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  1. my most memorable visit to any dz was at eloy christmas boogie - george took me with only a couple hundred jumps and taught me more in one week than i've ever learned anywere else - he was always happy but wanted the best - he even was a little humble when he forgot his slot on the sunset load whith our 12 way - hey george do you remember the " where's george dive ?"
  2. i'll second that - if i can smell the purfume before they get there and long after they leave they have to much on - girls ARE YOU LISTENING ?
  3. need to take out the contacts 2-3 days before the exam to rest your eyes or the presciption will be to strong causing headaches - my prescription dropped from -2.50 to -2.0 after 3 days of not wearing contacts
  4. 14 mph for students - unlimited for d lic holders - i have intentionally jumped 42 knot winds on a 4 way and got caught in a 60 mph wind gust on a tandem both of which i will not repeat - i have learned it is better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air than in the air wishing you were on the ground
  5. i think you typed wrong should be 180 turn and trac - when you brake off some of you may be tracking up or down line of flight - this is were you need a good sense of the size of your group and the size of the group in front and behind you - adjust the length and angle of your trac acording to these variables - for instance if i am in a 3 to 6 way without video and first out and end up tracking up line of flight i will shorten my trac a little as long as i can see the others are tracking ok - if i am in a large group i will stager my trac depending on what i see others in my group doing ( if i see my right and left tracking good i will try to split the difference between the vidiot and the next group - if i am tracking away from line of flight i will track my ass off to give those that did get stuck with line of flight the chance to short trac if needed - the importance is that you have a good coa with everyone in your group - don't get tunnel vision when you start tracking look between your legs over your head under you and in front of you during you track - small groups are easier because you can see everyone trac from your group - remember always keep your head on a swivle
  6. jackie got hosed on the exclusive for the 300 way but i think she did do a report on it
  7. well i'm not doing tandems anymore and i pack most of my own now (i've never packed a mal although everyone else has packed me one
  8. if the pilots are good they will clime and turn keeping the dz in sight from the door - i check for aircraft (we have alot of gliders) the last 2500 feet and our pilot keeps the otter door to the dz and we know the air space is clear from local aicraft when we turn on jump run
  9. even bad packers can do better than that - do they intentionly pack mals? i stopped jumping 425's because of tesion knots and such - pissed off other ti's when i would pass 425's that were still in rotation was yell at by the manager that i had to jump 425's just like the other ti's until that manager got a chop on a rig that he said i should have jumped - my 13 are 7 tandems and 6 sport rigs - i have 2200 jumps - i have packed about 1000 with no mals and 1200 packed by someone else with 13 mals - 1 mal every 90 jumps by other packers is way to high
  10. i thought i had packers and 13 chops were alot but i think once again i am wrong
  11. farmer started vacuum packing at sdi and it works great once you stop the slider from sucking in - the vacuum pack does open a little slower like an extra 100 feet - it was the only way i could get my katana in the bag for the first 10 packs - it doesn't suck the entire canopy in just takes the air out
  12. if you are at home vacuum pack - yep use a vacuum cleaner by sticking it between the lines and this will suck the air out and hold it until you get it in the bag
  13. alot of the sdi jumpers went to hinckley so come out there and have a good time
  14. sdi was closed / removed from the airport by the city - they found a clause in the contract shoed up with police and escorted everyone off the dz - one week later they had the entire landing area dug up and started building new hangers in the landing area - last i heard jerry had a lawsuite settlement from the city of morris but i don't know for how much
  15. stick with your ep's that you are taught - when you have a mal it will be automatic - i have had 13 mals (all packed by someone else learn to pack youself) and i have got really good at step by step what needs to be done to handle it - but just like starting to jump you start with the basics and expand from there - i now count dollars and curse the packer during the chop but my first one i was glad to just get a reserve over my head - i have lost a couple handles but they can be replaced - make sure you get the reserve out and land safely then worry about the handles main and free bag
  16. if your dz has a good tandem training program have her sit in on it - they will talk about how the sport has got very safe by showing the gear and explaining how it works - including the aad (this really helps) - if you dz just wants to sell a video in the class keep her out because these classes probably wouldn't help her - be patient my mom took a couple years to get comfortable about jumping but now she will watch the videos and she buys jumps for me for xmas now
  17. the only hard chop i had was on a strong rig and it did take 2 hands to pull - had to reach around the students head and 2 pull with both hands
  18. it also depends on the plane - is it a twin or single engine - an otter or a cesna ? opening an otter door is safer than opening a cesna door with a engine out - is the pilot in control of the air plane ? if you have a engine out with a cesna you're going down - 1 out on a twin otter with 20's might hold altitude or an otter with 27's or 34's will still clime
  19. i got my ti rating because i wanted to pay back what i got from some very patient and fun people that helped me when i started jumping - i found out why they helped me when i would see the looks and smiles on the students faces - i now have over 2200 jumps and at least 800 of them are with students or jumpers with less than 100 jumps - i have found that theese are some of my funest and most rewarding jumps - one of the most patient and fun load organizer i have ever jumped with is terry gardner - he is now at sda but i know he is continuing to help all the newbies just like he has always done - terry has organized lowtimers for years and helped countlees jumpers improve in a no presure lots of fun atmospher - terry when you come back to illinois we would love to jump with you
  20. bring 2 this weekend and 2 next weekend ( more is better ) 2 weekends of drinking means 2 weekends of good stories to help you skydive better
  21. i got 28-38 way exp with tj and max and i only screwed up once
  22. hmmmm Kallend: 1900 jumps Smooth: 1400 jumps Mirage62: 2100 jumps Gemini: 2500 jumps Propacker: 5100 jumps Me: sigh I guess I'll swim quietly back over to the kiddie pool hey can i get in on this ? i even got a pops # - i'm not very good but i got 2200 jumps
  23. thanx for the vote - i had alot of students say " what if i forget ... " i would say just have fun everything you remember is a bonus and most would remember and all that did pull felt better after the skydive - when the students got together after the jump it was wow that was great i pulled the rip cord did you ? i hated it when another student would reply back and say my instructor would let me do anything with a sorry look on his/her face
  24. since i am not a pilot nor do i have most of the right answers i always like to question alot - i didn't know about touchdown with the upwind wheel that's someting i can just watch - thanks for the info