Lisa H.

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Was out visiting another DZ.commer and they had a family emergency after we had met her for lunch.  She stepped in and let me stay at her place, took me around Hollywood and then back to the airport.  Even shipped some art I bought to a friend for me.

Of course, there was a price we all paid...

Thankfully the pics didn’t seem to survive the site conversion. ^.^^.^

Moo skies forever :D

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On 3/10/2020 at 9:14 AM, skymama said:

She would surprise us with random cards. She was so sweet to send them to us across the country, even though we had never had the opportunity to meet in person. She will be missed.

I'll miss her surprise gifts too.

No moue In n Out ketchup packets.

I hope someone has the stuffed cow I sent her years ago. :(

Moo skies Lisa.

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So sad to learn this today.

She'd sent me a skydiving smurf many years ago which I still cherish and that has roughly 3- or 400 jumps by now. It was always in my jumpsuit when skydiving. Someone posted a picture online of one today, I thought I'd reach out, came to this.

Fly free Lisa!

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