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  1. For iOS the app 4-Way Coach even show you movies for transition between the formations... and is much cheaper...
  2. Today the 250th download of the 4-Way Coach app took place. Thanks to everybody that makes this unique skydive app a succes.
  3. here you are:
  4. Thanks ! Regarding the 'H' (and any other formation in the app), you can choose it to be the left or the right-oriented.
  5. Yes, I am The major difference between "4 way dives" and "4-way coach" is that "4 way dives" only draws random jump programs, when "4 way coach" not only perform the draws, but also shows you animations on how to perform the jump. "4 way coach" knows all the variants of any formation, and help you choose the best one for that jump. It also has an integrated chrono so that you can score your (real) jumps. Well, that a real training tool, not only a random draw program. In additions, the graphics are - in my opinion - much nicer.
  6. I confirm that the app does both English and French, depending on how your iPhone is configured (see screen shot).
  7. Just wanted to mention this new skydive app for the iPhone : 4-Way Coach It allows building 4-way jumps and you can see the animated moves. Pretty nice.