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  1. There are a number of ways Gunther could have found out about Elsinore. He could have traveled there, he could have a contact in the FBI, the man who called him could have been in the jump community. I acknowledge all of these as possible, but not probable. Gunther wrote his book around 1985, and got the Elsinore visit down almost perfectly. Gunther was not huge into DB Cooper, so for him to go so far out of his way to get these little details is unusual. Also, there has never been any other reference to that Elsinore visit in any books or articles. This leads me to believe that a lot in the FBI just did not know about it, or read the 302's. Even without Gunther, the Elsinore visit is a great story, and for it to not make the headlines tells me it was just buried in the huge pile of info, which makes it even more unusual that Gunther heard about it. As for the industrial chemicals, I'm not as big a believer in that being Dan LeClair's true occupation. It might be, but I lean towards Elsinore being one of the real smoking guns in that book. I think DB Cooper contacted Gunther, and I think like Colonel Jessup in the movie A Few Good Men, he wanted to tell his story. He did not want to keep it a secret. I looked for clues in The Village Voice paper that had Gunther's "Happy Birthday Clara" ad in it, but was unable to find anything that jumped out. If Cooper used clues to correspond with Gunther, then he likely used clues to correspond with the two other journalists mentioned, maybe more. There are a few avenues a motivated researcher could go down to help uncover some more info on Gunther's book. Someone who wanted to do some in the weeds work might turn over a stone and get some info that a couple of others have not been able to get, to include myself.
  2. Gunther said that "Cooper" contacted two other editors/publishers. He named them in his book. It would seem to me if you were named in a book, but it was a lie, then wouldn't they have said that? I believe a man did contact Gunther.
  3. Andrade/Robert--- Does Gunther mention Milnes in his book? Himmelsbach acknowledged Gunther as late as 2018, but not in a good light. I believe Gunther did talk to the FBI, but what I'd like to see is the documentation he claimed he sent them. That's where a few more FOIA's might help. At a minimum, there should be 302's with his name mentioned. My experience with FOIA is that it is similar to an insurance claim, the standard is that it gets denied the first time. In my case, first and second. Someone with some time on their hands could send more requests. Robert, you seem to be in the same group as most, in that you have not read the book. I'll be happy to send you a copy or a gift card to get one. I acknowledge that some of it is filler/made up, but a lot of it just seems to much to be a full on fake. I agree he could have heard about Elsinore, but something about that just makes me think he got it from Cooper. There was a letter from the man claiming to be Cooper, and Gunther did put an ad in the Village Voice (that is in the book, and I've seen the actual on microfiche). I picture Himmelsbach as not being a fan of Max Gunther's type. Gunther was a playboy, and Cooper had a certain style to him as well. Himmelsbach was just too much of a straight shooter to find any interest or commonality with Cooper or Gunther. I feel like I've crossed paths with all three types in my life. This could be a coincidence, but I find it a little fishy when I see a major US newspaper publish a book review on Gunther's book, right next to an article on FBI agent Himmelsbach's book. One could argue that the FBI agent had some bias in favor of his perspective over that of Max Gunther's. See attached. Gunther was discredited from the start by the same FBI agent who said DB Cooper was a "sleazy crook" and who said he died in the jump. Max Gunther Book Review SF Examiner Ralph book 9-25-85.pdf
  4. Robert. What about his history makes you conclude he would write a fake story?
  5. Good find. I’m guessing this is not the same person who wrote to Max Gunther though. Unfortunately I’ve seen nothing in the 302s about Gunther. 2 FOIAs returned zero. He claims he talked to the FBI and sent them his info, but nothing has surfaced yet.
  6. It's NORJAK, the pages match up.
  7. Robert. Now that the spammer is gone, is there any chance we can just talk about DB Cooper on this thread and not have personal attacks and defenses, or posts that have zero bearing on the case like trucks and camping? I bet if you ignore the Mountain News that they will stop posting about you.
  8. Valid point. If she’s got legit info then best to get it in front of someone like yourself or 377. I figured Robert can tell her pretty quickly if a suspect is close to legit though, as could a number of us. I’m skeptical of new info, but then again that’s how you break into the case.
  9. There are a few of us on Dropzone who are serious about the case, but most people are over at the DB Cooper Forum. I'd recommend you get on the DB Cooper thread and private message Robert Blevins with your info. I'll take a look at it too if you want. Heads up, most of us have seen hundreds of suspects through the years, so someone coming forward with info does not usually get any of the veterans excited. However, the case is still unsolved, so you never know.
  10. The FBI followed up on a couple of the jump cards, maybe 8 or so. Those 302s are somewhere, I’d have to check my notes. They interviewed a few people. Max Gunther writes a section in his book that is so close to what is in the 302s, that he either had contacts at Elsinore, in the FBI, or he was talking to DB Cooper or someone who had inside info about Elsinore.
  11. Flyjack. There is some info going around about the sketches. Any input on that?
  12. Robert. I can see how it is possible that the John Doe warrant caused the money to show up at Tina Bar. But, that assumes that Cooper would have been free and clear after the statute of limitations was done. I don’t think he would have been free. The IRS could still get him, state police, other federal agencies, etc. Granted keeping the FBI investigation open definitely kept the heat on. Cooper would have had to come back and plant the money. That’s a big risk. Or throw it in the river, then hope someone found it. There are so many assumptions here. No one really knows. I’ve made the comment before that 10,000 bills left that plane, yet we get all wrapped up in the 300 that showed up on Tina Bar. We should be focused just as much on the other 9700. I really liked the concept that EU started with trying to find a $20. I think that still has some potential. 97 percent of the bills are still out there somewhere. Maybe ashes, but still.
  13. Robert: You're purposely trying to stir the pot. The case has lulls. There is a lot going on in the country right now, and people are focused on many things. Just a couple of weeks ago there was a YouTube video on DB Cooper that has close to 3 million views. The hits on Wikipedia for DB Cooper are higher than even before COVID. There will be new topics or discussion on current topics. This is not the world vs The Cooper Forum or vs Bruce Smith's Mountain News.
  14. Letters fake. Ha ha ha fake. Money plant theory highly unlikely. Just because we don’t know how the money got there does not mean it was planted. Good to see you have some ideas. Keep the thoughts coming.
  15. This is a very interesting approach that I have not seen before. It goes to show that having many ideas and perspectives can be a good thing. The reality is that most of the crew interaction would have been seeing Cooper from the side or above, yet the only drawings we have are from the front. A side view might have been helpful. Here is McCoy for reference showing how different a side and front view are. Good out of the box thinking.