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  1. Where is the best place to jump close to Pembroke Pines?
  2. I am a diabetic and have been jumping since 1998. I have over 750 jumps and the worst thing possible for me would be to stop jumping. Diabetes is no reason not to jump.
  3. Had a reserve ride on my first solo (7th) jump on student gear. Bought all new gear 10 minutes later.
  4. wow, sorry to hear it closed, wanted to return to the site of my first jump, looks like that won't happen
  5. If you end up landing in a bunch of trees I think that you would prefer a round.
  6. I started jumping at skydive illinois in 1998. I moved to Dallas in 2000. Every once in a while I would check their website to see what was happening there. Their website no longer exists. Does anyone have any info on them?
  7. I hope they accomplish it, it would be huge to go from 300 to 372.
  8. You may want to learn to do both RW and freefly. I travel alot and have jumped at many different dropzones. Some dropzones that I have been to have have people that do only one or the other. I feel lucky that I can do both otherwise I may have missed out on alot of jumps.
  9. Sounds like he got a pretty good deal. This guy should have come to my home DZ and see how much they would have charged him in the same situation. Maybe then he would be a little more appreciative.
  10. Could not agree with you more about most unfriendly.
  11. Jumped in France for six months. The majority of the drop zones are not owned by anybody. They are called 'associations' and are non profit orginizations that are owned by anybody who jumps there. Almost everybody that works at the drop zone are volunteers so the attitudes and politics are different than alot of drop zones in North America. There were several world champions jumping there that would help anybody out at any time without ever asking for anything in return. The atmosphere was what skydiving should be about.
  12. I have travelled to Europe several times and have had problems with security at every airport. I have been told that I am not allowed to keep my rig as carry-on no matter what the airline says. I refuse to store my gear below so what I have had to do every time is get the airline to have the pilot keep my rig in the cock-pit. This was the only way I was able to get pst security. I have never had problems in North America.