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  1. Bolas

    Women’s records/swooping

    Wouldn’t separating classes by Wing Loading be easiest and most effective?
  2. Bolas

    Kim "Bubbles" Michalek

    She lived life to the max. Completely in the moment with little to no forethought and definitely no afterthought, depending largely on luck. An introverted extrovert. She shared good and happy stuff with everyone but very rarely discussed anything personal with anyone. Blue Skies Forever Kim You're with your dad now.
  3. Bolas

    Interesting Thread Number

    If you haven't been directly to a forum in a while, it resets the view numbers. Going directly to threads, not through the forum's main page doesn't change the numbers either.
  4. Bolas

    Blue Skies Kit Cody He was always fun at Lost Prairie. Didn't he have a Tinkerbell patch on his rig or jumpsuit? Blue Skies Forever Kit.
  5. Bolas

    managing Watched Threads

    Go to My Posts; Watched threads is at the bottom.
  6. Bolas

    4th of July boogies??

    Have ya been to Fight Night?
  7. Bolas

    Ray Finneran, Blue Skies

    You forgot the goat noise, or was that not part of the original chant? Does anyone know the story of how that started? If so, this would be a perfect place to share it.
  8. Bolas

    Beach Dropzone

    All beach landings?
  9. Bolas

    Ad placement problem

    Set Hide "My Stuff" Menu: to Yes under settings and you won't even get the side ads. Only drawback is you have to click on Home to logout.
  10. Car vs. shuttle Another option:
  11. Bolas

    2010 Collegiate Nationals General Entry Fee: $150 per person. Includes all meet related expenses, medals, banquet, T-shirt, sanction fee. Not even going to factor in what the videographers charge the dz per jump and ignoring they prolly have some of the top in the world flying and offering advice. Event Fees: • Accuracy and Sport Accuracy: $18 per jump. Accuracy: Accuracy will take place at our Classics competition venue by our wind tunnel. This allows safe operations at the lower altitudes of Accuracy while those not involved in this event can avail themselves of jumps from full altitude at our main operations area. A shuttle running between the two venues will allow for easy access to either site. While that seems high for hop'n pops. once you factor in the shuttling people around as well as juggling the aircraft and the holds that may happen it makes more sense. I don't know if they use elctronic scoring (I assume they do) so that's an added expense as well. • 2-way Formation Skydiving: $230 per team ($115 per person) includes jumps and air-to-air video. Price is based on three rounds from 11,500 feet. $230/9 slots= $25.55 per slot. That's about average jump prices alot of places. This includes the videographers 3 pack jobs. • 4-way Formation Skydiving: $700 per team ($175 per person) includes jumps and air-to-air video. Price is based on six rounds from 11,500. $700/30 $23.33 per slot + 6 pack jobs for the videographer. • Freefly: $310 per team ($155 per person) includes jumps and air-to-air video. Price is based on four rounds from 13,000. $310/12 $25.83 per slot plus 4 videographer pack jobs. Some places charge $26 per slot. • 6-way Speed Formation: $480 per team ($80 per person) includes air-to-ground video. Price is based on three rounds from 11,000. $480/21 = $22.86 per slot plus 3 pack jobs. Practice Jumps: • Accuracy and Sport Accuracy: $18 per jump. • FS and Freefly jumps: $21 per jump or Holiday Boogie rate, whichever is lowest. (The Holiday Boogie jump rate is usually substantially below our normal rate. Example: 2009 normal rate = $23.50, Boogie rate = $19.50.) Perhaps if you were to provide your own videographer thay'd let you all jump for boogie rate, but the slot prices for jumps and video are not high by any means.
  12. Bolas

    Rich Luttrell

    RIP Rich. Blue Skies forever. While I didn't know this veteran and skydiver, his story is amazing and heartwrenching.
  13. Rumor also has it future DPH -1 is being encouraged to attend.
  14. Bolas

    Bill Wood's Funeral Boogie

    I wonder if you could get the hearse from West TN.