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  1. Yossarian

    Z-Hills this April

    I'm going to be in Z-Hills for around 8 days in Apr (6-14) as a lone jumper from the UK, is there much going on during the week in terms of organised FF? I'm proficient head-up but starting out with head-down, also very much enjoy tracking. If you're around I look forward to jumping with you! Lee
  2. Yossarian

    Tacky Triathlon fabric, DANGEROUS?

    our club triathlon went 5months without coming out and when it did it just sat there in the shape of the bag, even though it was only about 70jumps old. it wasnt tacky like you described, but it definately took some encouraging to openin it up. a rigger who just happened to be standing around nearby said although it would have opened eventually it would have been noticably slower and probably spun up due to the inevitable asymmetry of it 'unsticking' itself. ever since then i repack every month, just in case. its only 15mins of my life and it gives me peace of mind
  3. Yossarian

    The worst experience ever.....Aerodyne

    for what its worth ive only experienced great customer service, both with my own rig and two complete aerodyne systems i look after for my club, they went out of their way to fix a problem we had on one of our rigs before a competition. your experience could have been a one off, but then so could mine...
  4. cotton thread would make packing even more annoying... dont know about magnets
  5. Yossarian

    Actual SL progression

    it seemed to vary from DZ to DZ but mine was; 2xgood S/L 3xgood (consecutive) dummy pulls 1x3sec delay 1x5sec 2x10sec 2x15sec 1x20sec with alti 1x20sec with turns 1xunstable exit 1xdive exit with backloops 1xdive exit with backloop and tracking 1xhalf series (360 right, 360 left, 1xbackloop, 5sec track, 5sec track with a track turn) that was the minimum anyway, took me 27 jumps as i did 3 s/ls, 7 dps, 5 10secs and had to repeat some if i went to different dropzones, mostly down to inter-dz politics. after landing from the last jump, i had my A certificate. next jump was a mandatory solo to convert to throw-away but that was it. this was before the whole CH1 thing though, but thats just the UK edit to add - cost was £175 for FJC, £35 per jump after that, so cost of jumps was £1085 give or take
  6. Yossarian

    weekday jumping in england.

    well the two closest to you (depending on where in sussex) weston and nethers are closed to civvis during the week, hinton tends to be a little quiet but its open and they'll put the PAC up with 5 or 6 in it. Langar can be busy in nottingham but thats a 3 1/2 hr drive. best bet really is to phone the dz's themselves and ask i guess. go on ukskydiver.co.uk and ask around there, probably get alot more responses from UK jumpers
  7. Yossarian

    closing loops

    when i need some i just ask a rigger at a dz, they can usually knock up a few for you, for free if you ask nicely enough
  8. Yossarian

    BPA op manual qustion

    i was always told it meant you needed an open container by then
  9. Yossarian

    Wolmari pack

    ive done a search but i cant find a consistent description that i understand, anyone have any photos? as far as i can tell its a mixture of pro and precision (psycho) packing
  10. Yossarian

    Gear / canopy questions

    good luck, taken me nearly 2 years to complete my gear collection, and now im just waiting for my rig to arrive there are new temptations like full-faces and freefly suits... i jumped a silhouette 190 hybrid once, thought it was nice and smooth, quite liked it but its only one jump and ive only jumped about 6 types of canopy
  11. Yossarian

    Gear recommendations please

    isnt a B-license required for a full face? or is that just the UK?
  12. Yossarian

    Winter may suck but...

    u should go to hinton its only half hour down the road, dress warm though, i nearly froze a knacker off the other week
  13. Yossarian

    10way speed start from the jet

    whats the exit speed from the jet?
  14. Yossarian

    No Chill Perception in Freefall

    i think it might be the adrenaline for newer jumpers (not that im not very new myself...). now im much more aware of whats going on in freefall, including how damn cold it can be, but now i wear two pairs of gloves and a buff over my face and its ok. this gets me thinking though, at 120+ mph is there any chance of air-resistance/friction warming you up a bit? my whole body gets the chills when the door opens but once out it only tends to be my face that feels so cold
  15. my last static line jump was only 65 jumps ago so its still pretty fresh in my mind, the terminal deployments i had on student kit (exactly the same kit as my static line jumps, they just changed the d-bags) were a alot harder from terminal (not painful or anything, there was just a more noticeable jolt) added to the fact that there was now a transition from fully horizontal rather than the almost already standing position of a s/l jump. since i qualified however, and pack my own kit on a nice new canopy, the openings are much softer and as far as i can tell quite similar to s/l hope that helps, although experiences may differ using different kit to what i used (believe it was a manta 288 in a zerox container and the s/ls were done from a c206) edit for semantics