, and which AB of Seattle financed. The amount of money we raised wasn't much more than what we spent on the party itself, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Travel Channel showed up, and we cooked at least 500 hot dogs and hamburgers. There were several local volunteers who brought food as well, and everyone moved a few cords of wood off the main stage for the auction and the music. I snapped hundreds of pictures, shot a couple of videos, and although I deleted them from my computer, I still have them all on a memory card. The day before the party, I helped him jack up the store a bit while we toured the crawlspace (it's actually higher than you think, with a speedboat parked in there as well). I thought we should do an inch to a half inch. Bryan did four inches and scared the crap out of me. B) The store held, and the building didn't fall on our heads. 

I also hear that his sister is trying to figure out what to do with the store. Current value on the property is just under $100,000 according to tax records, so if it goes up for sale, it should sell fast. One thing I can tell you about Bryan is that he was worried about the DB Cooper paraphernalia, probably the largest collection in the world. HIS wish was that the store be turned into a DB Cooper museum. This was a project I encouraged, and yes, I did try to help him with that but it never got past the discussion stage. Maybe he put something in his will designating these Cooper items to the WA State History Museum or something. I hope so. 


I have said occasionally that Cooperland sometimes shoots themselves in the foot so much, I'm surprised they aren't shopping for wheelchairs. Bryan forwarded me several emails right after that last party that told me SOME people weren't in favor of me trying to help Bryan 'restore the store,' and turned him against ideas I had regarding all that. There is no use in denying this, because I still have the emails. I am no longer angry about this, but I find it regrettable that people would hate ME so much...that they would take it out on Bryan. As some of you know, my mother in Arizona was willing to put up the money to have this done, after I told her it was a good cause. My parents lived in Washington for many years and were familiar with both the store and the Cooper case.

I wonder if any of you regret doing that now. 

I'll admit I was bitter about that for a long time, but I got over it. I went to three of the parties and had fun at every one of them. I am PROUD of my efforts on that last party, no matter what people have said about that. 

Everyone worked their asses off for two days prior to the final party, but everyone had fun and it went off smooth as silk. I remember cooking food and hustling people up to the store building to drop a few bucks donation on a special PayPal site we created where they could use their credit or debit cards to do so. (Many just brought cash, but we knew cards could work as well, so we brought a couple of computers and hooked them up for just that purpose.) The craziest thing I did was to haul a triple stainless-steel sink (with legs) all the way there, so we could meet Health Dept hand washing requirements. It was a gift from the Auburn Days Festival. It was so dangerous to haul in my little truck that I ended up giving it to Bryan, rather than trying to haul it home. 

After everyone finally headed home, Bryan, me, and a couple of other people hung out in the bar most of the night and talked about the future for the store. Bryan had a lot of plans going, and many detailed drawings showing what he wanted to do and how he was going to do it. The only problem was he didn't have the money, and he couldn't get a loan to do it on his own. Still, over the next couple of years I know he did as much as he could, and cleaned a lot of things up as well as doing some repairs to the building. 

Below: One of the things Bryan and I did prior to the last party was to finish cleaning THIS up. :thumbup:


I think I will dig up the memory card and do a memorial article about Bryan and the store for WordPress. He deserves it. 


I'm not going to try and buy anything from the store myself, but if you live close by, you might want to consider doing so yourself. (If it's allowed) It was enough that I saw it all. It's an amazing collection for sure. 

RIP Bryan. :`(  You will be missed.

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Spacing and accuracy changes.

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Instead of WordPress, went with an entry at the Quora Space on DB Cooper. Entries there go out to all 2,000 followers automatically by email, plus I shared it to my followers at Quora, about another 600 folks. Cross-links included back to my last post here, and the public obit on Bryan. Also posted to Facebook/DB Cooper. Better to go this route, rather than WordPress. 'Views' at Quora are deceptive. Viewing from email doesn't count as a view at Quora. Neither does a share view. Many people are seeing it, and I am glad. Bryan deserves the attention, and so does his mom. I'm leaving it pinned until at least after Labor Day. 

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4 hours ago, dudeman17 said:

You should go. You've obviously put a lot of thought into it. If you don't go, you'll always wonder...

That's a good point. And August in the North Cascades is a pretty nice place anyway. 

I saw a comment by Bruce S recently complaining that he's been let down by the media. Sounded like this happened lately. What he still hasn't figured out is that TV researchers and producers DO look at your website, and sometimes they scroll down to read the positive and/or negative comments that appear on your articles. Bruce has allowed so many BAD ones that it's starting to affect his reputation. 

And since these folks he encourages have no problem making a lot of those posts both negative and personal...

Neither do I have any problem sometimes linking certain people to groups of those comments. The comments are so over the top that they don't make ME look bad...they make HIM look bad for allowing them. When you become completely ridiculous about things, it usually has the opposite effect you intended. I don't hide from negative comments. I believe in spreading the love around and help advertise both Bruce and his site. Linking to groups of certain comments is the best way to do this, just to ensure certain people get the best reading experience possible. ^_^

I have a philosophy when it comes to negativity in the Cooper case, especially when known people involved in the case support it, and encourage it:  The philosophy is that you will destroy any public reputation you may have had, and do it on your own. The price later is that no one takes you seriously anymore except the same people you encouraged. I can guarantee you that no one from the press or the media will ever see stuff like that on any of MY websites, or at my YouTube videos, or even the Quora space on Cooper I admin. Not a chance.  Now Bruce has lost control of his own website. Almost every time he publishes a new article on the case, the Peanut Gallery ruins it for him. I just chuckle about it and be glad I am not him. He's stuck in a negative loop with the same few people. He doesn't own that site anymore, THEY do. That junk can come back and bite you when you least expect it.

On the North Cascade trip:  Still up in the air. I will give it until Wednesday to see if there is interest. If there is no interest, then I will shelve the idea. If I decide to abandon the idea, I will still encourage the professional search team to try (also) searching from the bottom side and up the cols, just in case. I still think Rachel is up near one of the cols somewhere. 


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7 hours ago, FLYJACK said:

New FBI file #50..

It is almost entirely suspect tips, news clippings and letters.. otherwise, nothing new on the case.


https://vault.fbi.gov/D-B-Cooper /d.b.-cooper-part-50-of-50/view

Sometimes I've wondered if the sheer number of tips the FBI were receiving in the case actually crippled their investigation. Everybody and his brother were turning people in for Cooper left and right. It could have diluted the manpower a bit just having to check out so many useless 'tips'. Almost anyone who remotely looked like Cooper...etc.B)

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Hmm...I have seen a recent email posted at a certain Cooper-related forum allegedly from Bryan at the Ariel Store, that was sent about four years AFTER AB of Seattle financed the last Ariel party in August 2016. Apparently it wasn't very nice and not at all flattering. Let me say this first. I like Bryan, but I find his email a bit disturbing, although I know why he sent it. He was told lies, and unfortunately he must have believed them. 'Selfish and self-centered' was one of the terms in the email, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why Bryan would say that, and I will give some reasons for this. This is a list of exactly what was done FOR Bryan at absolutely NO cost to him, an event he gladly agreed upon, and on which he profited a great deal, my friends:

  • I contacted Bryan back in March 2016 and offered to finance a fundraiser for the store at no expense to him. I suggested we meet first in Ariel and come up with a plan for this fundraiser. Bryan HAPPILY agreed to this. 
  • I then drove to Ariel and as you can see from the picture below, he and his friends gathered by pre-arrangement to do promotional photographs for the event. I would say these folks were pretty enthused to cooperate, wouldn't you?
  • Bryan also happily arranged several other pictures, including taking out his collection of Cooper books and assembling them together on the pool table, and showing me other Cooper-related items like postcards, pictures of his mom (God rest her soul), and other things. I took scores of pictures. Do you think he would allow this if he weren't behind the whole project in full? Of course he was. So was everyone else. It was a group effort. 
  • Next, I went back to Auburn and sent out a couple of press releases. Two local newspapers ran articles about the upcoming event. 
  • Closer to August, I contacted the staff of Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates, and got them to agree to change their Cooper episode shooting schedule and come on Saturday, August 27 rather than the next day, so that they could shoot the actual party for the show, which they did. When I told Bryan this, he was VERY happy of course. B)
  • The NEXT step was to make two separate trips to the store in my truck and deliver a total of about $2,000 in non-perishable food, bottled water, First Aid supplies, and some very nice donated items for the auction part of the fundraiser. This also involved two big trips to the local Costco using my debit card. It is about 130 miles each way from our office in Auburn to Ariel. Bryan and I unloaded all these items and put them in storage for the event. At the same time, I helped him jack up the building a little bit, and helped move more than ten cords of wood to free the main stage just east of the store, and made this wood into a long wall along the edge of the parking lot to provide room for the party. 
  • On the final trip down there the day prior to the party, I brought everything else we needed, including a stereo with a PA system and over 300 songs I burned onto CD's especially for the event. Bryan, myself, his friend Tina S, and several volunteers from the local area then ferried dozens of tables from the store building down to the parking area and put chairs around them for the next morning. (Meanwhile, folks at 'another website' we won't name we're making negative comments about the whole effort and saying they wouldn't support it because AB of Seattle was involved.) Yeah. Thanks for the support guys. 
  • Just before the event, I had brought two computer systems to the store with a PayPal account installed on them as a shortcut, along with a few other shortcuts to Google, etc so people could go on the internet and check their email if they wished. The PayPal link led to an account where any payments made to that account went directly to BRYAN. People did donate using that link, and Bryan collected the money later. We changed the password so only he had access, after the computers were set up at the store. I also took my cleaning supplies and spent two hours scrubbing out the bathrooms and installing hand soap and toilet paper in both of them. 
  • I cooked most of the hot food, while other volunteers helped pass out the free cold food, along with the plates and utensils. I had previously taken the WA state test to get a Food Handler's card, paid the fee for it, and carried it with me so we would be legal serving that food. 
  • Music played, the auction went on, and items sold. Sometime during this process, the camera crew from Expedition Unknown showed up and shot a lot of footage, including a discussion with some of the people who attended. Mr Self-Centered and Selfish (yours truly) refused to go on camera even though the show wanted an interview from me. I told them the event was NOT about ME...but about Bryan and the store. They sneaked in a shot of my hand flipping a burger, which I thought was kind of funny. 
  • I made a personal contribution in cash to the store in the amount of $200, and hustled much other cash for Bryan from people who attended, both by the computers, and by me convincing them to drop money into certain jars. Bryan was presented with about $2,500 at the end of the day. Then he, along with me and a couple of Bryan's friends, spent the rest of the night back in the bar area...well...drinking beer and celebrating on the success of the event. Bryan was allowed to keep everything we brought for the auction that didn't sell, and some of those items were pretty expensive, such as a massive brass chandelier that was worth hundreds of dollars. I also left behind a triple stainless-steel sink for him free, although Bryan insisted on giving me $80 for it anyway. I had to pay Connie, the former director of the Auburn Days Festival, $200 for it because I didn't return it. In my previous post about this, I said it was a gift. I should have said it was a loan, because I was supposed to bring it back or someone would have to pay for it. My bad, but that's the way it went. 
  • On Sunday, after everything was over, both Bryan and his good friend Tina S came outside to say goodbye just before I drove back to Auburn. They looked plenty happy to me. Tina gave me a big hug, and Bryan shook my hand and thanked me several times. 
  • After I got home, I called my mom and asked her if it was possible for me to get some money in advance from the trust fund my parents hold for me...to use to repair the store and put it back in business. She said yes, and authorized up to a low six figures if I wanted. My only restriction with Bryan was I planned to tell him that I would have to approve any contractor he selected, before I would hand over the money. Seemed fair to me. I wanted to check them out to make sure they weren't sleazy, or my money would be wasted. I just wanted to see the plan Bryan came up with, and the total costs. Also fair. I planned to call Bryan on Wednesday after I got the approval. My only request for all this was that Bryan hang a single plaque somewhere acknowledging that AB of Seattle financed the restoration. A small token, I thought. 
  • On that same Wednesday, Bryan posted up really negative stuff about me and AB of Seattle at Facebook, and for what reason I could not figure out. But at the same time, he also forwarded me some emails that came from (you guessed it) certain people at a Cooper Forum I won't mention. They were FULL of lies. I was shocked, but not surprised, since the same folks who sent them do the same thing today, even four years later. As a result of all this, I withdrew my offer. I wasn't going to deal with all that, and if Cooperland didn't support the idea, or even the event itself or the restoration of the store...then what was the point?

You presented an email. I just showed you what REALLY happened. And if Bryan turned against us, YOU had some hand in all that. In fact, it was YOU who caused the problem, not me. I was neither selfish, or self-centered. If anything, I went to the wall for Bryan and the store, while Cooperland did everything they could to trash our efforts. I'd say something else here, but you would complain about it. If you and your group had gone along with us (like most normal people would have), and supported us, none of this would have happened...and in my personal opinion only....it was people like you that caused one of the biggest icons to Cooper in the Pacific Northwest to go away for good. 

You'll excuse me for saying this, but sometimes you guys do more harm than good. And you will have to explain to me how I was 'selfish' and 'self-centered' with my actions. Everything was fine until you all decided to sacrifice Bryan and the store simply because I tried to help him. Not like any of YOU tried to help him. The only exception was '377' aka Mark M...who sent fifty bucks to one of the fundraiser accounts. 

Thank you for your support Mark. A bright light among the negative folks. The remainder of you should be ashamed of yourselves. 


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I'm getting some messages suggesting that I forget about the Labor Day weekend search and just join the official search group the following week...the search not for DB Cooper...but that young lady who never came back from a hike to Hidden Lake in the North Cascades. 

I think this is a better idea than asking people to join me for a separate search over Labor Day. I'm already packing up for the Olympics to do some fishing and camping for a few days. 

As far as the back-and-forth going on elsewhere regarding the Ariel Store, you can cherry pick Bryan's emails all you wish and establish your 'conflict' thread too...which by the way I found sort of amusing.  

But I'm a bottom line kind of guy, and you can dance and twirl all you wish...try to justify yourself, whatever...but the truth of the matter is that YOU caused the problems with poor Bryan by telling him a pack of lies, and sending him poison pen emails at the start...four years ago. 

And for the most pathetic reasons. You just couldn't STAND it that AB of Seattle helped him pull off that fundraiser, despite your lack of support. But like the Rolling Stones once said, "It's All Over Now." The store is closed, Bryan is gone, (God rest his soul) chances are good everything will be sold now, including the property itself, a historical site in WA ends an era, and I have nothing to be ashamed about. 

Just an FYI for you: The reason I suggested to Bryan that he might want to obtain a partner...was because he was alone, had no help, his credit (he said) wouldn't allow a business loan, and he had no other resources. And yes, he got a little touchy about that. But it was all I could think of. At least I tried to help him, and put my work (and money) where my mouth is. You guys did nothing but try to tear it down. And then when poor Bryan finally trusted you, and believed all the lies you told him about me...you abandoned him...except for some self-serving posts on his obituary. I especially detested the one that mentions one of your Cooper books and the title. Surprised you didn't add the link to it at Amazon. That was really in bad taste. 

You can fight and argue about this all you want, but you were not there. You did not show the slightest bit of support. You actively spoke out against the whole thing strictly out of hatred and jealousy. Those are the facts. It's what you DO. Everything I have to say regarding my relationship with Bryan, I made in the last post. There will be no more, since I don't see any purpose to it. 

Meanwhile, I'm heading out for a vacation. You can do mutual back slapping while I'm gone. I couldn't care in the slightest. B)Pictures of the place I'm headed. I'd say 'wish you were here,' but you'd know that would NOT be true.  



I think everyone involved in the Cooper case are going to get along a LOT better if two things happen. 

First, people need to stop dragging each other through the mud. 

Second, people should admit (at least sometimes) that the decisions they make are not always perfect, or came about through logic instead of whether they happen to like someone or not. I'm not a big fan of my lazy brother-in-law, but neither do I lie about him or post up junk about him. 

Remember THIS picture? No one cooperated or supported our efforts with the Ariel Store. In fact, some people worked against us. This was the ultimate result. Pointing fingers back and forth is useless. In the end...everyone probably had a hand in it one way or another. I just think I was the one who tried the hardest, and put out the greatest effort to save the store. I really wanted that, and I'm pretty sure even people like Bruce, etc wanted the same thing. Too bad cooperation wasn't in the cards for it. If there had been such a thing, that store would probably be a DB Cooper Museum now at least, if not an actual tavern anymore. 

Trying to work for the community good, for anything that is beneficial to others in the general Cooperland group is a big waste of time for me. No worries. I'm not sticking my neck (or my wallet and my hard work) out there again. It's time for YOU GUYS to come up with some ideas. It's YOUR TURN. :pointleft:



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I was pleasantly surprised today to see that we picked up a couple of new members at the private forum, and (finally) some people are beginning to post here and there. I went ahead and joined in. It's refreshing to admin a site that is both private, and doesn't let their members engage in hate-based postings. The funny thing is that the people who HAVE jumped through the hoops to come on board aren't the types to do that anyway. It's nice, but being used to the Crazy World of the Cooper Vortex it is hard to get used to sometimes .B)

Prepping this evening for the Labor Day trip. I got the new Baofeng radio and programmed a few frequencies into it. Forest Service stuff and NOAA weather mostly. Still learning. Never had a ham radio before, but I plan to study for the license and get one. 

Should be something public soon on the Cooper movie. I was told this today from those nice folks in Los Angeles. I actually refused a four-figure check from them until they do this. That's how people figure out you are serious. There's nothing like putting your money where your mouth is that tells people who is giving you the straight story, and who is full of crap. 

I understand that Bryan at Ariel Store sent several disparaging emails out to members of a certain Cooper forum, and that these emails talked badly about me and AB of Seattle. Of course, it was not ME who caused this problem. It all started when those same people sent their poison-pen emails at THE START, when we were organizing and hosting the fundraiser, helping turn Bryan against us. No matter what Bryan was convinced was true, when it was actually NOT true...I have no regrets and still remain The Only Person in Cooperland (besides '377') who tried to help Bryan, while others simply tried tearing down our efforts out of jealousy. 

Let's cut to the chase here. If you guys over there at the Forum Which Shall Not Be Named had done the sensible thing and supported our efforts...there would almost certainly be some version of the famous landmark still existing today. Or...you could have said nothing at all, instead of actively trying to trash our efforts...and there would almost certainly be some version of the famous landmark still existing today. There is no getting around the fact that others started this whole scenario, not US. I should post the emails that Bryan forwarded to me that were coming to HIM around the time of the fundraiser, but people would file a complaint against me here at Dropzone. So I will not stoop to doing that. 

Owning an expensive speedboat does not establish your credibility. It just means you own an expensive speedboat. B) I try not to judge people TOO much, but I also don't judge them by the size of their bank accounts, but by their character, which is a much better way to do it. It's really tough to convince people you are sincere when you allow hateful comments to your own websites. It's like those protesters who want you to believe they are supporting an honest issue on the one hand...while they trash stores and start arson fires with their OTHER hand. Your message is lost and few will believe you except your current supporters. These people who do similar things in Cooperland will try to tell you 'the way things were' regarding the Ariel Store and Bryan. It's hard to reconcile all those other actions though...and still come on to people like an altar boy. 


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Clarification... Time to bust this myth.

I keep hearing an inaccuracy. The context for "sequential" is misused.

Physical sequence vs alphanumeric sequence.

The FBI money list was not physically sequential as the bills were given to Cooper. They were given to Cooper in a random numbered sequence.


However, the published FBI list was the microfilm list reformatted to be alphanumeric.

So, checking a bill to the list would have been easy.

The argument that the FBI Cooper bill list would have been too complex to check is false.


In fact, I'd really like to find an original list of the bills in the order they were given to Cooper.




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Flyjack: And I will admit I was a supporter of that myth. Guess I should have looked closer at the list or something. 

A good find on your part. I will have to change one point I made in a certain Cooper-related article for WordPress. 

Still...with 34 pages of so of 10,000 different numbers, I imagine tellers at banks in the Pacific Northwest didn't enjoy checking EVERY twenty that crossed their counter. This is probably why most PNW banks gave up the effort within six months or less of receiving the list. (Source: Radio interview with Larry Carr. It's the Steven Rinehard interview, down at External Links at the bottom of the DB Cooper page at Wikipedia.) 

Tellers probably complained about having to do it as well. I don't know what tellers are paid now, but it wasn't THAT much back in 1971-72. My first wife was a trust account officer for the former 'Bigfoot's Bank' in Seattle, (Washington Mutual) and her paychecks weren't that great. She worked there 75-78. 

I will probably do a Cooper-related video while I'm out there, and one that isn't. The Cooper video will NOT be about Bryan or the store. I don't see the point of it. Earlier today I reviewed pages at a certain forum from about #96 onward for a while. And what I saw was people saying they hoped Bryan would succeed in restoring the store, but many of the following posts found one reason or another to pick on AB's efforts there. And I already know that to top it all off, some of you sent Bryan some really poison-pen emails right around the time of the event. You didn't like anything we were doing, you didn't like me, and said so. Sometimes I fought back on you once I realized you weren't supporting our effort. Back and forth, back and forth. THIS forum, THAT forum, some OTHER forum maybe. Gradually, the whole thing escalated because you couldn't stand the idea of AB of Seattle trying to help. I had to fight you guys off, as well as trying to stand and deliver for Bryan. And yes, you managed to turn Bryan against the only person who was willing to step up to the plate and really help him. Besides 377, and my thanks still goes out to him. 

In the end, the only loser was the store. 

Meyer Louie gave it to straight. You just didn't want to believe it. 

No worries, though. That was the last time I will EVER stick my neck and my wallet out for any DB Cooper-related event, with one exception. We might do one last Cooper Campout late next spring if Covid is no longer a factor. Other than that, I am out of the public DB Cooper business. I don't mean the internet. I mean the Real World. 

I will be headed for six days tomorrow noon for a vacation I truly deserve. And I am glad of that. Maybe I will try to do a couple of pictures via the smartphone. We'll see. Sometimes service is good, sometimes it isn't. B)

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Late Update:  I see a couple of people are trying to join the private forum. My apologies, but I can't address any of them until I return next week. Have patience, I will get around to them if I can through the smartphone, but it's more likely I will do it on our main office computers after I come back. I don't have an unlimited data plan. 

Some folks have the mistaken idea I spend most of my internet time either at DZ or cruising other Cooper forums. The truth is I spend most of my time at a Nissan support forum, Quora, or occasionally Facebook, where I need to stop following the cat pages I do. My news feed is full of posts from them LOL. 

Below is 'Coco' the Office Cat from AB. Our latest in a long line going back to 2003. ^_^


No worries. It's a breakaway collar with a bell. I never use fixed collars on cats. Way too dangerous.


I put up the above picture at Facebook when some people asked who all the Office Cats were. 


The Christmas card photo for 2019. People liked it better than just showing US. We're BORING. ^_^


It was business. And lunch. 


Beyond all the crazy junk that is sometimes Cooperland, I do wish you all a fun Labor Day holiday. Will I have fun? You can bet on it. I get to take the truck shown above packed full of gear to the high country to live in style AWAY from Covid for almost a week. I won't list the gear. You probably wouldn't believe it anyway. Let's just say comfort and entertainment, along with relaxation is the main agenda. Have a great Labor Day, Cooper fans. 


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Eric Ulis keeps repeating the same lie,, over and over..

From this lie, he builds a false conclusion.

EU - "Palmer was just plain wrong about this. How do I know? Well, let’s look at some other verifiable facts for compatibility.

1)   The money was found in February 1980. What high-water river events occurred between February 1978 and February 1980 that could have delivered, and buried, the money at the money find spot and replenished the area with several inches of new sand? ANSWER: There weren’t any."


It was reported at the time that the money was found at the 1980 high water line.. frequently under water.

The claim that the money spot was only reached by the River in the 1972 and 1974 flood events is false.

This is why I pointed out that Eric got the GPS co-ords wrong, about 25 feet too far from the River.


Eric does this often, he establishes a false premise then applies it as fact to support a false conclusion... rookie logic.

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At the TBAR money spot the estimated slope from money spot to the water.. in 1980.


slope in degrees,, 5.7 - 6.5

slope % 10 - 11.4


Don't ask..  

but the claim that the money spot was only reached in the 72/74 flood is false.

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"What is Sioux City Sarsaparilla?

Sioux City Sarsaparilla is the signature drink from White Rock's Sioux City line. In 1973, White Rock president Albert Morgan wanted to start a western inspired line of classic American soft drinks, with a frontier feel. He chose Sioux City as his inspiration! Sioux City Sarsaparilla is known as "the Grandaddy of all root beers" and has a creamy taste somewhere between root beer and cream soda. And it's the most bought sarsaparilla in the US!"




This seems to indicate it was started in 1973,,,  if so, since it was found in the same layer with the TBAR money then that suggests the money arrived after 1973... 

I found an ad for it dated Aug 1973..

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I don't think readers at Dropzone understand your Sioux City soda pop reference. Are you responding to more stuff from Dave's site? If so, I quit going there anyway and removed the shortcut from my desktop. No big deal, just saying. I have enough Cooper stuff going here and at the private forum, plus Facebook and Quora Cooper. Same with Bruce's site. I bailed. Flyjack: If you are going to answer that site by proxy, using DZ, you should post up a reference from the other site so people will know what you are referring to. No big deal, as I said. But it's confusing otherwise. 

Packed up late this afternoon and returned home from the camping trip. Most of the trip involved the testing of different systems and gear and very little Cooper. Tested the long-range all-band radio, (meh, not THAT good a radio). My cheapie AM/FM portable did better.


The Baofeng ham radio, (Good. Was able to hear transmissions 60 miles away.) Still learning. Can't transmit anything yet because I am still working on my FCC license. 

The ten foot movie screen and the media projector, (excellent, nothing like watching Robinson Crusoe on Mars in the Criterion version on big screen in the middle of nowhere) and other stuff. Did interactive tests with the different power systems I use with all the gear to see what can be powered this way or that way. Results good. These tests are in anticipation of hosting one final DB Cooper Campout late next spring...IF Covid allows. (Questions I had included:  What can you power, and how much, using the deep cycle/inverter system? How much can you power using a generator and 250 feet of extension cord to keep out the noise? Etc.) After next June, I will no longer be living in WA state so this is the last public event I ever sponsor here related to Cooper. And because of Covid, I don't even know if we will be able to do it, but I'm planning just in case we can. Several people have already said they will definitely attend if we can do it. I've already committed up to a thousand dollars for this, which will, frankly speaking, be one big friggin' party. The Last Blast, as they say. I sure hope they get a handle on Covid before next June, otherwise it is no go. For this one, I'm dragging out ALL the Cooper media and 'the stuff,' which includes the cover for the hiding place the Decoded cast found in Kenny Christiansen's old house so people can see it for themselves. Critics can say what they wish about it, but one fact is indisputable. The only way into that attic is by using a tall ladder and removing a six-sided attic vent with a screwdriver. And you have to ask yourself why Kenny would go to the trouble of nailing side boards into the joists and then hauling that big board up there to use as a cover for the spot he created by doing that. It was also covered in insulation. The spot was located right over what was KC's bedroom. A strange thing to do unless you really didn't want someone to find whatever you had inside it. I went up there later and it took me a half hour to remove the attic cover, retrieve the board, and take it home. (Permission was granted by the owner, who ran a print shop there.)


When I read my email this evening, I got an answer on why both Bruce S's part and my part were cut from the upcoming The Mystery of D.B. Cooper. At least I didn't get dumped for the reasons Bruce did, but I'm not saying why publicly on him. If he wants to know, he knows how to reach me. Otherwise, he can guess, or inquire on his own. Producers said they dumped my bit from the film because it was just too much material (two day shoot) for an 80-minute movie. I was okay with it because I said some things on camera that were probably covered under the confidentiality agreement I have with the studios in Los Angeles. And the day after the shoot ended, I immediately regretted shooting off my big mouth. It was a relief when I got the news. In Bruce's case, it was a different story entirely. And the really good part is they paid me several hundred dollars in cash in a big white envelope just for going on camera for two days. I see that as a no-lose situation. Why? Because I got to shoot my mouth off about stuff I wasn't supposed to reveal, got paid for it, and then all that material went away. Ha. 

We have an air quality event going here. In two hours, the Kent Air Monitoring Station (a mile from here) went from a 15 (very good) to well over 200 (very unhealthy). East winds are blowing in wildfire smoke and FAST. 

Map below of where I actually was when I made that short post back there the other day. Amazing you could post to the internet from so far out in the sticks, just using a smartphone. At the last minute, I decided to skip going to Trap Pass and head up to the High Lake (my name for it) instead. I just didn't want to try the 40+ water bars in the road leading up to Trap Pass again. Not on a 2-3 day campout. High Lake is closer, but still a good 25 miles from any paved road. 


All in all, it was a fun trip. Hope you all had a great Labor Day. ^_^

EDIT: Still don't understand the significance of the soda can, although I'll assume it has something to do with Tina Bar. If this is some Cooper Forum response, you should say what reference. Not everyone at DZ goes to Dave's place. 

EDIT: Approved another member for the private forum. He messaged me and thought he had been rejected. He mentioned DZ, so I had to go to the forum and see if he meant THAT. Sure enough, there he was. I told him in a message later that we weren't DZ. The site is still relatively inactive, but I have no problem with that. Enough to do already. I figure the site is 'for later' anyway. 

However, BIG BIG secrets live there. You should join like YESTERDAY.

Just kidding. No, there isn't. My philosophy for the site is three-fold.

First, people will value something more that isn't easy to obtain.
Second, I wanted a private spot for Cooper discussions, which is non-existent in Cooperland.
Last, I wanted a place where hatred and lies about others are NOT allowed. Simple philosophy. 


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