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  1. So...I did do a search (to no avail) and have also posted around the DZ management group and whatnot but have not been able to find anything. I'm looking for an off-the-shelf or similar type of technology that would allow us to livestream video from the aircraft to the ground to show customers. Anyone know of anything like this?
  2. Have you checked with ChutingStar? I think they were still doing it last time I had one sent in maybe 2 years ago.
  3. Use the TAF functions on the METAR. Major METAR stations will give you forecasted data for several time periods usually over a 24-hour period (or greater). Also NOAA offers a really cool report called the "Aviation Forecast Discussion" which is essentially the regional forecaster's interpretation of the NWS local data so you get a kind of dumbed down "is it VFR/IFR?" what kind of pressure moving through, etc. For winds I haven't found any more accurate reports than the super forecast. IMHO as both a pilot, skydiver and as someone who makes a living from the weather, USAirnet is inaccurate but I also live in a pretty difficult region as far as forecasting goes. YMMV
  4. Thanks guys I just emailed Northeast Bird School and Wicked Wingsuits.
  5. Can anyone recommend a contact for wingsuit coaching in the Boston area? I'd like to get some coaching at an upcoming boogie at Pepperell and would like to organize in advance. Sorry if this is the wrong forum.
  6. I have a 2013 microsigma with under 100 jumps that has developed these weird black marks on the rapide link protectors. I haven't noticed them till just today. What are these? It looks glazed over... There are no corresponding markings on the lines (new vectran) and the links themselves look fine. The slider itself is unmarked and being new as well is of course in fine condition. The grommets are smooth and appear to me to be set normally. The first picture is a closeup. The second picture (excuse my packer for getting smart with the camera) shows the markings on the front of the slider/link protectors of the rear risers...the markings are on the other side of front risers. Essentially it looks like the markings are showing up on the "outside" of the protectors (behind the rears and in front of the fronts if that makes any sense). That's about as much detail as I can give right now after a busy day at the DZ.
  7. What do most of you guys charge for inspecting and repacking pilot bail-out rigs? Do you charge differently for different types of rigs (softie vs pc)?
  8. What's the best way to get a clean cut on Dacron 900lb without a hot knife?
  9. Hello, I've done some searches and not finding exactly what I'm looking for so pardon if this has been beaten to death. Context: I used to do a decent amount of video editing recreationally years ago (2001 era) and was using Adobe Premiere and After Effects mainly back when I think most of the adobe software was still owned by Macromedia. I then moved on to casual editing for fun jumps using iMovie (the old version). Question: I am looking to get back into video and will be cutting gopro footage at "average" settings (720p 24fps). My needs are currently pretty basic but I'm looking for software that can scale with my re-entry curve...e.g. a suite that's got good support with 3rd party plugins, does all the basics well but can do more, etc. What are people using these days? Final Cut Pro? iMovie? Other? Thank you for any advice.
  10. Figured I'd share the final product here in case anyone was curious.
  11. Box was fairly easy. Peel away the foam in the box, used pliers to break the plastic rivet pins then drilled through the remaining pieces of the pins and washer. Very soft material (aluminum+plastic?).
  12. I ended up drilling from three different angles with a straight bit. Finally the washer gave and then the rivet was easy to finagle out.
  13. Hi there, updating my RAWA to be more modern and safe. Just removed side box (in favor of top-mount and no longer using old side-mounted DV cam). Now I would like to remove the ladder strap on one side to set up a cutaway system and seeking advice. Attached is the picture, looks like the strap is held on via rivet? Or some sort of snap? Should I just drill through from the outside or try and break the rivet-looking piece inside and then pry washer-looking part off? Thanks,