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  1. "These are good points, but remember: Cooper expected the money to come in either a knapsack or a backpack, NOT a canvas bag with a leather handle and a leather strap. (From Bill Rataczak) " This is an assumption not fact. Ratz is just like everyone else in this case. AN ASSUMPTION, not a fact based comment.
  2. Question- we all assume the ocolation bump is the point in time where Cooper jumper. Right?? Wel here is a question I have been wondering about the timeline. are we marking that occurance as to when Ratz reported it to control for the time? Was there or could there have been any delay maybe for discussion between the crew as to what it was before it was reported? A 30 second delay at that speed would shift the estimated LZ a considerable distance. has this time stamp for this ever been questioned ever been addressed?
  3. Georger, Go to utube and check out the last second shot for the ISU win over Creighton. It should make ESPN highlights. it was incredible. 6-1 in the valley. Need some help putting some L's in Missouri State record, Bradley ain't helping us tonight.
  4. quade, You have two confirmed kills today, and a lot of day left. Trouble is brewing between Jo and Jerry, Do I see a Hat trick coming today?? HA!
  5. 377, you know we are not aloud to jump thru a cloud deck. I think you really were talking about the industrial haze we encountered over Rantoul Illinois? Right! HA!
  6. "Unfortunately, Jerry passed away." Georger- you have a way to contact Jerry outside this forum. Can you shine in on this outlandish statement and maybe make a phone call? And I think it's time to bring Jerry back to address all of these accusations. Wow! I need a program to keep up with this forum. Let me understand what I have read in the last 24 hours- Quade really isn't Quade, Jerry is Dead, McCoy is alive. Amazon is quitting skydiving and becoming a Sturgeon guide and joining the pro bass tour? What's next????
  7. AL, A very simple question that other jumpers have asked and you have failed to address. I will now ask for a simple answer. I simply want to know how he attached it to the as you call it harness without any hardware that comes on the rig or as you say harness. Remember i am just a dumb skydiver who happens to have done it over 4000 times in my life and once out the back of a jet. We would really like to know how he attached a belly mount reserve, the money and thought this was the way "he trusted".
  8. Georger, Just to start your morning off right I figured I should paraphrase a headline from here in Indiana from last nights basketball action. My Indiana State Sycamores 70, Georger's Northern Iowa Panthers 45!
  9. Sluggo, My post about Rupert was a compliment. Here in Indiana he is a bit of a celeberty that everyone likes. Let's just say he won a Million Dollars at the end and is doing great thing with it. Google "Ruperts kids". The orther Richard thing was a tong in Cheek thing.
  10. Jamie, Yes several of us such as 377, myself, quade, and a few other have been out the back of the DC-9 jet we are talking about that is owned by Perris Valley Skydiving. There are a few others who I have probably missed that have jumped it also and I apologize for ommitting your name. There are also a very few jumpers on the forum that got the opprtunity to jump the 727 at the WFFC the few times it showed there. That was what my recent traffic was about. Yount's statement i think is incorrect right now. There are no jets that can be jumped at this time outside of if the military is doing it. So you learned somthing, us loudmouths have a little idea what Cooper felt going out that door.
  11. 377, my point was right now and when the "expert" skydiver filmed his piece there were ZERO 727 that have approval from the FAA to haul jumpers, and i know of none outside the US either. Quade- you may be able to answer this. I know Perris's jet is "down for repairs". is their flight status still valid by the FAA if it was functioning? That may not be the correct teminology. can they still put jumpers out of the jet?
  12. Safe, I have to correct you on one point. Sluggo would be Rupert! The guy everyone loves, has useful knowledge but tries not to cause too many waves. Sluggo- at least i didn't say Richard Hatch!
  13. I have to go back and watch it again, but the "expert" skydiver they had on camera stated there were organizations today that had 727's in their fleet for jumping purposes. HHMMMM??? Shure would like to know where. Bet Perris would have loved to know this when they were fighting with the FAA on the DC 9 they have to jump which i thought was the only fleet jet approved for jumping and I am not talking about Don at the WFFC having one once. I did not watch real close but saw numerous white lies lik this in the show. Robert, you did well!
  14. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! Do I watch Blevis show tonight, or do Iwatch the new Grey's Anatomy? HHHMMMMMM!
  15. Robert, In my old age I am trying to set my DVR, (dangerous task for us old guys). What is the date and time for the History channel upcoming show?