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  1. so does that mean our new uspa card will look like this D-18925 - nj 3-2-2007 #20001 - cp 3-2-2007 - fs 3-2-2007 #18295 - crw 3-2-2007 #25555 - wj 3-2-2007 #32547 - vrw 3-2-2007 #17525 - bw 3-2-2007 #10255 - bm 3-2-2007 #15266 ect ect ect ..... sounds confusing to me
  2. i knew a jumper that grabbed the wrong rig and got a big suprise or should i say small surprize - found 50 sq ft less than he was expecting
  3. a motorcycle ride to nowhere or an evening at a indoor racing (if it is cold) - after several hours of riding you'll find out if she is a whiner or adventerous
  4. this is a perfect example why we are having problems - now what happened after ? did everyone walk away or did someone take this swooper and set him staight ? did someone fix the problem or let it continue ?
  5. jumping near chicago a no moon night isn't that dark unless you land out the last 40 ft to the ground is hard to see
  6. sorry i thought the aff required a d - i was talking about instructor / examiner ratings - was a d required for aff before the change to 500 jumps ? pro and coaches are not instructors but coach comes close - not totally in agreement with low # jumpers being coaches but it's better than the old days of teaching ourselves at 50-100 jumps
  7. i agree that not everyone should do night jumps or required to do them - but to lessen a standard to make it easier is just not right - night jumps add to a jumpers expeience and skill - compensating for the lack of light, strange windshifts that seem to happen at different altitudes at night, reduced depth perception, learning to be aware of other canopies and were they are, staging openings for safety all of these skills help a jumper even in daylight or on a day when clouds move in or at dusk - in a time when we need more training to stay safe reducing requiremnets for a few in my opinion reduces safety for all - sorry about being blunt but all to often any more the standards are reduced to quiet a few who are not willing to put forth the effort to achieve the goal
  8. a d license is required for most instructor ratings and on that basis night jumps should be required just incase you end up with a student after sunset you may not want to do the jump but how many times have you seen the dzo see dollars and pressure you to do the jump anyway
  9. it is just that every time you turn around it seams like when someone cries it's to hard or i don't want to do that someone makes it easier by reducing the effort required - everything that has a good reward at the end is worth the effort and by lowering the standards to get a D license would take way from everyone that earned it the harder way and were would it stop - maybe we should let people get their a at 10 jumps or without landing in the landing area or a b without water training hell i'll never jump around water - if anything i think it should be harder - everyone in skydiving knows that 500 jumps is just the beginning learning
  10. to graduate any program you will have to do things you don't like or will never use again - the younger generation is always looking for a way out or to get buy - sorry but not every group will lower its standards to make life easier - so suck it up or don't get a D - i'm tired of people getting what i have earned for half the work - a D license is an achievement if your not up to it than don't get it but don't expect everyone to lower the standards because little johny or jill's parents have been making life easier for the little ones of the world. if you want easier go back to grade school and have mom and dad make it easier - this is the real wolrd and a D license needs 2 night jumps!
  11. keep your head on a swivle - it is probably safer spiraling down to land in the middle of a 20 way 270+ swoop convention - have fun they're a blast
  12. i thought i was going to have to get some viagra but then i found out it was the girlfriend - new girlfriend no problems although i haven't slept in 4 months and my ass is draging i'm still going strong
  13. recently some swoopers have proven that they can't handle a 270 in traffic - the people that like to do a 270 have not gotten together to fix this problem so somebody did it for them simple as that - no a 270 is not the only problem causing collisions but hopefully it is one problem that will go away - landing around swoopers scares the hell out of me and i'm tired of reading incedent reports of deaths caused by hp landings - the only reason these landings have been accepted for this long is that mostly they only took out the person doing the hp landing now inocent people are getting hurt/killed and for that people have spoken up and some dzo's are listening - i completely back SDA and hope other dz's follow with their own ideas or copy SDA'S policy - maybe if enough things are implemented some really good ideas will be found to work that will help solve the problem of the long list of deaths caused by hp landings and maybe we can see the death toll in the sport drop below 10 or 15 deaths per year - we have lost to many people in our sport for many reasons i would like to keep my freinds jumping for a long time and see the sport grow again
  14. there was 12 deaths between collisions and landings last year of these 9 are related to high performance manuvers (43%)
  15. i was thinking a 2 tandem - 2 static line - then 6-8 jump aff course should be thought of - the tandems could get the initial canopy training with a hands on learn as you jump - full static line course - then freefall training - this could be the answer to emphasizing canopy training and possibly get alot more info in the students head before he gets out into the mainstream to help prepare them for some of the stupid shit they will see and be involved in
  16. i mean i don't think swooping is a good thing - i was always taught and still pratice that if i have a good canopy over my head don't do anything stupid or radical close to the ground - if someone else wants to and accepts the risks that is their choice - this choice to do stupid and/or radical things close to the ground does not give anyone the right to do it in or around people trying to land safely - i guess i am just a fuckbag like dse and chrisl
  17. i can cross wind a landing no problem but before you make younger jumpers have to do it they need to be trained or given the opertunity to learn before being made to do it on aff levels 1-5 - this is not the time to have a student crosswind landings
  18. first of all i don't swoop - don't think swooping is a good thing to do with a good canopy - there are things i talk to students about that they are never told in any training to get the a lic - like how to judge were to land when you have 2 or more canopies in the pattern (near, far, or center of landing area - set up on windy days - set ups without have to do a 360 or 180 to land) years ago the static line program addressed canopy control and landing and focused on being safe from opening to landing now traing is more focused on freefall
  19. this is a problem all over not intended to bad mouth a dz or an instructer - and yes i do know you and i have seen you work with students after a lic - but you also get paid for coach jumps were 10 years ago this training was free to the noobie - if a student needs to pay for training maybe it should be canopy training not belly or freefly until after thay arewell informed and proficient and canopy control
  20. i like changing the configuration with the winds - the dz that i jump at has a very small landing area and a small part of it is always a swoop lane which causes everyone to cross wind landings to avoid or go over the swoop lane depending on wind direction
  21. i have seen students try to follow the lower chutes and if it happened to be an instuctor that doesn't lead by example i have seen the student get hurt - i mentioned this to the instructors and the dzo and got " if the student followed his training this wouldn't have happened". i have always felt that any instructor should lead by example so the student can follow which helps keep them safe and helps the student learn. students look up to and follow the ways of their instructors so if the instructor freeflies and swoops the student will probably do the same - if the instructors belly fly and do 90 pattern that is what the student will learn - remember we all can influence the students lets do it responsibly and get some good taining under their belts before they start doing stupid things - also canopy instruction, what canopy instruction, the students are cut loose as soon as the money stops - instructors move on to the next guy with money - 15 years ago we got info from the old guys for free (pay it forward learning) now there is very little of that going on because it has become pay it now. some drop zones don't even offer canopy classes - people talk about the state of our sport is in decline and they are right - it is declining at the rate of the economy becuase students can't afford much after aff, gear, and coach jumps. how about we offer canopy leasons instead of coach jumps, freefall skills may not be as good but canopy skills would improve and so would safety. the students money would definatly be better spent canopy classes than rw or freefly caoch jumps.
  22. maybe it will continue - every other kind of proble has continued - but maybe the totals will drop a good amount everybody seems to be pissed at each other that the other persons idea won't fix the problem but it would help - maybe instead of 9 deaths as in 2006 2008 may only have 2 - problem isn't fixed but got alot better - headed in the right direction - just like all the other catagories - not fixed but alot better
  23. did any read the newest parchutist ? - when i read the death percentages i found the statistics support exacly what is being said in this thread - if you add up the collisions and landings that are related to turns 180 deg or larger there are 9 - that is 43 percent of all the deaths last year - while all other groups have been going down these are on the rise - we are not picking on swoopers they are giving it to themselves - if their numbers were going down this thread wouldn't even be going now. i definatly feel that seperate landing ares are in order here and like sdc you have to be aprooved by the dzo or s&ta to use the swoop pond. i am tired of stepping in between a noob and a swooper to brake up a fight because the noob followed the standard pattern (like taught) and fucked up somebodies swoop - and i'm tired of having friends needlessly die - we have all accepted the fact that this is dangerous and may bounce someday and all i want is to be able to have a fighting chance if something does go wrong. being taken out doesn't give me that chance
  24. belly fliers? this thread is about is about canopy flying and landing and that includes all jumpers - and what you do before the canopy opens has no bearing on stupidity coming into the landing area - bottom line is that anyone making a standard pattern with 90 turns into the landing area is doing it wright - anyone pulling a stupid radical manuver is wrong and endagering everyone near him and for any person who thinks they have the right to do these manuvers needs to be talked to, moved to a different landing area or grounded - if people want to pound themselves into the ground that is their right but but do it somewere other than the main landing area -