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  1. It seems like it's a little early to be talking about cancelling an event scheduled for June...
  2. Even if a senior FBI agent thinks a particular suspect is Cooper that doesn't really mean anything. There is an FBI agent who thinks Sheridan Peterson is Cooper. Another says he shot and killed D.B Cooper decades ago (Richard McCoy). Curtis Eng ignored Tom Kaye's forensic findings and focused on LD Cooper until that fizzled into nothing. Himmelsbach may have at one point been convinced by Jo about Duane. FBI agents are real people with differing opinions and are fallible.
  3. In the end, we'll be getting even more documents from the FBI. I've heard estimates as high as ten years to get the entire investigation to the public. If the penultimate or ultimate case agent thought they had a likely suspect who happened to be deceased, we'll know eventually.
  4. The case was shut down four and a half years ago. If the FBI had a "for sure" candidate, *someone* would have mentioned it by now.
  5. We really need to interview Carr or any of the other Case Agents at length about these issues. How did these transitions go? was there any meaningful transfer of knowledge? etc.
  6. That sounds way more plausible.
  7. I have a small coupon redemption book from that era and no parachutes, which would be an odd redemption product. Was there a larger catalog or product list?
  8. This looks like a summary of a second interview, 12-6-71, so it's within a couple of weeks of the hijacking. I'd be more skeptical if this detail came out a year or two later. Instead, it looks like the second debrief.
  9. Fly, Did your search of FBI #55 show anything of interest?
  10. Fly, how good is your word search on the FBI files, do those newspaper articles register as searchable?
  11. Fly, I am taking another look at Duane Weber, what FBI doc delat with him?
  12. Feel free to contact me privately.
  13. The FBI took a very close look at a group of Mexican skydivers who frequented Elsinore Paracenter, this was at the very end of file 53. So the 'caucasian' description wasn't set in stone...
  14. Fly, When/how do you intend to publish your findings on Hahneman?
  15. Then the question becomes, what work are you doing on the case? It's apparent that you haven't even looked at the FBI documents released regarding KenC, let alone any of the other releases.