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  1. Fly- I was going through the latest FBI documents (47/48/49) and didn't see anything related to Max Gunther, did you see anything?
  2. It would be incredible if Cooper got the military chutes from McChord and not one of Hayden's... To think the FBI ignored at least half a dozen parachute finds because they didn't match their now called-into-question records...
  3. It's available on Kindle and in hard copy on Amazon. If you pm me I can dropship a copy to you. I used to give out the pdf version but I'm currently editing another edition, so I've stopped doing that until I finish the revisions.
  4. Once again this thread has been hijacked by personality conflictd, despite the fact more FBI documents have been released. We have a parachute found in E. Fork Lewis River, no more than a mile or two from a break-in at a general store. We have new information about Tina Bar. And yet we talk about events outside the case...
  5. How did they know the chute was white? It says so in the FBI docs, but it's not like they pulled the chute out of the container before they gave it to Cooper. It had to have been either Cossey or Hayden who told them.
  6. What was the address of that store that was broken into?
  7. Batch 46 is nice because there are actually helpful margin notes from whoever the case agent was at the time.
  8. That goes back to the problem with the parachute descriptions. No one would put a 28' canopy in an NB6. You wouldn't find a white 28' canopy in an NB8. So they were looking for the wrong parachute from the start.
  9. RH says in a another article that Cooper would have landed at 50mph if the chute had deployed because of "wind" What? (p 191) RH was just making stuff up at that point...
  10. P. 56-58 of FBI #46 describe a parachute being found right where some of us have Cooper jumping, East Fork Lewis River. Orange and White just like a C-9. FBI did not follow up on it :-/ Just upstream of Heisson bridge.
  11. I think twelve years of constant discussion on this case, with all the infighting and personality clashes, is taking a toll on all of us.
  12. I'm not an expert on stylometry, though there are apps online that analyze writing styles that you could use. Regardless, I'm not NWO305. If you pm me, I can give you my personal email. I have been writing under my own name for 19 years.
  13. I assume Robert was joshing us...
  14. Where are the diatoms found in the water column? Are they in the top meter or do they appear deeper?