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  1. At any time the crew could have flown over the ocean and they could have taken Coooper to any airport, he had no idea what was going on and he made no attempt to direct the flight after the Reno decision was made. Which I believe says a lot about Cooper, and that he might not be the mastermind we thought he was.
  2. My interpretation of that exchange is very different. Cooper appeared to reject any refueling spot that would allow the plane to fly over the coast. By picking Reno he forces the plane to stay over dry land and thus avoids a water landing. Whether Cooper wanted to jump into Mexico at first, and then changed his mind because of the fuel stop, I can't say for certain. The getaway part of Norjak looks to me to be a product of very poor planning on Cooper's part.
  3. No kidding. I wonder if he/she is a professional profiler.
  4. Gunther could not travel into the future and find a career that was a good fit for Tom Kaye's findings vis-a-vis tie particles. I have two books by Gunther where he describes his research process and he never mentions FOIA, I don't think he would have patience or interest in wading through a bureaucracy like that. Not that it matters, without his original notes, and without the DNA on the envelope, his story is not falsifiable (in my opinion). Maybe it will be possible in the future to wade through the census and find some best-fits to investigate.
  5. Does anyone have flight timetables for other airlines into and out of PDX for this week/month?
  6. Is there any evidence he was in Vegas in the days before the hijacking? I remember the FBI thought he was in SLC the day of the hijacking but couldn't prove it.
  7. Fly, I remember something in the files about the FBI trying to figure out if McCoy was at a hotel in Vegas, do you know where I could find that?
  8. There was no new info in the video, except perhaps that McCoy could have seen the Dan Cooper comic when he was in Germany. Otherwise, members of McCoy's extended family have been claiming he was Cooper for many years.
  9. Fly, can you post that part of the transcript that shows the altimeter reading at 2016?
  10. I went lookong to see if anyone had take a selfie with Bill, and didn't see any. I didn't get to talk to him, and only stood next to him while walking past him, so maybe I'm wrong? I would have put him as taller than me and shorter than my 6'5 father.
  11. Does anyone have information on how fast the Columbia currents move at flood stage? And bonus points if we can get the currents during the 72 and 74 floods.
  12. Do we have a log of the available flights out of PDX that a Cooper suspect *could* have taken out of the area after the hijacking? In particular, flights to Salt Lake City or Vegas. Apropos nothing in particular...
  13. Fly, I remember you were talking about dredge spoils that might have come to the Tena Bar area from near the Lewis River confluence, do you have a source document for that?