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  1. Interesting. I went through the NamUs database, didn't see any new matches, not from New England anyway.
  2. Eric U is now a no-pull guy?
  3. Fly, Can you please find the FBI document EU is referring to about the parachute being modified? Thank you.
  4. Didn't you post information showing Cooper had nicotine stains a few months ago?
  5. Could you please summarize it for us?
  6. Chauser, It would be nice to have those calculations from Soderlind or Tosaw's notes from that interview with Soderlind. Otherwise, all we have are the FBI search zone maps, and none of them include the Columbia from what I can recall.
  7. I was willing to push the jump zone very far south until I saw one of the reports that Fly should be able to find of Rataczak's ears being popped by the jump, and that was associated with the 8:10--8:11 time frame.
  8. I and a few other guys are trying to identify these two people. If we can get their names... well, that'd be huge. We're hoping to find local sources in Shelton and in Egg Harbor.
  9. There were some new details about EHS, the biggest was his release from TWA after the hijacking and his lack of an alibi during the hijacking... We think. The files are so heavily redacted we can't be sure. It also appears as though they had EHS' work, military and education history as well.
  10. I have heard of email, and if I wanted a straight-up rejection that's what I would do.
  11. So you don't know? I'm confused...
  12. Jarvis was a profiler? Did he ever work on, or was he ever otherwise assigned to the Cooper case?
  13. There are two, the man from Shelton, and the man from Egg Harbor.
  14. The FBI couldn't *prosecute* the case, but that doesn't mean they didn't solve it. Based on what I'm seeing it looks like they believed they had a suspect they thought was Cooper, but couldn't prove it in court.
  15. There is a lot of valuable information in these documents, especially in regards to the named suspects like Duane Weber, Rackstraw and McCoy. There is also a lot of information on the "unresolved" suspects like the Egg Harbor Suspect and the Shelton Lead, but you have to read through the documents and the redactions to find it. To say that less information is better than more information is to confuse the distinction between the signal and the noise. More noise is fine, if one can find the signal contained therein. #57 had more information on one of those unresolved suspects, and was of great interest.