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  1. Come on now. He didn't even cry after he broke his femur on a poor girls head.
  2. Since theres a specific way to post things on here. A message was sent on here from a National Director who's name is getting brought up a lot on here... Here is exactly what you said.. Its a club where the members do what we want, I fucked the system and no one can do anything about it. I also don't care about safety and disagree with the 90 degree turn BSR and handles check BSR that was passed this summer. Here is a video proving i don't care about those BSR's passed months before this jump was made. Are you ready to make your dz, non-USPA member drop zone? If anyone wants to see a screenshot of what was sent, as per the senders permission, i will send it to you.... ;)
  3. Are you fucking kidding me? I think given that information, it should be public record that he refused to help those that were passengers in the plane he crashed pay waaaaaaay less money for X-Rays (thankfully no serious medical treatment was needed as a result of that). It should also at this point go into public record that he flew that plane directly over the runway at Sussex airport before hook turning it into an irrigation ditch just past the treeline at the end of the runway. So it's not like he didn't fuck up, even beyond airplane maintenance. Seriously how much of an ass can one person be? You see Lyo, what exactly do you expect from someone who got their commercial pilots license in under a year from starting to work on your private? He claims he flew more hours in one season then the one and only pilot flying their caravan for the whole season? Maybe someone was forging numbers in their logbook to be able to fly jumpers to make money money? I think that shows since he didn't check the fuel for water before he took off that morning. And since he also overshot the runway, stalled the plane and turned it around only to land in a farm and flip the plane over. Someone tried to make a point of this when the accident happened but no one knows his history. They were even calling him a hero at some point. Go take a look at this logbook. Every single log he has ends in .0 or .5. how many times can you go fly and end with a number like that. I know when i fly its uaully .3, .7, .9, 1.2, 2.3, 1,7. Funny how someone on welfare, food stamps, unemployment, and disability can even afford to own an airplane and be able to buy fuel to do all of this flying. But then again, no one gives a shit that he forges hours in his plane and then almost kills 5 people because of his carelessness.
  4. Well it seems that Rich Winstock isn't so safe as he claims he wants to be... Here is exactly what you said.. "Lets say it is a good ole boy club and I bucked the system. I am an active tandem guy who was against most if not all regulation" That sentence doesn't really look so good for trying to advocate safety and all right? Are you ready to make your dz, non-USPA member dropzone?
  5. This place is under new ownership, only have 2 182's and a 206 for now but getting a turbine soon. The staff is very friendly, the atmosphere is great. very close to NYC. They make you feel very appreciated and very welcomed!
  6. What i really find comical is that this 16 year old kid WILL and CAN outfly 80% of the internet skydivers posting on here about them.....
  7. 75 per person for fjc 60 each level we do one instructor afp
  8. Ask PARA5-0 rich winstock he is running for national director, he set it up for the most part at skydive long island and it has been running flawlessly!
  9. From my experience the snaps have made the canopy take much longer to open on a regular velo. I didnt like it and stopped using it! But on the other hand on my Comp Velo i do use them all the time!
  10. i was in florida last week and it was in the lows of 30s at night for a few nights in a row....monday has a low of 33 in sebastian!
  11. Squeezing the risers has done well for me a few weeks ago...this is one of the three line twists from openings ive had in about 2000 jumps. So i dont know how the other way works where you spread them apart very well! If you think about it when you try to untangle twisted lines...i you pull them apart it pretty much locks it up and wont let it spin...if you bring the 2 lines closer together then they spin freely!
  12. IM having shoulder problems too, my right shoulder seems to be pushed forward about half an inch so whenever i move it backwards or up it pinches a nerve and it hurts...geting physical therapy to move my shoulder back...looks like it got pushed forwards from wearing a rig all the time and being hunched over from wearing it!
  13. If you have a mac with a sd card slot on the side it will find them...or if you get a sd slot in a usb drive/thumb drive sort thing it will find them also! It wont work the way your doing it! find someone with a macbook pro and slip it into the side of the computer and it will work! Something like this will work!