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  1. What? Then we still don't know who EHS is? And where did Catalano come from?
  2. My father's work tie with ALPA pin. Note the damage caused by the pin to the tie, caused by the second little spike on the back that prevents rotation. The pin was also stuck to the tie, possibly from oxidation. My opinion is the hole in Cooper's tie was caused by such a pin (not necessarily an ALPA pin). [Now that I look, there's actually some adhesive that stuck to the tie. The adhesive that attaches the needle to the tie pin]
  3. Mine, this was shortly after publishing
  4. Someone on Reddit challenged me on this, so here is a screengrab of one of the comments from a McCoy relative who was claiming RFM was cooper circa Feb 2017.
  5. On the Grimerica podcast it was claimed that none of the witnesses ID'd McCoy, however this is untrue:
  6. Can we get a complete accounting of all the 302s dealing with the parachutes? I'm especially looking for info on the serial numbers. I'm looking to update my book in the coming 18 months, so I'd like everything rock solid. Where do we see SN 60-9707 and SN 226?
  7. Regarding the Rodeway Inn letter, I can run the letter against Jo's writing through some stylometry software. That will tell us if she wrote it (which I doubt, it doesn't sound like her).
  8. FYI, We're officially calling this person the "Rodeway Inn Road Warrior"
  9. Jo's emails (ca 2017) about this are hard to understand, it appears like she had access to the letter as she reproduces the verbiage perfectly in some areas. However it doesn't appear as she completely understood the letters contents. (eg she talks about needing an ID to check in when the letter explicitly states otherwise).
  10. I don't understand his reasoning behind moving the time 305 crosses the Columbia to 8:13.
  11. I'm totally game, I'll debate anyone on anything.
  12. Cooper Vortex Debate Night! PodCLASH Exclusive! Eric Ullis versus The Crushinator Next Sunday!
  13. I'd be surprised if that was the only mistake I made transcribing those damn things.
  14. What's the timeline for Catalano? Fired from TWA summer '72? What did he get arrested for in 1999? Same thing for our Shelton friend, can we get a bio sketch that I can steal for my website?