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  1. I agree with Flyjack. Nothing indicates much 727 experience. So many fallacies have been perpetuated from the start. Citizen sleuths have debunked a lot, or at least put many original theories to the test.
  2. I looked for Max Gunther’s book on Amazon and noticed that the prices for the used ones have gone up in price. I bought some a while back for around $5 to $10 each. Now those same ones are selling for $30 or more. Same on eBay. It would be great to see that book on Kindle or PDF.
  3. A number of suspects have FBI agents in their corner. If there was one suspect that had all the agents in his corners, I’d give it some attention. But there isn’t. This case has investigators that are practically PhD level into Cooper. Frankly, they know more about the case than most if not all the FBI agents. These agents had many other cases that they were on. They moved on or came to the case late. Outside of Blevins, I don’t think a single Cooper researcher thinks there is any chance that Christianson is Cooper. None. That suspect has only created noise in the system and taken away focus from the case.
  4. On the food in the briefcase. Max Gunther gets some bad press in the case, but his book from 1985, long before any of us joined the case, has Cooper stashing the money and going back for it later (logical). But he has him leaving some food with it, and animals getting into the food, which could have accounted for the money being separated. I still to this day think the Tina Bar money is a red herring. $6000 found, $194,000 not found. Wouldn’t it make more sense to put effort into where the $194,000 went? I don’t think the $6000 was buried. My guess is it separated on the plane (stew) or fell out on the stairs (Gunther) or was separated by animals (Gunther). The Tina Bar money find is fun, but not completely relevant.
  5. Benzedrine makes me think of truck drivers trying to stay awake. Air crews too.
  6. Looks like a lot of news articles.
  7. Anyone listen to Martin Andrade’s latest episode on The Cooper Vortex? He mentions that he’s looking at a new list of suspects based off Gunther’s book. I need to listen again, but it sounds like men born in Canada who moved to NJ and joined the military are no longer the exact group he is looking at. Martin, any plans for updates or will it be in the new version of your book? Thanks.
  8. Egg Harbor suspect came up randomly today, well Egg Harbor did. I guess there is a big FAA research facility there. The FAA William J. Hughes Technical Centeris an aviation research and development, and test and evaluation facility. The Technical Center serves as the national scientific test base for the Federal Aviation Administration.
  9. The HBO documentary had a clip where they showed what looked like transparency overlays of things like hair, eyes, etc, that would be layered on top of eachother. They showed the Bing Crosby sketch being made, but that may just be someone using current technology for the sake of entertainment. On the Cooper comic Flyjack. I'm not a huge believer in it myself, it just seems too convenient. However, I think Larry Carr and the FBI thought it might be a connection, and I'm thinking maybe they have other info that we don't have that may lead them to that conclusion.
  10. The ad was definitely placed in the Village Voice Newspaper. I have a copy of the microfiche. He supposedly wrote letters to at least two other people, those have not been verified, although some have tried. Ralph Himmelsbach definitely knows who Gunther was, and commented on him just before his death a few months ago.
  11. Robert. Have you actually read the book yet?
  12. Egg Harbor Suspect. Egg Harbor, NJ. A guy investigated by the FBI who worked for TWA. Martin Andrade discusses him on his blog. Most recent post.
  13. The connection being that the LA office was interested in him, and they had jurisdiction over Elsinore? Do you think the FBI will ever release the jump cards from Elsinore?
  14. Seems like a good suspect given that he worked for TWA and was possibly a pilot. But does it match with Gunther's character at all? LeClair worked in industrial chemicals and the only aviation experience he had was as a paratrooper and I guess as a hijacker.