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  1. Yes the person I am referring to updating the info is Tanya.
  2. Yes. Unfortunately our dear Lisa "moooo" H. passed back in Feb 2020. She was fighting some health issues and sadly lost the fight. We miss her so much. Elsinore has been my home DZ since 2004. I was fortunate to be able to go on one of her tandems with here, and enjoy her company at many boogies. We are waiting for the present health/pandemic situation to get under control in order to go through the process of saying good bye to our dear friend, due to it happening right at the onset of covid-19. I am not on FB but have close contact with some one who is close to Lisa's next of kin and have been getting info from her. She is on FB and will most likely post info. there. BSBD
  3. We will miss you Ms MooOOoooo.
  4. You hit it on the nose Joe. Those are accurate and legit scenarios I have seen. My dad was a jumper in the 70's into the late 80's and was a static line instructor for the last 8 years in the sport. So it did burn him out. The other side of that is some of the people he jumped with are still in the sport and now I jump with some of them, and they are in their 60's and 70's. Bud Lewis jumped in to his late 70's (79) to be exact. Pat Moorehead made 80 jumps in a little over 8 hours in one day for his 80th birthday and that was in 2015 if memory serves me right( I was part of the ground crew/support) and he still jumps, and packs for himself. He started back in the 60's. His wife also still jumps. So it is up to the individual to find ways to keep it interesting.
  5. Yes that is true. I also have my coach rating, and it is to give back to the sport. I have a Mon-Fri. gig that pays my bills so I dont do it for the money. I waited til I had about 400 jumps before I got my coach rating. I wanted to make sure I was solid. My first 2 years/250 jumps back in the sport, I only jumped on weekends "Excell" camp was happening. One year in to "Excell" camp I was asked to be the coaches asst. when they had a big turn out as far as participants. One year later I became a regular coach in the camp in 2007. We have had a lot of success over the years. Some of the participants have become coaches, and some have gone on to win metals at Nationals on teams. It is the best money you will NEVER spend.
  6. The main reason Elsinore started the "Excell" program was jumper retention,specially in RW, and the bad ass person who went to management with this idea(Melanie Curtis) wanted to give back to the sport and her discipline. It was also to help young jumpers gain much needed skills, with out breaking the bank. There is a difference between someone who is just a weekend fun jumper wanting to improve their skills in order to be safe, and have a basic understanding and foundation to be able to hold their own in a random fun jump at any DZ with the LO for the day, vs a jumper with a goal to gain basic skills and more in order to consider getting on a 4 wy team, which then requires more specific "coaching" and is usually with the rest of your teammates and the cost is split.among the team. Coaching for a team is intense and time consuming, and the coach, has spent a considerable amount of time and money obtaining the knowledge and skills that they are passing on, and most of the time it is part of their income.
  7. At my home dz, Elsinore, we have a program for exactly what you are seeking. It is a program called "Excel" camp. The purpose is to build skills for a solid foundation of basic RW skills, whether you just got your license or have 500+ jumps. It is FREE coaching. You only pay for your jumps. You learn proper techniques, how to dirt dive, 99 percent of the time the coaches shoot video for a proper debrief. There is no rushing. It is best to sign up at least a week in advance so we know how many coaches to have in order to keep the ratio of coach to student and the groups at a size best for learning and safety. It is usually on week end day a month. You can find the scheduled days on the Elsinore web site or on FB.
  8. Yes they both have pretty consistent winds. Oceanside can be a little bit on the stronger side (10 knots) + now and then.
  9. San Diego has new ownership and the vibe has changed and thats from friends of mine that are long time regulars there and yes they tend to cater to their tandems. Oceanside is pretty much a tandem factory. Very little licensed/fun jumping going on there. They DO not separate hi performance landings from regular landing airspace, and they put 16 people on the PAC which is na bit on the cramped side. Elsinore has been my home dz for 14 years.and I also jump at Perris. They both have their pro's and con's. Comes down to personal preference. If you would like company while jumping send me a pm.
  10. Same here. I would not trade growing up on a DZ,going to boogies, and being around skydivers for anything. I also packed T-10's, and PC's under dads supervision.
  11. Yes I know what the SCM is. It is not what the OP was referring to. Again you post info. that does not relate to what was requested, it's simple.
  12. Yes that is it. But when you are at the DZ and trying to organize, I would rather have a book that is less sensitive to dirt and dust, and not have to carry around my phone or some other type of expensive electronic device to get damaged or lost.
  13. You must be Schizophrenic!!!! You make no sense. I own the book he is referring to. It is merely a book written by an experienced formation skydiver with pages of possible/ popular formations from 2 ways up to 16 ways for people who might not have a vast knowledge of possible formations, to be able to engineer jumps that add variety and a challenge. It has nothing to do with the sim or any training literature. I am an LO at my home DZ and it is very helpful at times and I sent him a copy. Your a kook.
  14. Why? couple reasons. I always looked up to the sky as early as 5 years old and wanted to be up there. Dad became a skydiver when I was 6(1974) and then a S/L instructor in 1977. When? 1985 age 17 did 2 S/L jumps with dad as my instructor. Took a long break and got back into the sport in 2003 and have been active with no break since.
  15. I bought one, I think it is the one you are referring to that you saw, at my home dz gear store,square one. It has formations from 2 ways all the up to 16 way and everything in between. I use it when I organize and need to get creative, with odd number groups, and just want to think outside the box.