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  1. Are you the pitcher or the catcher in the sponsor / sponsor'ie relationship? Scott C. I can always rely on you to take a tread into the gay way my friend. Are you curious because you want in on some team action for yourself lost a sponsor of your own??
  2. I have it on good authority that this 'never -ever' problem you speak of in this thread never -ever made it to PF HQ. WOW vu-jade Robi and I were just sharing some PMs regard exactly this. Since you care. 1 Ordered Acro 1 approx late 06. You are right/ I was wrong it had been a while since the release in 05. 2 received it April 07, 3 started exchanging a friendly Pm dialog with Robi about the leg wing inflation May 07. The Pms continued on and off about me opening up stiching carefully and try that. You are right I should have just sent it back instead of sporadic months worth of pms. I admit this to everyone when discussing the sequence of events in person. 4 Nobody said anything about a free upgrade. In fact a several of my friends have had their version 1 acros upgraded to version 2 style vents at a very reasonable cost. I would have then more than happily paid that cost. 5 And as I discussed it with Robi I'm done buying wingsuits... period. I'll let my sponsor buy them for me.
  3. You forgot about the part were I called you talentless outside of wingsuiting.
  4. No moaning here. I do all types of jumps. They don't have to be WS jumps & they're all good. Its all about flying your body/ canopy. But I can see I've struck a nerve pointing out that if your WS sponsor goes belly up, and since you don't have any other jump talent, you will have to pay for products like the rest of us who pay full price for wingsuits and rigs.
  5. This freudian fixation you have with formation size is not one shared by many other flyers when it comes to the state of the dicipline. I know people, faces and names. Much more personal and more correct in terms of headcount. My fixation isn't Freudian. I wasn't at the last bigway either. I know people, faces and names that have stopped wingsuiting, stopped jumping or have died trying. I don't have a big DZ, I have all of them.I don't jump WS at Perris or Eloy, I do other types of jumps there. Wow you make it sound like a sad love song.... "feelings nothing more than feelings" Besides I said it was in a state of statis you don't listen. I jump at a lot of DZ of various sizes. So how largess was this years competition of yours compared to previous years? Quote
  6. you are dead til you deploy I guess you didn't learn much from our CRW training.
  7. We would end up with hair like yours.... and I'm bald. I'm in on the corset jump. I'll bring it white water sailing as it will expediate the coasty rescue when we go vert.
  8. The world is bigger than the few dropzones you jump at you know Very correct, I was only extrapolating from a few large DZ that regularly have multi-plane formations of other disciplines and can regularly host 100plus way formations without blinking an eye, not caravan, porter, cessna DZs. I know a quite a few Base jumper that don't WS maybe 50%. You claim 3x growth ( not doubting ) great can't wait to see video from multi-plane formations of EU. Is registration at your very own WS freestyle competition trippled?
  9. Seriously though, just because our factory is not based in the US means nothing. We can provide suits just as quickly, just as trackable and with (we hope) excellent customer service. Through Morpheus, our US customers have a point of contact in a similar time zone, or failing that - round the clock support from one of our other contacts
  10. My comments were based on the fact that I just don't see the growth that I would have expected seven years ago. Wingsuiting is in a state of statis. Those that want to do it do, those that want to try it will but just to try it. Perris and Eloy are prime examples. Two very big domestic DZ with not a lot of WS growth. In the case of Perris I believe it is a decline compared to the early years. Elsinore has probably the same as in the past but non of them are 100% they do other kinds of jumps, I became a 50% myself. Z-hills has big events but how many were travelers? The friends of Flock -u have nice gatherings and organizing here and there but they are largely travelers. Different event same faces. The Lodi group is slowly growing but some of that is from flockers gravitating from other areas. On the flip side I know quite a few wingsuiters that have stopped jumping. Almost enough to cancel any projected growth.
  11. Yes but being stuck on video has me removed from it and feeling like a dirty voyeur.
  12. Actually, I was talking about the corset. So was I but I had to stop and defend my extreme open water manlyness. Now about that corset you closet dirty pirate hooker.
  13. And bring your wingsuit next time your doing CRW in Lodi. I had one with and didn't know it, duh
  14. Maybe back in the day... no way she could make it work today. (runs away) Yeah... I want to see you and Vector boy on my little boat crossing the bar .... friggin pussies Now try this shit in a sailboat biotches Honestly I would pay money to ride on that coasty and do the el'rolo but I know you don't go there with your sailboat ( el" rolos). I'm a big fan of vert freestyle stand-up jet sking and I have a dry suit.
  15. USPA will not create anymore ratings than they have to with a gun to their head. IE No camera guy rating, No swoop dude rating ( they should be looking here if anywhere for a new rating but NO!) And for that teenie tiny segment of sky divers that don't fit in with RWyahs, aren't remotely skilled enough for freeflyn and aren't cool like swoopers who like to wear skirts known as wingsuiters hell no. Wingsuits just are not special enough to get a rating. I know Lodi has a bunch of wingsuits ( partly thanks to you and Avery). But other DZ don't have so much. You could spend a week or more at Perris and never see one. You never see one at Eloy they are always playing where is waldo in this message board. Elsinore had like three and a half , until DSE left now they are down to just 3. Lets see, they fly a docile canopy, stay away from jump run and its traffic. Have the landing pattern mostly to themselves. You got to work hard to die as a wingsuiter, an S&TA's wet dream really. We'll be fine as long as we don't start killing ourselves or each other in bulk and that is not happening. SO no rating for you FuKKA!
  16. 64 impalas don't do front wheel burn outs,... cept from bouncing toooo much.
  17. Like Sailboats! Hey.. that is family tradition going back a LONG way.... without sailboats.... most of my ancestors would not have freaking survived when they escaped the British Isles and those trying to hunt them to extinction because of who they were
  18. The worst part was the bouncing off the rev-limiter. The politics heh . Politicians were born for mockery
  19. That isn't the last instructor program. There will be more. I have the ridicule cannon standing by to open a can hair-ass on em. Also one company does not have a program, bless their heart. But every company out there remaining needs to bring up quality. No body is perfect.
  20. but nobody expected to see it happen this fast... ... You are kidding right? I predicted this 6 years ago. It has been overdue. The first nail in the coffin was the unneeded and very expensive to become a part of wingsuit instructor program. Largely a huge joke to this day. But the memo sez " training centers still open- ratings still apply" Stick a fork in it, Ratings blah. Training centers that is hilarious......... not relevant. The second nail was Robi leaving. Basically the main designer. The third nail was a lack of a wingsuit design that offered an improvement in performance above and beyond the S-3. The rest of the nails was the finished product quality going way down. The wingsuit market is tiny. There is no room for factory hype. corporate sponsored instructor programs or room to tolerate bad quality products. I can already guess who will be around in five years of the remaining 3 real WS companies : PF, Tony. S-fly. Anything else is so low volume its not worth mentioning. Dump your instructor program . Its a kiss of death. Bring your production quality up ... way up its the livelyhood. Yeah Bird- man was a big name..... Just a big name.
  21. I mainly care about big wide thick comfy leg straps. Oh yeah baby, regardless of crw discipline.
  22. Paragliders are part 103 Ultralights and the USHPA "requires" operation in those boundaries. (cloud clearances, etc) No difference with a BASE rig. Are speed wings under 103? Are skydiving canopys groundlaunched under 103? Are kite surfing wings under 103? You need to intern at fisdo office for a few. No airplane, no airport no FAA. Bra
  23. What makes you just assume the husband makes all the money? Yeah Shah it could be a X- husband.
  24. ALL of the acros had back vents. The issue was the silly leg vent that inflated the leg wing via the thigh area. If the leg was too tight it choked off the inlet completely. My leg wing never -ever inflated. I should of had a new suit made but by that time version 2 came out with proper vents. That is what I wanted, I was told no. I was told PF had a big problem in this regard if the measurements were off. Hence the very quick version 2 upgrade. I spent a few experimental hours trying to build my own upgrade style vents with no luck. Buying that suit was a waste of time and money.
  25. Are inlets rocket science? Even on the phantom 1 leg inlets, the simple functional pockets you talk of can be seen. No inlets should have been the simple pocket scoops a long time ago. They have been overly complex for no reason. Their shape, sizing and placement have been an oddessy in bad design. You only need the pocket if you want airlocks otherwise simpler vents work. The simple fact the latest offerings from PF and Tony inlets are very similar in size and placement is no accident. It works. As far as the Acro/Phantom series 1 vents go they were a problem with a lot of ill fittings causing bad or no inflation, ergo we end up with a very quick revision to version 2. Fit wasn't as criticle as a result.