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  1. Flo mentions him putting on the parachute. Did she hear this from Tina or see it? Skyjack does not mention him being good with the harness. Maybe Bruce’s book does. Martin’s book and podcast mention him being good with a harness. Skilled.
  2. I was just reading her testimony in Martin’s book and did not see mention of him putting the chute on, but I knew I had read it somewhere. Thanks for posting.
  3. Let's say these sightings were of Cooper. Would it indicate he jumped further north, or was blown further north, or that he decided to walk north?
  4. Looks like a lot of tips from the public, many handwritten, and replies from the FBI. Some info in there about McCoy, which will be ignored by the McCoy fanatics.
  5. Dudeman it’s been a while since I’ve read the fatalities list that used to be in the skydive magazine. It would explain some of the deaths. But as I remember a lot of the deaths (a very small portion of the total jumps) often had to do with hitting another jumper in the air or hitting power lines on the ground. I’m guessing there is some database that might show cause of death. If Cooper pulled then there is a good chance he survived, and even if he didn’t we should have found a parachute. I agree on the military training. There are certain things you just never lose. Training at a young age is one of those. So many of these WW2 vets took off their uniforms and became regular guys. Even family members might have a tough time picturing their loved one doing this, yet they probably were in risky situations in the military.
  6. Aren’t you listed as a Citizen Sleuth? I figured Larry knew you well.
  7. Nicky good to have you back on the DZ.
  8. I haven't seen the smoker one lately, I'll have to look around. He was clearly a smoker. I personally think blue eyes should be ruled out. That leaves brown, and what gets me on that is that somewhere along the line the term "piercing brown eyes" came up. Someone thought somewhere that Cooper did not just have brown eyes, but really dark brown eyes. Not sure if this is accurate or not, but I wonder if it came from Flo. Some people have characteristics that just stand out, so maybe his eyes did stand out. Larry Carr made an interesting comment on the Facebook page about holdbacks. He basically said that he held back some info in the case that was minor and may be out there now, but that a 90 year old man would remember. I interpreted this as they had some info, maybe just small, that if a 90 year old suspect was asked, he would remember specifically. Maybe a scar? Or something little he did. Asking someone something they said 50 years later does not make sense. Maybe something in his note?
  9. Some discussion on the Facebook page about Cooper's eye color. Larry Carr echoed what he said on the DZ many years ago, which was basically not to re-write the narrative, and when you start questioning everything, when does it stop? Some comments were made wondering if the gate agent/ticket agent saw his eyes. When the sunglasses went on. If Flo was a reliable witness, if Mitchell was too, etc.
  10. Might not fit the Gunther timeline. The second contact with him was in 1982 (first in 1972), and he published in 1985. I'm not familiar with Ha Ha Ha, as in I don't own it and don't care to own it. We still don't have any files on Gunther in the 302s, but he claims to have contacted the FBI and says Himmelsbach has his info too. Maybe Him's heirs might have some info.
  11. Couple comments. I wonder if Cooper could have had airplane model glue on his fingertips. How does someone do everything he did and not leave prints? Unless he wiped everything, which is quite an effort. Although I think I remember you mentioning that the tie looked like it could have been used to wipe prints. Could nothing of use just mean that the prints did not match anyone in the systems? One the NCIC for the $20s. Is it possible that Cooper could have spent some of the $20s and those few just never got checked? There were billions of $20s out there, you'd think we would have examples of agencies checking bills.
  12. This one is confusing. Did he keep the sunglasses on while wrapping the bag? If it was dark, then it would be hard to see even without sunglasses. Maybe there was still low light.
  13. Cabin lights off, or dimmed. Not an exact quote. He wanted the lights off or dimmed. There has been speculation that this might help his night vision when jumping, as would the sunglasses being worn in the light. Or the lights could have been to prevent snipers from getting him.
  14. This is good. Page 59 talks about night vision and maintaining it. Example: Sitting in a dark room for 30 minutes. Could this be the "lights out" request he made? Page 69 talks about the actual jump, waiting a few seconds to slow forward momentum and reduce the shock.