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  1. You can enjoy a great view to Vieques and Culebra. Our staff is awesome and will make your jump memorable!!! Call to know exacts dates. We Only operate alternate dates.
  2. Hello: Xtreme Divers has been operating since 2003 in Puerto Rico, Jason has two current locations running now. You can find them under dropzone here too! Xtreme Divers West is where normally we host our Annual Event. You may find Xtreme Divers on Facebook and all our details are on our website as posted above. The telephone number is 787-852-5757. During the week we jump, but it is always good to check the time we have jumps scheduled.
  3. At the Boogie this year, Wednesday to Friday, we will have a Robinson 44. helicopter, 3 jumpers to 4,500. $60.00/jumper. Enjoy a scenic swoop across the Arecibo shore line, on your way up to 4,500 for your exit over the dz. (A License required) Sunset chopper beach jumps as well (C License required).
  4. Hey guys/girls!! Please check your U.S.P.A. Membership NOW and make sure it is in date. If you come to the DZ to get it re-newed, it can take a day or so to get it up to date by the U.S.P.A. Office and you will pay more too!! :) Tell your friends!! T-35 days
  5. Forty one (41) Days until the 11th Puerto Rico Freefall Festival! February 13-17, 2013 at the Arecibo Airport, Antonio "Nery" Juarbe. ORGANIZERS: Freefly: Luis Prinetto and Scott Plamer (freefly big way/sequentials) RW: Mandy and Tom Schroder (Mandy will be doing the 2nd Puerto Rico Women Record Attempt) Wingsuit: Andreea Olea and Scott Callantine 2 Super Otters from Skydive Chicago Helicopter Robinson 44 High Altitude Jumps, Daily Beach Jumps with Transportation, Raffle and more... Registration Includes: Free Beer Nightly and a Saturday Night Beach Party w/catered food at our NEW location Jumpers $60.00 Non-Jumpers $30.00 Pre -Registration until January 13, 2013. ($50.00) For more information, visit us (787) 852-5757
  6. Yes, the name must be mentioned. Everyone!!! Tickets are cheap today, flying to PR during those dates... $215.00ish (Jetblue flying to SJU)... hurry!!! Don't forget to pre-register, a few more days!!!
  7. Hi, I spoke to several hotels this past weekend (Hotel Rosa del Mar and Villa Real) and they both still have room available under the name "10th Puerto Rico Freefall Festival". Are they telling you is full? email me at [email protected] if you still have problems.
  8. Hello Everyone, Due to conflict in activity dates, Amy Chmelecki won't be organizing this next year. However, we will have Scott Plamer joining Roberta Mancino and Luis Prinetto. Hope to see everyone here!! END OF THE WORLD BOOGIE 2012
  9. Hello everyone!! Don't forget to pre-register online. Thank you, I have sent Charlie Car Rental a reminder!
  10. Soon!! Don't worry about not knowing anyone, as soon as you walk in there, you will have plenty of new friends!! Just ask for YEYO!! QuoteI'm in. Registered online, I hope. Didn't get a confirmation or anything via email. Will there be one?
  11. Hi, We have 300+ attendees from all over the world. Usually, everyone come to skydive and to vacation, a perfect match. So some either get here before to visit the Island making the 1st day a busy one. Since Monday is a Holiday (Presidents Day), some people decide to stay over a few days and do the same, making the last day busy as well. In sum, we have a great time, lots of people jumping with perfect weather and plenty of fun. The Arecibo Airport is big (landing area) and accessible. We have all information online if you need to pre-register and look for hotels/rental cars. If you need anything else, please let us know. Viviana
  12. We are also open during the week by appointment only (tandems), so call Jason and if he has jumps, you can come out! All information (directions) can be found online [Reply]DZ is 45min west of SJ in the Arecibo airport, opened only on weekends. We fly a C182, and for facilities we have 2 tents for packing When you coming?
  13. [Organizers includes: FF Organizers Amy Chmelecki and Luis Prinetto Wingsuit Organizers: Scott Bland and Scott Callantine RW Organizers: Tom and Mandy Schroder-This year, Mandy wil be doing our 1st Puerto Rico Female Record] We are happy to announce Roberta Mancino will be joining Amy Chmelecki and Luis Prinetto
  14. It's time again to mark your calendars!! The 10th PR Freefall Festival will be held at the Arecibo Airport on February 15-19, 2012. As always, lot's of fun jumps, daily beach jumps with transportation included, Free Beer nightly, Saturday night catered beach party and more... Come join us celebrate our 10th year! Organizers includes: FF Organizers Amy Chmelecki and Luis Prinetto Wingsuit Organizers: Scott Bland and Scott Callantine RW Organizers: Tom and Mandy Schroder-This year, Mandy wil be doing our 1st Puerto Rico Female Record Two Skydive Chicago Super Otters Pre-Registration $50 until Jan. 15, 2012 * we don't offer camping at the DZ. all Lodging information is online. Make sure you mention you are attending the skydiving event Discounted rates with Charlie Car Rental in San Juan and Aguadilla Airport (24 hours and free pick up) Tell them you are attending the 10th PR Freefall Festival 1-787-728-2418 1-800-289-1227 For more information visit: call us: 787-852-5757 Xtreme Divers Inc. Antonio "Nery" Juarbe Airport in Arecibo, P.R.