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  1. Cut it out Robert Blevins. We've been through this before. Some people just want their privacy. Your agenda has always been Kenny Christenson, so let's not start throwing rocks from a glass house.
  2. If it worked correctly it would show that we are in fact two different people. My post history should indicate that we are two different people.
  3. If you just want to know the differences, Microsoft Excel can do it very easily. If you want to figure out the patterns of the differences, that's a little harder to do, but possible. PM me on here.
  4. R99: I don't know how effective stylometry is with all the posts out there. There are complexities. It is not just plug and play. However, for someone that posts as often as Georger or a few others, it is hard to hide a certain style, and those of us who read the forum often, start to see patterns naturally. Someone like yourself who has deep theories likely sees the patterns too. The Johnnie Greene posts have a very different flavor than Georger's posts. Possibly the same person, but unlikely. And if Johnnie Greene is the same as Georger or yourself, then it has taken some effort to mask the comments. I just don't see it being you guys. Example: If someone pops up and starts talking a lot about microscopes, diatoms, titanium, then it might be Tom Kaye. If it's about a western flight path, then maybe you or EU. If it is about Klansnic, then it's likely one of two people. But, the Johnnie Greene comments don't seem to have a lot of details about the case, mainly just attacks on one person, Robert Blevins. So it's hard to tie it to a specific person. I'm just guessing off some things I observed. I don't have the time to compare all the comments and tie them to multiple screen names. A similar concept was used in the Unabomber case.
  5. Robert: I'd be willing to bet money that Georger is not Johnnie Greene. Not even close. I have a thought of who it is, based on writing style, and other parts of posts. Georger just does not write like that, he does not take stabs like that. The individual who is Johnnie Greene clearly has an issue with you Robert, whether it is personal, or they feel like they need to target you. My assessment is Johnnie Greene knows a decent amount about the case. I don't have a positive or negative relationship with Georger, just the standard one that most people would have with a scientist/professor/meticulous type. Johnnie Greene is not likely Georger or Robert. If you're going to analyze text, look into a concept called stylometry. Matching screen shots of posts is very different.
  6. Standard bickering between a few of the same people. However, that should not take away from the fact that this discovery is potentially very impactful.
  7. I like the dump theory, whether placed or it was from a house that was torn down. A lot better than many other theories out there.
  8. Flyjack: Where is "somewhere"? Could somewhere be in a creek or upstream, etc? Or does it lean more towards being in someone's possession, such as a stewardess?
  9. Trying to play catch up here. Do I understand all the posts correctly that the new analysis of the diatoms indicates a certain time frame for the arrival of the bills on Tina Bar, and that arrival time could not have been late November of 1971?
  10. They will find something. A tin can or a shoe, and it will be blown out of proportion like the media always does every day. A&E can’t do a show just about a search in the woods. Eric is not a guest either, he’s helping produce it, so it will likely feature Sheridan too. I have to imagine the Rackstraw people are a little bent out of shape about another suspect getting attention.
  11. These shows always have to add some excitement to hook the audience. I’m curious to see if they “find” any clues out there. I think it is highly unlikely that Cooper landed there or was there, so it will be interesting to see what pieces they find out there and how they add excitement to the show. At this point I’m glad to see shows about the case.
  12. The chutes are a big piece of the case. I’ve found it interesting how each one of us focuses on certain aspects of the case, and even a focus within a focus. Some things I think about on the chutes. How the heck does a dummy chute end up on the plane? This is very suspect. Who is able to put on a harness so quickly? Some pics I received from some old timers who were Naval aviators on the Beechcraft “Twin Beech” a Navy recon and utility aircraft in the 1940s and after. Note the backpack chutes on the shelf and then the shot of the seats where the belly chutes would be hooked. One of the aircrew told me that they flew with the harness on and in an emergency would just clip on the belly chute
  13. Robert: Let's be serious here. Shutter's site is not going anywhere, and it is still the best site out there for DB Cooper, and the most popular. Those same arguments come up all the time where people threaten to leave or shut the site down. Bruce's site picks up more comments when he puts a new article out. He just has not written one in a while. Quora is not getting people with a lot of knowledge of the case. DZ really just has a few of us who comment: you, me, Flyjack, Parrothead, and an occasional drop in from one or two others. A few of us comment on Shutter's site, a few don't. I would be real disappointed to see Shutter's site go away.
  14. Find was 40 years ago on Monday the 10th (he found it on a Sunday) today is the anniversary of the FBI announcing it. I went on and found some old articles.