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  1. if it breaks just above the knot, then try to spread the cloth loop on the bag, it usually springs right off then. There is no need for anything other than your hands and fingers for this.
  2. I didn't want to say anything, but all of you are a bunch of losers jumping your big ass canopies. I've been hooking 720's on my crossbraced slider since jump nr 101. ~300 jumps and still on a velo 111 LMAO!
  3. same experience here, best customer service I have ever seen....ever
  4. I'm terrified of sitting down on a toilet, fearing it will suck me in when i flush, so i always poop in my hand and throw it in the toilet from a distance. I don't have a pic of a cute girl in my profile so I guess no one will take me seriously, bohooohooo
  5. made me think of this fellow, same kind of incoherent movements with the lights completely switched off in the brain department.
  6. and that would rid you and every other TI/TM of 90% of all passengers coming to think of it, that will probably get rid of 90% of the Ti's as well, most are mentally challenged from what I can tell
  7. Over here in the netherlands kids can go if they fit in the harness properly. Parents need to sign the waiver. Youngest kid I took up was 11 y/o. Imo from an experience standpoint thats the lower limit, and that depends per kid. Below 11/10 the whole experience is too overwhelming (it's loud and stuff) i think to be enjoyed fully by them. As far as risk of injury, i'd venture to say there may even be a little less risk of injury (aside from injuries from catastophic failures ofcourse) Most injuries occur on landing and with the "average"10-16 kid it's almost like you're jumping w/o passenger because they weigh so little (at least here in the netherlands, maybe different in big mac country ;))
  8. also an option, maybe not go again at all. This didnt look like just input overload, this was blind panic during EP's and all the way to the ground. If you can't calm yourself down only a tad in 2+ minutes reserve ride to at least make a decent landing, then maybe skydiving isnt for you.
  9. Just do your swoops like normal and go put your hands on the rears after you let go of the fronts, no input at first till the motion becomes second nature. I found it VERY weird to be coming down with my hands still up so high, just felt weird. After a couple of times you get used to it then go try some input on them. While you should be familiar with the fact that it can stall on rears, it's not it stall from looking at the rear risers like some ppl lead you to believe. Because of the angle you make with your arms when holding on to the rears (I at least) it sometimes feels like you pulled the rears to your ears and then when looking on the video discover that you barely deflected them. You can get a feel for it practicing up high. I'm assuming that with 1200+ jumps you know that a stall can happen at any speed if you abuse the flight controls ;) Doesnt matter if you bail a lot in the beginning, just rinse and repeat. Make sure you get a good grip on the rears while also holding on to the toggles.
  10. Velo, better openings. Katana opens okay usually, but my experience is that when it turns on opening it tends to be snappy. Front riser pressure on the velo is much higher than the katana though. Maybe better though to put some more on your current katana and do larger rotations, 270's for instance (i never liked the 180 safety wise) That way you get more speed on a canopy thats familiar. Then after, go to a velo wl ~2,5 in stages. fyi, in my country (netherlands) one must have 1000 jumps to go on a velo and 700 to go to a katana. While i felt that the 700 for the katana was a bit rich by 100 jumps, i didnt feel ready for a velo or comparable canopy till just around 1000 jumps. But i started to seriously focus on canopy flying only around 300-400 jumps or so. Then i started doing almost exclusively hop and pops to focus on swooping. Take care. And yes the velo (as are lost of other cb's) is nice, im guessing if you try it to take care of the itch as you say, you will not want to jump non crossbraced after ;)
  11. So it is you that messed up the statistics eh, I was wondering why 99% of my passengers are taller (190cm) than i am and heavier (90kg), and male.. ;) nice vid!
  12. I know what you mean, but al lot of very novice jumpers overanalyze waaaay too much. So the more "tools" at that level of experience the more analizing is going on, and then they have to go do the next aff level. From my own experience, 80% of getting through aff is to relax as best as possible and not to overthink. That was what I wanted to convey, but then sarcasm took over.
  13. you probably just need to relax your body in ff. Maybe the alti simulator from another thread will help.
  14. Seriously, an alti sim? lmao. Do you simulate reading a book too, before going on to the real book?
  15. What is "taking paying guests up for a tandem jump?" I'm not sure what you are talking about, is this some sort of new discipline? touché
  16. well, i can imagine people starting to question self regulation after that retarded Ti action. But more rules or governance won't make much difference. Alas, some people seem to think that pretty much every possible activity in life can be regulated. I live in Holland, so I know about a bit about over regulating.
  17. what is huckin' or hauling meat? You mean taking paying guests up for a tandem jump?
  18. sparkie

    F5 masters

    what do you think is it with some people that hardly or never jump, have
  19. the guy holding the lines is just making sure there are no line twists. I see nothing wrong here, just some guy helping out another.
  20. maybe if they watched it several times they would be fine. I've heard of packers that could practically be TI's just by watching certified TI's at work! Some people are just gifted i guess ;)
  21. "Why Separate HP & Standard Landing Areas Aren't Enough"....? Nothing, short of not jumping anymore, is ever enough. What is the point of this re iteration of this. Nothing new is being said in this new posting. As long as you deal with people, mistakes will be made. Discussing the exact same thing over and over with 20 different people replying and thus 20 different opinions will not help. In the end you will always end up with a plane full of people that all jump out and open their canopies at some point, and they all want to land on the dz. Maybe a jumprun per person will solve it all.. But props in advance to the person in this thread who will come with the ultimate solution. (not jumping at all doesnt count, i already said that)
  22. if you have to ask, then i'd go for the 143.
  23. not that its ever going to be allowed on our dz, but out of interest; is it just digging a ditch, putting some watertight stuff in, like a rubber membrane, and filling it up? Or do you need pumps and such? I'm thinking the water will start to smell if you dont circulate?