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  1. It would be nice if the link to the thread in the Subject field actually linked to the first post in the thread. And change the Link field to be a hyperlink to the last post of the thread.
  2. Thanks for all of the advice everyone!
  3. That's what I figured, but I had to ask. Thanks.
  4. Thanks. Are there really any real differences then between a Mirage and an Infinity? Other than the design? Basically, here's my gig: I'd like to initially buy a 230 for a main, 210 for reserve, and a container that will let me downsize to at least a 210, preferably to a 190. I can't seem to find the configuration I want as a complete system, so I'm trying to figure out if I can do it piecemeal and put together what I want and need. Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it.
  5. I'm hopefully going to buy a first rig later this year I'm wondering what the difference is between a Mirage and an Infinity? Or compared to any other container? How do you know the range of canopy size designed to pack into the container you have? If you plan on flying a specific range of canopies with one container, can you find one container that can fit that span? And what size reserve will fit in the rig? And how many jumps is considered the life span? How do you figure that out? Is there a certain of number of jumps after which you should be concerned with if considering to buy that container? Sorry if I'm asking naive and often repeated questions, but I'm trying to figure out if maybe it would be better to buy individual items that I could work with and maybe buy a container and 210 reserve and work with a container that would take a 230 main for now but still be tight enough to hold a 190 in if I want to fly on my head. Is that too much to ask?
  6. As soon as he stepped on what looked like dry solid ground and it turned out to be a gopher hole and he sunk shin-deep into the mud, I asked him what flavor beer he liked. It's only fair. He pulled my ass out of some shit and fucked his shoes up at the same time.
  7. Isn't there a rule that you have to buy the guy that gets you out of a tree a case of beer? If not, there should be.
  8. At least as much of a tree as you'll see at Elsinore. More like some type of desert brush that looks like manzanilla but (THANK GOD!!) doesn't have the spikes to go with it. I did a perfect stand-up landing about 5 feet from the ground. Got grabbed into the middle of this thing. My risers got tangled above and the canopy actually didn't get entangled. Only the risers did. I was under 200' feet and the wind shifted and drew me off and into the shit. I'm still too cherry to have known what to do automatically. I kept trying to steer slowly but kept getting blown off. I saw the tree that I was going to hit and repeated the mantra "oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuck, oh shit" until the gods heard me and provided me with what was probably the best landing into this thing. I consider myself very, very lucky to have come out of this unscathed. Other than a couple of scratches and a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, there was no physical damage. Many thanks to Tink for getting me out. I hope the case of beer makes up for the soaked feet and having to scrounge for socks. :cheers:
  9. On the locate a dropzone page, Can you increase the miles from home from 500 to 1000 or maybe 1500? I love road trips and would love to setup some 4+ day weekends or longer for a road trip and some jumps. Thanks!
  10. for my summer vacation this year. I live in San Diego, so there are great places here. Should I stay around town and hook up with a coach or should I take a road trip to a different DZ and spend my week there? I've fallen out of currency after jumping the jet in Perris. Where would I benefit most from a week of coached jumps?
  11. Me too. There were a lot of unwipeable silly grins wandering around, mine lasted for at least two hours. It's just one of those "gotta do" things everybody in this sport needs at least one time - we really DO have all the best toys. How much is the ticket? $75 without boogie registration, $65 with. And worth every single penny!!
  12. There is 3x the time to pack because you are just going very slow, and then there is 3x the time because you are not 100% sure of what you are doing. I am not a rigger, so get the advice of a qualified rigger to make sure you know which of these you are - But whatever you do, jump a rig when you are satisfied it is right, regardless if that takes you 5x as long as everyone else. You do yourself and the sport a service by being highly educated and subsequently competent in this area of safety. Lastly, as a non-professional and just a simple observer, I'd recommend that the first order of business would be to reject anything having to do with vanity. Vanity, or something very much like it, has killed a lot of people in this sport. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for your post. One of the big things that have put doubt in my mind is it takes 3x the time for me to pack my own compared to others at my home DZ. Now that I have my A license, it's even harder for me to try to pack a rig I'm not familiar with and having people watching me as I'm packing my shit. Yeah, it's a vanity thing for me. I'm going to rely on a rigger to jump the jet at Perris next weekend, but, because of your post, I'm going to jump my own pack for the helicopter and the subsequent fun jumps. If you're going to be at Perris on the 31st, can you hunt me down and give me a pair of Depends to wear for my first self-packed jump? Please?
  14. I had help the first 3 times, but the next 2 were on my own with somebody watching over my shoulder. My 2 with silent supervision were good packs, from what I've seen others do, but I'm freaking horrified to jump my own pack job.
  15. I've packed my own rig 5 times now, but I've always paid to have them re-packed. I'm mortified of jumping my own pack. How do I get over this?