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  1. I am correct in thinking that my altimeter won't read correctly in a pressurised cabin of a passenger jet right?
  2. Question from a whuffo today I'd like to put to the committee. "You forget to cock you Pc and on going it you notice it flapping above you and now inlfating enough to yank your pin out.... Or the Pc is cocked but the pin jams and the same thing happens, the Pc is floating around at the end the bridal... So if you cut away and deploy reserve the question is therefore obvious, what are the chances of the pc and bridal causing entanglement and/or the reserve knocking the main out at the same time and again, causing entanglement. Answers on a post card please
  3. Interesting... I too have been planning to use my rears more. Will give it some testing up high based on these comments and progress to a landing. I must say, if i was confident on rears then chopping due to a snapped brake line would be a little OTT. Good canopy + can land safely = no chop right.
  4. Screw sliding off the side into the props!!!
  5. Another ground launching Q Please if anyone has any experience answer the following questions in a technical manner rather than something like "go and get professional coaching". 1. The question is when you see people ground launching some use only their rear risers and other use their brakes / toggles. Is this just dependent on the size of hill and how much time they have. I.e. if they don't have enugh time to get onto the their brakes then they simply don't and stay with their rears? 2. The 2nd part of this Q is getting the canopy off the ground. In vids, especially during low wind, people using the front risers to bring the canopy off the ground and spreading the risers as far apart as possible. I can understand using the fronts to raise the canopy but what is the advantage of spreading the risers when launching and /or swooping which i've noticed also. ---- Again please don't assume with 28 jumps i'm going to launch myself off a hill... I'm not. I'm just purely curious as to the technical aspects in my questions relating to canopy control.
  6. It seems that lots of people learn to ground launch on large sand dude (for obvious reasons). Anyway the point is illustrated well in Brain's video: My question to people that have some experience here, will the sand screw up your good rig or is it just a case of getting out there and cleaning it all up afterwards? If not i suppose the people in the video are using old rigs they don't mind get mucky and sandy right? Thanks
  7. I'm in France at the moment Skiing and saw someone bomb down the hill on a sqaure canopy. Not paragliding. Its called speed flying apparently: Anyway seeing that it was a sqaure canopy i was wondering whether this is just an extension of Ground Launching but made slightly easier by the speed you can get on skis and the open slopes of many ski areas. Could, would or has anyone ever done this on their skydiving rig?
  8. Youtube version: Maybe we should give this paragliding lark a go
  9. Something a Non sky diver asked me today and although I was pretty sure of the answer I didnt know if it was impossible... Can you get enough speed from your canopy to actually then pull full brakes to invert so your above your main and/or go completly around or fall down into your main?
  10. If this forum wasn't here to discuss questions that they either didn't teach you at the dz or you're not at the dz to ask them, what exactly is the point of this forum? With your experience i think you should know that not every dz is different and not every instructor has the same knowledge. I've been taught stuff at different Dz's that directly contradicts each other. Thanks to everyone else for the advice.