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  1. The inlets are original Tony non fancy functional pockets that work, Period. PF has gone Tony on this. I agree on the armwing planform. No more swept trailing edge that was easy to fly but too much drag when mega sized. They are now PF "V"- a- fied for more speed. All the new Tony models come this way. I love my super Mach but the new X-plane forms are faster for sure if a little more demanding to fly in the larger sizes. I love my V2 for its speed, never needed a 3. The Tony leading edge inserts are just, again, a simple functional non overly elegant or complex way to shape the leading edges compared to profile hot wireing foam in a special fixture. In either design I doubt there is much of a benefit to us. Don't tell me it is airfoil shaping. We are draping triangles off our limbs. The chords are getting bigger is all. At the speeds we fly a constant round radius profile is just fine. Its feel good engineering basically. Like putting carbon fibre everywhere. I know one of you Mutards will chime in with how you are getting into leading edge compressibility or achieving laminar flow and the inserts help. I expect this because its the wingsuit forum and some of you think you are Wernher Von Bond.
  2. I does not matter what the various prototypes have. Only the production version. The one you get with your order. Gotta say that armwing extending to the ankles is awefully x-bird..ish like. Just say'n.
  3. I think I love her. She didn't cry. I want to slam my peach on her forehead.
  4. That sounds like every flight I've ever been on before 9-11. Post 9-11 we get to elbow suspicious people like that in the throat ...right?
  5. Put it on your mud flap. Your head should be tucked down for max flight anyway and that boom is costing you L/D points.
  6. My buddy Chris Martin flew a 7 cell cross braced at least 10 SF smaller than mine with wingsuits and tried to talk me into it 8 years ago. And as a bonus it does not have those silly hot dogs on the top skins.
  7. Relax he just drank too much Samuel Jackson beer.
  8. Robert Ludlum is rolling over in his grave I am sure. Matt Damon as Jason Bourne is one of the many disservices done to the entire Bourne series by the movies. he wasn't much better in team america, but he did play himself. Team america did have some of the best fight scenes though.
  9. Took him how? on a wingsuit rodeo. out of a plane. with clothes on. sheesh. you people. Thanks for clarification. I'm sure you are a sweat girl.
  10. Yeah I do it was released last summer. I think I wrote x-bird on the order form... or something like that.
  11. Variable heading multi point and Vertical sequentials.
  12. Rugby is for men who relish some good medieval style prison sex....... without comiting to an actual prison sentence via a crime on their personal record... fags!!!! Where I live Hard core Dykes do Rugby just to prove they're more than manly enough without the whole " growing a penis thing". All of you get help, you need it. But if you are really that "bad ass" try some CRW see you Saturday morning at the DZ if you are truelly as bad ass as you think. To me you are all Poofers.. until you caress some nylon.
  13. Crew guys had a 25 something way and no wingsuiters flew by it. East coast wingsuit peoples is flaking holmes.
  14. Well some guys do try to run off as many from the sport as they can. Referring to those with less than perfect air brushed beauty that look like models as "fat chiks" does tend to dampen some womens desire to be with a group that is that shallow. Jbag loves "fat chicks" and he is not alone.
  15. Some guys that are a little heavy do really nice in glide distance suprisingly. Skill meybe? The best body would be the athletic but average in shape allowing you to try as many different demos suits as you can to find the right one for you. So you can can just fly a lot.
  16. Reminds me of a Loic anecdote. It was at Deland in 2004. He was there and someone had organized a wingsuit gathering. Two planes full of them, Loic was organizing one of the planes and as he was talking to the group before before boarding someone told him he had no idea what he was doing. He didn't like it, that was clearly visible, but he just brushed it off and went about his business. If someone can tell Loic he does not know how to fly, who am I? As irrelevant as it is to this topic... >>Flying Skills >>Organizing Skills Two very different skillsets. Same year on the same US promo tour Loic and Kathy were out at Perris doing product demos and organizing. We had a blast. They are clearly both amazing flyers with or without wingsuits. They know what they're doing. I flew an S-Fly demo and I loaned Loic my black and purple birdman S3..... def goodtimes.
  17. You have no idea of the not so subtle difference. Its not that one suit can or can't do a manuever like the other. Its how you use your body to initiate and follow through to perform every motion in the suit. You can totally feel it. Like dancing some moves require the hips to start others the shoulders and arms. But of course some people just bomb out of the sky to a somewhat predetermined deployment area and then land somewhere...... without ever learning how to really fly.And then post here about it over and over.
  18. How many do you have on a shadow? I owned and flew a Matter 2 from 04 till 06, have a bunch of flights on the s-fly. Neither fly like the Acro I Flew from 07 till I had it converted to a Shadow in 09. The mono suits require you to fly from your core, hips to you. Tri wings fly very different from mono wings.
  19. Unfortunately it seems like it is never enough but I save money where ever I can- for example: I do not pay parking fee and I use my rocket for different things
  20. Unless someone invents clear but breathable material your torso will be really sweaty. All the sublimation will make it look like a bag of frozen vegetables, not referring to any particular body part with that comment just saying. Mesh probably isn't strong enough.
  21. Id rather have the refined and beautifully hand built Aston over the bullish, brash and mass produced 'Vette, but that's just my personal preference. Nothing to do with wingsuits. Plus, most Astons will out drive any Corvette Congratulations. You just won the Sangi award for automotive awareness in the wingsuit forum.
  22. I use a 10 meter hang glider. Cuz face it a rag wing can't get you places. Real gliders go 100s of miles.