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  1. markovwgti

    Skydive Sussex

    This place is under new ownership, only have 2 182's and a 206 for now but getting a turbine soon. The staff is very friendly, the atmosphere is great. very close to NYC. They make you feel very appreciated and very welcomed!
  2. markovwgti

    9th Puerto Rico Freefall Festival 2011

    Here you go viv!
  3. markovwgti

    Rebel Xsi/SD card help

    If you have a mac with a sd card slot on the side it will find them...or if you get a sd slot in a usb drive/thumb drive sort thing it will find them also! It wont work the way your doing it! find someone with a macbook pro and slip it into the side of the computer and it will work! Something like this will work!
  4. markovwgti

    Vigil Dealers . . . who's got the hookup?

    Just sent you a PM!
  5. markovwgti

    AFF: Taft and Hollister

    TAFT By Far!! ;)
  6. markovwgti

    New sigma 8-16mm

    Looks like nice lens!
  7. markovwgti

    pd113 or smart 120?

  8. markovwgti

    XSi Memory Card?

    Get the 3 pack....2GB for 25 bucks!!! From best buy that is!
  9. markovwgti

    Coaching and Instucting with video

    It shouldnt be a problem....if the coach or AFFI brought up a still camera then id say the others had a right to bitch about getting money taken out of their pocket....if the student doesnt receive the video then there is nothing going on right there.
  10. markovwgti

    Fuego Pro

    When i saw my buddy wearing this helmet it looked like the most comfortable helmet in the world! I went home sold my helmet and ordered it! I changed the size through them a few times and they were cool with it! It fit me fitting helmet out of bonehead and an FF2 i have owned! The chin cutaway system is perfect...its right there and its got a nice red visible handle to chop the helmet away, not like those helmets that have it near the ear where you cant find it if you have gloves on! I will happily order another one just for the hell of it. I wouldnt buy any other helmet as long as tonfly is out there!
  11. markovwgti

    Deepseed shipping services

    nevermind just found out it was usps...paid so much extra money to have it here in 2-5 days and it will probably take 2 weeks since usps sucks!
  12. markovwgti

    Canon Vixia HF100 New Small HD thats coming out.

    most people go with a sony pc-1000....great camera...even for your wedding! But dont jump it before 200 jumps ;)
  13. where can we get them wog :)
  14. markovwgti

    Brian Germain

    search ;)