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  1. DBlank

    Choices, Choices: Pilot-Chute-In-Tow Malfunctions and You

    Worth mentioning that a pcit does not necessarily require the use of any extra handles... A swift elbow to the container can dislodge a stubborn main. There is of course the option to reach back and manually extract as well. Neither of these will work in case of a misrouted bridal, only if the pin isn't being pulled with sufficient force. However remember altitude is your priority, don't waste it trying to play skygod, to avoid this make sure you practice whatever your plan is including altitude checks. It's something I see so often skipped when people are doing EPs, time gets funny with a spinner over you're head and people have sketchy low cutaways.
  2. DBlank


    Overall its a great little guy that has tons of info an options, if you like numbers and stats then you'll love this thing. The logbook and freefall timer are great. HOWEVER, if I could go back I would get a lower end audible that has 2 alarm sets (FF and canopy) and a wrist alti like the N2 that does the logging and info.
  3. DBlank

    Factory Diver

    I'd tried out this guy and the Z1 before buying a headgear, and let me say if you don't think you want a full face because it takes away from the experience, the FD doesn't give me that issue like the Z1 you still get the wind and sound, but less so, and it's way more convenient than goggles+helmet. The lack of a flip up caused a bit of fogging for me on winter jumps, the small mouth hole didn't help, like any full face, if you are jumping in the cold it takes a bit to get used to breathing with just your mouth. the one other thing is there is no chin strap to hook it onto your chest strap in the plane, which just means you leave it on top of your head or in your lap, but its super easy and quick to put on and tighten, I LOVE the skylatch.
  4. DBlank

    Movin on up

    Keep going, it only gets better.
  5. DBlank

    New AAD from Altimaster ??

    Saw this picture on someones Facebook from what I assume is the DZO conference, less info that what is on the website other than being able to make out the activation altitude at the bottom (1475ft). http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/183434_10150095762712298_775737297_6021334_2142716_n.jpg