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  1. So...I did do a search (to no avail) and have also posted around the DZ management group and whatnot but have not been able to find anything. I'm looking for an off-the-shelf or similar type of technology that would allow us to livestream video from the aircraft to the ground to show customers. Anyone know of anything like this?
  2. SPAWNmaster

    Is anyone still doing Argus maintenance these days?

    Have you checked with ChutingStar? I think they were still doing it last time I had one sent in maybe 2 years ago.
  3. SPAWNmaster

    Skydive Barnstable

    Skydive Barnstable was founded on over 30 years of experience in the sport, with a mission to provide a safe and memorable first-time (or beginner) skydiving experience for New Englanders. Privately owned, and located at Cape Cod Airfield in Barnstable, we are the closest Cape Cod dropzone outside of Boston where your skydiving experience will grant scenic views of the Ocean, the Cape, the Boston skyline and more. Our USPA-certified instructors - many of whom have thousands of jumps to their name - look forward to taking you up, harnessed together, on a 60-second, 120mph freefall followed by a 5-10 minute canopy descent back to terra firma with optional video/photography services for you to share your memorable moment with the world.
  4. SPAWNmaster

    Competion ideas

    I use to run Tracking races at my home dropzone from time to time which is pretty fun. Have the jump pilot set up jump run over a certain ground reference point...drop the load...the person to track furthest while staying within a certain deployment altitude wins.
  5. SPAWNmaster

    Attention Gamers! (and non gamers!)

    The first one was a lot cooler. The BASE sites were a lot better placed and the tracking was much more workable. I'm not too impressed with the second one except to say the graphics are fantastic! If you're looking for "jumping" type games...might want to look into this one:
  6. SPAWNmaster

    wingsuit jumps in Colombia

    Not interested unless it's from the Colpatria Building ;) May give you guys a PM when I'm down there next Easter. Saludos, Andrew
  7. SPAWNmaster

    WBT-201 vs Garmin eTrex Vista HCx

    Depends what you're trying to do. I have a 201 and it's sick for tracking and wingsuiting. There is software for Mac that can interface with the 201 btw. I'm not sure about the eTrex but the wintec fits in my audible pocket in my helmet. The tracking and functionality of it is easy and accurate.
  8. SPAWNmaster

    sitfly docking?

    not sure about that as I'm no expert freeflier...but what I do is just turn my body so i'm presenting from the side so I can take the dock without having to move my arms.
  9. SPAWNmaster

    Becoming an Instructor

    well for starters you could get the IRM, start working on your coach rating card and then go take the course, get the rating etc. From there, you can keep jumping and working towards the other ratings.
  10. SPAWNmaster


    you should run a search. this topic has been debated many many many times before and there are a variety of opinions! everyone has their personal recommendation. why don't you also talk to people at the DZ. they've seen how you fly and can probably make more personalized recommendation
  11. SPAWNmaster

    AAD's not required but recommended.

    Simple. I can't afford one at the moment.
  12. SPAWNmaster

    Skydive Midwest?

    I cannot comment on Midwest but I recommend checking the reviews or doing a search. Not sure how far they're willing to travel for a great experience but I can personally vouch for some of the staff at Atmosphair Skydiving. I gurantee an awesome experience if doing a tandem with Bo.
  13. SPAWNmaster

    Container sizing question...

    It is my understanding that the articulated harness rings are supposed to be right on your hip-bones for a proper fit, actually.
  14. SPAWNmaster

    Mystery of bag lock?

    im no expert so this is only my thoughts. i can't see how a brake fire could contribute to a bag lock seeing as how brake lines are also stowed with suspension lines when closing the d-bag. even if there wasn't tension on the bottom end of the brake lines (as in a brake fire) to pull out of the stows, the other lines would most likely come out pulling all the other lines with it. or even if not, the elastic wouldn't be tight enough to contain just a few break lines if the other lines have released from the stow. does this make sense? curious what more experienced jumpers think...
  15. SPAWNmaster

    Fall Rates ?

    ive been consistenly clocking 90-101 average...but then again im 160 out the door and do mostly atmo lately. my min is usually around 81-85. i dont know about the protrack as i use an optima but on my altitrack you can switch between the algorithms that detect air speed (TAS vs SAS i think?). anyway, one of them is usually less accurate (shows you faster than you are) so experiment a little bit!