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  1. all of the canopy training in this world can not protect me from a swooper running me down - the training that most skydivers get is to fly a 90 pattern into landing and the people that follow this training are the ones getting run over - i've flown in planes, raced cars and bikes i know when and where to be radical while still being safe - what do you think would happen if i flew a split s into ohare airport and landed in front of another plane triing to land ? this is excactly what is going on in the main landing area - i've done stunts in several planes at a reasonable altitude and in clear airspace - i've raced cars and bike on tracks and roads that are predriven and found clear and safe - the key here is knowing when it is safe to be radical and i don't see a good percentage of the swoopers following safe practices - so isay get together as a group and figure it out before others do it for you - i don't want to see anyone loose their right to have fun but thats were it is heading at this point - swoopers have the ability to save their sport but i don't see any of them stepping forward to do so - do the swoopers love their sport so little and are to stubborn that they can't find a constructive way to help generate a good idea or 2 to make things safer - all i see is people critisizing the ones that want to stop the deaths - in the past we have worked out the exit order, exit seperation, aad, gear adjustments to make them safer, why can't we after 8 years work on the swoopers and the landing area and find a good plan that saves lives ? are the 3 or 4 swoopers on the laod more inportant than the other 17? and i did see the incedent reports 93 of the last 195 deaths recorded are from landings and collisions mostly due to hook turns
  2. just because i like speed and response doesn't mean i want to attempt to kill myself or someone else you can have alot of fun and excitement away from the landing area and people that are triing to land safely - the landing area is for ALL people and when in the pattern it is everyones responsibility to repect that by fliing a standard pattern so everyone can land safe
  3. swooping is not the only problem causing death and injury but is by far the biggest - this is a fact not an attack or a made up thought - i don't care if you want to swoop but if you guys want to continue you have to find a way to to make it safer for yourselves and others around you and if you don't you will find dz's start banning them - aren't we tired of the sensless deaths and negative attention yet? if you get rid of radical manuvers close to the ground doesn't that leave you with about half the deaths and injuries ? face the facts something needs to be done i don't care how it gets done but i bet it would be better if the swoopers fixed rather than another group
  4. marks2065


    had a vasectomy 2 months ago - little pain from shot - was back at it the next day (not recommended by the doc) 15 ejaculations later my girlfriend extracted (why do it yourself ?)a sample and i took it in to the doc and came back clean
  5. i stopped going to the bars and buying things for the motorcycle and worked 2 jobs - anything is possible if you really want it
  6. i don't want swooping banned - i don't do it and thats my choice - if others want to that is their choice - when ever a mojor problem starts to happen we usually find a way to fix it - how long will it take and how many more people will bill killed or injured before the swoopers decide it is time to fix the problem - if they let others fix the problem they won't like the result - so i say swoopers this is your chance to get together and fix the problem and do it now before someone that has the authority fixes it for you - weather it be the faa , uspa , or non swoopers the end result is swooping will sufer weather severly limited to completely banned
  7. the blind spot is below your ass behind you about the same spot you will be after the 270 and at 60-70 mph the poor idiot that was there is now dead - thanx - swooping is by far the major cause of the deaths and injuries in the sport today and if the swoopers don't fix it soon the big guy at the faa will and were will that leave us all
  8. my left toe hurts on monday and my pecker hurts after to much sex are these illnesses to ? they have a name for eveything that makes someone feel differently and they all seem to be disorders or sicknesses - i think the doctors need more ways to make money
  9. try ferris valley skidivers in chilawack (spelling may be wrong sorry) just east of vancouver - excelent view of the mountains say hi to J.C.
  10. in the us it was between 1983 and 1990 they fased out carbs - ford and gm still make cars with carbs for export to counties with no emission laws - the big three also make cars and trucks with little or no emissions that are not sold in the us anymore or never like the chevy luv pickup (not sold here for a long time) if you visit a 3rd world country you will see models that you have never seen in the us made by GM and ford - i have worked on cars for 25 years and when i was in equador i did not know about half the models from chevy
  11. i got to do a demo into a parking lot in indiana to open on of joan jetts small town concert - very cool meeting her
  12. elianna ? i can't spell her name but she is with airspeed - maybe a little longer than 3 years but does alot of jumps with jumpers outside her team and is always happy to talk to anyone - been on a couple teams and has supported the sport very well - and the rest of the airspeed group is probably better than her (past and present members) tom doesn't want to downplay anyone's achievements he just wants to know why someone with so little time in the sport could be chosen over someone that has hands down done more for the sport . congrats to natashia for her achievements (i know i will never be able to reach the level she is at) and i hope each year gets better for her. i hope that next year skydiving mag will show apreciation to some of the dedicated people that dedicate their time and efforts to making all of skydiving a better sport (like the instructor with the most students to graduate aff - or the organizer that organized the most loads at the most boogies - or combinations of everythig)
  13. standard patterns were the norm for alot of years - then came swooping - now i don't want to say people can't swoop it would be like someone saying i can't jump - but iot is time for the fucking stupid ass skygod swoopers that think the own the sky (this does not include the safe swoopers) to wake up up and look at what it has cost the sport - the landing area is for everyone to land safe and is not their personal space - if there are other people in the area a standard pattern and landing is mandatory - until people respect the rights of all to land safe the carnage and killing will continue - we all have made adjustments in the rest of the disaplines of skydiving to be safe it is about time the swoopers took it upon themselves to make adjustments to make swooping safe for the rest of the sport - sorry to sound harsh but i'm tired of hearing about the stupidity continuing to kill - we have enough to deal with every day as it is and with swooping causing the largest death/injury totals in the sport (and not by just a couple percent) it's time to either fix it or remove it from our sport
  14. no but what will stop it from happening on the no video jumps
  15. i don't see why so many people bitch about paying a little dues to keep their passion going - the uspa does alot of good for our sport and i think every penny is worth it - they promote safety and lobby for us to have a dz pretty much anywhere we want - maybe we don't all agree on all issues but most will agree that most of what the uspa does is good for the sport - it's better than any branch of the government - what do you think skydiving would be like today if uspa wasn't around ? how many dz's would be closed because of the faa or airport managers that just don't like skydiving ? a 10 - 20 percent increase to help our sport no problem - i say go for it
  16. lube the latch they rust all the time as long as they are still working penetrating oil will help
  17. 1 chop every 90 jumps when someone else is packing - 0 chops when i pack - i didn't have a chop my first 2 years or last year
  18. 13 chops and only lost a couple tandem free bags in the peas - and 1 handle - the handle cost $40 and the tandem free bags cost the dzo (he should have gotten better packers)
  19. or the reserve pack maybe it would have had line twists on a normal deployment - my chop on a barrowed gear with a rsl had several twists
  20. with a good arch and no rsl no problem - but with a rsl will definately have line twists on the reserve
  21. conquest 150 - my back and shoulders will never be the same - landed fairly nice if you were still awake and able to lift your hands above your head to grab the toggles
  22. there are more restrictions on tap water than bottled water
  23. on the 4th and 5th tandems we worked on alot of leg stuff in freefall and under canopy - you can practice landings under canopy at 3000 feet and land good with the student - although landings under some of the new tandem canopies makes it hard - maybe the dz's should keep a couple of the old 400 - 425 sqft chutes around for training students
  24. i had 1 guy not go , 1 guy pass out, and 2 guys get sick - 0 girls
  25. i did 5 tandems and 4 solo assisted jumps for a 9 jump program - thought it was an excelent program - the bad habits your friend picked up was from poor training from the TM