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  1. Its SKYDIVE Elsinore! The lake just makes freebags harder to find yo.
  2. Using rears will never increase your forward airspeed as much as fronts even though it may improve your glide ratio over the ground in still air. I agree with you here. Speeds to fly. you will spend less time in the head wind. There are other things to do to get a a few extra points on glide like pick up the legs and spread the chest strap all the way. I have a 31 inch chest strap. Picking up your legs helps your glide and penetration ( speed over the ground)no need to land in shit. I knew a guy who would flip-climb up into his risers of his velocity holding the fronts out with his feet and and the rears out with his back flying suprone, fast and flat like a high performance hang glider
  3. Paul what you increased on fronts was penetration into a headwind at the cost of glide ratio as speed bars do on Paras. The best glide in still air is the rears, with a tail wind sometimes brakes is better.
  4. Sure but why would you want too? Have you read what various discussions this group has been getting on about? GHEY! There are so many other skydiving disciplines were your buddy wont try to grab your crotch. Thats just wrong . You've already done it. That can't be undone. If you insist on doing more just download the manual and read it in the closet. You will be fine, just like before. Ghey but fine.
  5. Interesting, anybody know how the JFX compares to the Xaos 21? I have about 500 jumps on a sweet old FX. It opens a little too hard for me at terminal but I like everything else about it. I don't have a need for the better glide of the 27 cells yet.
  6. That is not true. I've been on an Atmo jump, several actually, With Marco and "G" while she was head up flying. That was fun. I miss you guys!
  7. I love it. Just pure WS product and no glory whore chief instructors. I love this company already. So refreshing.
  8. Thank you master Yoda. Honestly It would be the same for me if we got him alive and he was wearing pink pink PJs in Gitmo eating stoffers and watching Dr Phil. Bottom line we got him. Which was the mission. Thank you for you perspective.
  9. tequila and bourbon shooters and playing the theme song to team America.
  10. Great it's already set up with solar and just waiting for water training. Congrats to you and Amy
  11. Early April instead of May or June? Poking the weather Gods? Any plans for an overdue Ranch Demo?
  12. Not sure. They were made and belong to Kirk and Brian. They streamers were a foot wide as long as the packing building ( well over 100 feet) and made of ZP sewn in ten foot ( approx) segments. They were fun to deploy while still in a 16 way.
  13. I like Davids pic very much. Greetings from cold old Germany Stefan It was fun splitting the diamonds and flying the streamers. Looking forward to more of these types of jumps. Glad David got these ground shots.
  14. Most flying for the buck (for me) is PG. Hopefully a speedwing will appease my addiction to flying fast and low. My Friends and I were treated to some fast and low at the E launch last Wednesday. Then My other-other friends and I got together for sum on Saturday.
  15. You just have to jump one to understand the differences. MEL How different than the original FX-99?
  16. 1 You assumed I made up the story of the lurker wanting an answer to two simple questions. You could have ignored the request but chose to attack instead. 2 You now assume this lurker is Voodoo. He is not. 3 If you you want to string up an instructor on the basis of safety who qualified you for a canopy pro rating ?
  17. Gimps that sit on the sideline grinding their axes and taking pot-shots should be just ignored, they are more interested in their personal gripe that improving the discipline. Its not pot-shots. When you go around defamating third party individuals who have not hurt anybody, are far removed from any incidents or fatality and abide the existing recommendations as they stand now by the USPA then you can expect some blow back.
  18. You and your kind are blame storming neo maxi bio phase counter shaftless trunion coupled zummed liars 2nd generation. Version 3 will be much smaller and speak japanese with half of the arrogance demerit points although cost twice as much. Trust me you can get better WS instruction, but you can't pay more.
  19. Nobody is, as you say, defending deaths. I'm not advocating under experieneced jumpers flying wingsuits so you can stop saying it. I'm not advocating lack of safety and consistency in training. I'm not going to run out, get in line and buy your product you are pushing because its not a cure for guys teaching them selves, guys lying about experience and because it turns me and many others off that a person can be so arrogant to claim nobody can do it as well as they do because, well just because. No demonstratable reason. In one case you have no clue if there was an instructor or the guy was self taught. You have no facts you are going on speculation But you like to blame storm. I don't like to blame storm without all of the facts.
  20. Yes but its is an 11 day course held at 9000 foot density altitude DZ. Be well rested and prepared to delve deep into the study of Gurgle spring alignment ratchets and indexing load commutating inductor duty cycles. Bring supplemental low drag yonkels and a cheese danish. The cheese danish is for me.
  21. If you want to focus your energy one something, take a look at the fetal accidents that happened due to lack of proper instruction (and unwillingness of said coach to be trained by several noteworthy people in our sport/dicipline). In all of those cases you guys play mute, and cowardly refrain from comments. . I'll give you a fetel comment for your fecal rant about my lack of comments. Fact: In both recent WS fatalities involving under experienced ( grossly under experienced ) new wingsuit pilots their first flight was behind them. The first flight! The one your instructor comes with you on. The only one the instructor is required to come along on. You like that comment?
  22. This is pathetic. Withholding essential material is bad. .. Its bad if its potentially life saving material and the mantra is all about safety..... saving people from them selves. Fear of the responsibility of enabling... muh, really!?! The people who would train themselves, or fudge jump numbers or fly before their time will do this regardless, just like the problem with canopys and wingloading and mad skillz we see in the incedent reports. Should we consider all of the good canopy flight books and videos, available off the shelf , reckless irresponsible enabling then?
  23. I don't teach skydiving, don't have a coach rating. I occasionally teach sky flying to already taught skydivers and some CRW via much smaller words . Wanna see some funny faces use words like kinesthesia at a veteran CRW people gathering. There gonna think you bought a new party favor to the bonfire.