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  1. I remember on my final I had to straighten out a round reserve before packing, and I remember Dave telling me Don't Cut my Lines! Rest in peace Dave.
  2. LSD3rd


    looking for a rigger close to Vernon hills ill. you can email me at [email protected] need add servicing Dan
  3. are you aware that Jim Sellers past away Daniel Johnson
  4. Wouldn't a malfunctioning 107 or smaller parachute compared to a Sabre 170, lose more alt quicker in a malfunction. It would seem less material over your head, less drag faster you reach your decision alt. Daniel Johnson
  5. Dave DeWolf has a very good course. He uses very talented DPREs. If you are serious, check him out.
  6. When we have overweight customers come in for a Tandem, we put them in a harness, have them hang , then we ask them to lift their legs up, if they can't lift their legs up they don't jump. It's really simple.This was in Ocean City.
  7. I'm sorry to hear that Adam passed away. He well have a lot of company where he's at. There will Dave, John, Dan M., Kelly, Annie, Sue, C.J.. There will be a lot of catching up to do. I hope he's in a better place. He will be missed! I hope there will be ceilings to throw forks into. All thats left is me Jim, Brian and Keith. Daniel Johnson
  8. Depending on where you jump and the condition of the Tandem Rig you may want to think about having shoulder pads in your jumpsuit to protect your shoulder from tearing your rotator, and maybe some knee pads for those buckle attachment on the floor of the aircraft.
  9. LSD3rd


    When is the skydive over with a student. Is it when they land or after the debrief??? Daniel Johnson
  10. Try this-- With eyes closed , find the chest strap, slides hands outward ,to main left web, slide hands down until you touch your handles. Daniel Johnson
  11. Who's on Radio. Teach 4 landing priorities Daniel Johnson
  12. I met Crash in 99 and he lived in a van and outside the van was a full sized fridge sitting on a pallet. When you opened the fridge it was full of Sobes orange drink. I watched him try to set up a remote on a Canon camera so he could take stills in freefall. I was in loft with him when he was starting to do rigging, boy could he pack a reserve. I wish I could of kept in touch with him. I'm was happy to here he had his own loft. Oh yea Crash did like to sew. We will miss you. Dan Daniel Johnson