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  1. Yuri light... less math more sense for the non engineers. I might have liked to fly with ya's but with the tripple digit growth WS is experiencing I can stay here and avoid all the dangerous crowds. Chance of weather hold zilch. The friendly skies are all mine.
  2. >Your shit is weak. Its the same medicine you guys gave me last week. Smell it, now take it. > You want a prominent part in the wingsuit arts you choose yourself, like I did. I'm largely responsible for turning the northeast into a wingsuit Mecca. What have -you- done? I've got everything I want from wingsuiting, even at 50% . I've always wanted to meet the one responsible for "Bringing it" (wingsuiting) to the northeast. >Why do YOU fly? Because I can.
  3. Your problem is you have a bad attitude. If you would just spend more time jumping with noobs and doing your part to advance the sport the three remaining manufacturers would have a much bigger market to sell to and wouldn't be on the verge of going under. Do your part! At this rate you will never be one of the "chosen few".
  4. Yeah its sad. Back in the day I bought 4 suits from BM and some spare parts, the shipping time and service was excellent! Jari would follow up with emails personally and I wrote him letters about the girls in the front office ( Kim #1 & later Kim#2) awesomeness. Jari was living the dream. But the company as of the last five years was completely different. I hope Jari gets to live the next stage of his dreams.
  5. my last hope: sometimes people in real life not as low as at the net Christian Its much, much worse in real life. Terribly, terribly worse. Unimaginably bad.
  6. Sounds like you've never shipped to Coos Bay Oregon. We lots of little isolated bergs with horrid shipping schedules. Careful what you promiss.
  7. You are either a masochist or a skilled mechanic. He is a masochist. Johny is also into American sport bikes that vibrate and have "clunky clutches".
  8. VectorBoy


    Or talk like a dirty pirate hooker day.
  9. I will never, ever come on here and motherfuck a manufacturer. . What if you spend say $1500 out of this hand and wait six months and get a box of shit that isn't finished, does not fit or is a completely different color from what you ordered six months ago in the other hand ? You are sponsored so its nothing out of the left hand? You are sponsored so you get priority returns on rework ? $1500 bucks is a lot of money, six months is a lot of time. How does someone as cool and calm as yourself handle this situation? But seriously this thread has been about market share, suit production quantities, my attitude ( don't ask me) a dutch method of orally tallying my sperm count. No manufacturers were motherfuct in this thread.
  10. Those are two freakin' small countries, with an overal skydiver population lower than vectorboys spermcount! . Did you run the juice to the lab like the instruction say or just used the taste method of counting ?
  11. The TopGun team was never a demonstration team, each member in the team payd their own suit. Birdman never payd anything to their (in your eyes) 'sponsored' factory team. Nobody cared. Yes yes that is it Charming video, sincerely nice formations. Too bad it wasn't a demonstration team.It was agood demonstration. Can you link that video ? I like the end were you guys are walking off into the sunset. Dreamy
  12. Whisper voice- Careful you will be labeled as an agry old jumper who has lost touch with whats going on if they see this- whisper off
  13. I'm interested in you getting someone to measure it right not like those last two blunders.
  14. I probably should believe the other guys but you: Remember you were in that six way demonstration team fly like birdman instructor? Remember you were telling us the blade was the best suit ever? Well I didn't believe you then and find it hard now.
  15. I really don't want/need anything special. Xtra altitude is just tiring. I mostly just hide under the rear seats until the last Tandem is out. The pilots rarely know I am there or exiting.
  16. I never say anything to the pilot. They're real busy aviat'n, communicat'n, navigat'n & pressemcat'n that door-standby- go button and nothing I got to say is that interesting anyway. I don't even ask about the uppers. If I don't make it back to the dropzone and everyone else does, who are they going to laugh at?
  17. I would not even have responded to your post were it not for every thread in the forum turning into I was screwed over by a company in a small market and they will die a death because of it . After two attempts from you to steer the conversation into a petty, who copied from who discussion. My post on inlets also pointed out that we are happily at a place in history where such issues are a thing of the past. You said the discussion was interesting and then you took it in the direction of the series 1 vents. Small markets and corporate death are different thread, Sally. Which has more to do with product quality and factory rework and nothing to do with the V-5 specifications which is this thread ( focus). For the record I don't want PF to die, as you claim, because the design competition gives us all good product. Let me remind you I'm not on any PF black list, like you were, I'm also not in the market. Some people live their whole lives without solving simple problems because they are hooked on the misery! We can only steer clear of those characters . Are you mad because I called you a mutard or a Punjabi? BTW I fixed my problem.
  18. You aside, all other Americans are reporting seeing more flyers and new faces on each DZ they attend. Yes I'm aware of this and its nothing new. This claim has been going on for a few years. What I see is you get some you lose some. You get some and they are not 100%, in some cases they are not 50%. Some of my 100% wingsuiting friends wonder what makes a person drop a grand on a wingsuit and barely use it. One case is they gravitate to other more enticing disciplines ( I know you 100% claim Heretic) where the cool kids are.
  19. I never said Wingsuiting is on its way out. I just don't see the huge expansion you guys claim to see. But you said "Seriously though". I can't, I can't.
  20. Head count is exactly what I'm basing my numbers on Sherlock, just not seeing your numbers. PM flying with noobs+ experienced flyers = PM pictures. Its a fact.
  21. ROFLMFAO There are not a lot of complicated measurements in the bag suits is what I'm saying.
  22. Only because you make every thread about your 'issue' . I have no interest to deal with a no-tits, not an ass I want to fuck person . Actually Jakee brought up inlets then you chimed in. I was talking production versus prototype. Short termer it digressed from there. That second sentence, is that Pujabi speak for something?
  23. Instead of talking it down and pushing the negative attitude you seem to be taking, my suggestion would be grab your suit and a couple of newbs and go fly with some enthusiasm! It feels stagnant to you because there aren't many bigways at the moment? I just did a first flight a couple of weeks ago, does that count? Bigways don't equate to growth. Bigways are simply an event. The number or lack of wingsuiters on any given dropzone equate to growth. McCordia did have double the registration in his artistic competition this year compared to last. Does that indicate his region is seeing double expansion of wingsuiting? I doubt its 3 fold despite claims. Skydiving as a whole has slowed down compared to years past. So if WS is in stasis its actually ahead of the game. Once more don't take what I say as a "negative" attitude, I'm just reporting what I see. Here is another indicator of the decline of wingsuiting. Its been a longer interval than usual between seeing a picture of purple mike posted anywhere.
  24. Do you ever smile, Rev. Glenn? just like Dennis Miller, you know this. I can't take this smile off. But apparently people don't like being made fun of in regards to rework. Every existing company has issues with it the exception being the five sizes fits all FYB S-fly.