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  1. Interesting. I guess this gets into witness descriptions. I would not have said Bill was tall, but I would have said Martin was tall. Granted, most of my discussion with Bill was when we were both seated. I'm 6'1-6'2". I really was not thinking about height, maybe just like the passengers and crew on 305. I'm kind of wondering if the only good testimony on height is from Dennis Lysne at the ticket counter, he had him around 5'10".
  2. DFS. Reading your book now. It is great. I’m only a few pages in. There is a part about the money bag and Nancy House. I’m trying to picture what is written. Am I reading this right? Money bag comes on plane (it’s white). Cooper gets the bag, goes into the lavatory with the briefcase and the money bag? Or he goes in with the briefcase and his other little bag? The book says Spreckel and House think he’s in the lav to arrange the money. Is his extra bag really the money bag? Or is it a separate bag and maybe he put the money in the second bag? This book will occupy me for a while.
  3. Fly. The only place I’ve heard of the scar is from Gunther’s book. Is it somewhere else? Jo liked Gunther a lot and supposedly talked to him a lot. If she got it from him, then that’s where it started. He published in 1985. I’ve asked around and I don’t think anyone else has been able to come up with info on the scar.
  4. Yes. He knew what he was doing. My question is whether the two chutes were so different that him picking one would give us any more indication of who he was. The early belief was he did not pick the more civilian type chute, indicating that he was not a skydiver. Now that Fly has opened up a new line of discussion, I wanted to know what FLYJACK thinks, that is why I asked FLYJACK the question.
  5. Fly. Given what you know, do you think Cooper made a calculated decision on which chute to use? Were they different enough from eachother? Can I mute someone on here using iphone or do I need to be on a desktop? Robert you continue to clog up this site. I wish people would just report your posts as spam. You have some good posts once in a while, but I just can’t sift through the chaff.
  6. Nothing new. Focus was on an audience that did not know much about him, hence most was new to them. I have not spent a lot of time on Smith the past couple of years. A little bit here and there. Mainly just stayed involved with the case as a whole. I’m a little rejuvenated from this past weekend and may pick up the pace a bit. Regardless, I won’t change anyone’s minds. Lemino’s video has 11 million views, and many comments on Smith, so he is compelling to some. PM me if you want to chat some. I’ve picked up a few tidbits the past few weeks.
  7. CooperCon was awesome. I agree with Martin’s statements on Bill Mitchell. One of the first things I asked him at the pub was about the turkey gobble. I sense from him that it may simply have been something an older guy has. Bill even touched his own fold of skin under his chin when discussing it. I think to a 20 year old it seemed very “old man.” The other big piece was like Marty said, Bill thought the composite sketches made him look too young. That’s another hole in the McCoy and Rackstraw theory. Mitchell did not hear Cooper speak either. However, he does seem like a credible witness and did see enough of Cooper for me to give him weight as a witness. Unfortunately at this time he says he just can’t remember. Seeing his actual 305 ticket was great. He’s a real nice guy. He did us Cooper fans a huge favor by coming. Overall a great conference. Too much to even write about. One day would be more digestible, but there is just so much to talk about that it is hard to fit it into one day. Robert Blevins, your commentary is just plain negative. You missed a good time. Don’t take the wind out of everyone else’s sails due to your personal conflicts.
  8. DFS that’s your book right? I’m looking forward to it. Question for you or anyone else here. Are there solid 302s that describe the actual weather that day/night? Wind speed at 10,000 feet and on ground. Air temp at 10,000 feet and on ground. Actual precipitation at 10,000 and on the ground. I’ve heard so many stories. I’ve heard snow. Rain storm. Freezing temps. I’d like to have one document that puts it to rest.
  9. I was looking up aircrew training and came across these pics. And this discussion on parasailing concepts being used to train in the military. I believe if Cooper had been an aircrew member in the military that he could have learned about parachutes and harnesses like this.
  10. I agree with Flyjack. Nothing indicates much 727 experience. So many fallacies have been perpetuated from the start. Citizen sleuths have debunked a lot, or at least put many original theories to the test.
  11. I looked for Max Gunther’s book on Amazon and noticed that the prices for the used ones have gone up in price. I bought some a while back for around $5 to $10 each. Now those same ones are selling for $30 or more. Same on eBay. It would be great to see that book on Kindle or PDF.
  12. A number of suspects have FBI agents in their corner. If there was one suspect that had all the agents in his corners, I’d give it some attention. But there isn’t. This case has investigators that are practically PhD level into Cooper. Frankly, they know more about the case than most if not all the FBI agents. These agents had many other cases that they were on. They moved on or came to the case late. Outside of Blevins, I don’t think a single Cooper researcher thinks there is any chance that Christianson is Cooper. None. That suspect has only created noise in the system and taken away focus from the case.
  13. On the food in the briefcase. Max Gunther gets some bad press in the case, but his book from 1985, long before any of us joined the case, has Cooper stashing the money and going back for it later (logical). But he has him leaving some food with it, and animals getting into the food, which could have accounted for the money being separated. I still to this day think the Tina Bar money is a red herring. $6000 found, $194,000 not found. Wouldn’t it make more sense to put effort into where the $194,000 went? I don’t think the $6000 was buried. My guess is it separated on the plane (stew) or fell out on the stairs (Gunther) or was separated by animals (Gunther). The Tina Bar money find is fun, but not completely relevant.
  14. Benzedrine makes me think of truck drivers trying to stay awake. Air crews too.
  15. Looks like a lot of news articles.