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  1. ***I don't know anything about the changes in the 4-way dive pool since 1980, but regarding your link, the numbers next to the blocks are just for: (1) - USPA Open & Advanced, NSL AAA (2) - USPA Intermediate, NSL AA (3) - NSL A Yess.. your comment is true..
  2. Thanks (to all of you) for the reply, The dive pool you published here is the one being used now by FAI for the competitions. I know and conduct those movements allready with my 4-way team. But actually I really need the dive pool of 80' which consists of leg-locked blocks. Thanks fir the concerns.. Blue skies..
  3. Hello guys, I need 4-way random and blocks dive pools of 1980's. Does anyone have any file, document, photo,drawings or any internet link to share with me please..? Blue skies..
  4. Hello guys, I need 4-way random and blocks dive pools of 1980's. Does anyone have any file, document, photo,drawings or any internet link to share with me please..? Blue skies..
  5. Thanks to "skytribe" and "nigel99" for the replies.... first of all, that is true that I should downsize the reserve to the "optimum126" so it would be allright for NJK and I really think about it to do... just I tried to learn for this and asked this question, because I have already my own reserve optimum143 which is very new (DOM: 2011) and I did not want to sell it and pay one more time for the smaller new reserve, and not loosing time etc..... and second (answer for nigel99), it is big because that, just it is my choice, I like smaller container, looks better and comfortable. And,I did not mean "harness" fitting, I meant the fitting of packing volume of the optimum143 for the (reserve) container NJK... (I clearly know about my harness fitting that is my MLW=18 and my yoke=C).. I guess this misunderstanding is because of my poor english... blue skies...
  6. Hi guys.... I have my own pd optimum143 in TJNK, But I want smaller harness container (javelin odyssey) that I would like to buy NJK... I wonder about if my optimum143 fits or not to NJK....? Would you experienced riggers or guys who packed and tried this before reply to me, that if PD Optimum 143 safely fits in Javein Odyssey NJK or not? Thanks for your interests and replies... blue skies...
  7. Hi everybody... Blue skies... My question is that, as it is known, for AAA class competition all 22 blocks are used... as also it is known by the advanced formation skydiving team that, block numbers 3,5,10,12,16,17 are all interesting blocks that in the team, some guys are called nonrepeaters and changge their standart mission of moves... but sometimes when rounds are chosen, some nonrepeater bloks may come after eachother... my question is that, how should be solved if in one round for example 19,16,5... and also this kind of rounds need some arrangements I guess... so is there any formulation to solve this kind of rounds full of nonrepeaters movements... thanks for all who are interested in my posts... blue skies...
  8. Hi everybody... I want to be sure of purchasing a reserve canopy which I prefer PD optimum... but I want to ask about your recommendations about choosing the PDR Optimum143 or Optimum126 according to my weight which is 83 kg (naked) means I think 183 pounds... The question why I am asking is that, I want to make my rig smaller if it worths to make the reserve smaller, but I want to be safe also... I see many huge people using very small container systems, and wonder about how and what kind of reserves are they using to make their rigs smaller..!!! So, should I use optimum126 as my reserve... is it going to be still safe for me? when I use 143 optimum my wingload is becoming 1,4, and if I use 126 optimum, my wingload is 1,6.. if you ask me about my skydiving experience, I have 3000+ jumps, half of it is classic (accuracy and style) and half of it is skydiving formation and instructor drills... I am looking forward your recommendations... thanks a lot... blue skies....
  9. Thanks so much for the replies... I will do everything you have recommended to me... Whenever you (and also other guys please) have some more comments and recommedations, please write out here and I will read them and reply to you... thanks again... blue skies...
  10. Okay guys... I guess I will do modification and change my break off and parachut opening diagram plan as you have told me... so the first whackers wave will break off 6000 feet and track about 2500 feet and will open their parachutes at 3300 feet, second whackers will break off at 5000 feet and track away 1500 feet and will open their parachutes at 3500 feet, and last group will break off at 4000 feet and track 500 feet and will open theri parachutes at 3500 feet also... I guess, this one is true, right? Thanks a lot again for your recommendations and all of these knowlages... And, soon, I will put here and share with you the aircraft flying plan, skydivers in aircraft plan, exit timing and exit positions plan, navigation under canopy plan, safety rules and so on..
  11. Thank you so much again guys... :) I am very very happy because all of yours' replies and comments are very valuable for me and I have learned so many things from your explanations... So I can trust myself to organize about 30-40-50 way figures right now with those knowlages... And I am keeping all the knowlages you have written here in my mind... So, after your explanations here is my break off and parachute opening plan... First of all I have to mention that most of our skydivers that we are planing to build for this 30 way are at about 500-1000 jumps but have very little experinces about building big ways... 20 of tham before (including 2 cameramen), we have built 2 times 18 ways (which, one of those 16 way moment foto is at attachment, 2 guys were late) but it was very simple star with 6 guys at base center and 6 zippers in between each person at base.... and our break off plan was simple also... so I have written this just to mention the experience levels of most of skydivers we plan to build new 30 way... But I trust in their skydiving skills and abilities about formatin skydiving and maneuvers in the sky... Anyway... I want to explain my break off and opening plan now.. (We plan to build #6 formation after your explanations) For the outer whackers, break off altitude will be 6000 feet... and they will fly track away 1000 feet and they will open their parachutes at 5000 feet... Also at this break off altitude (6000 feet), one of the skydivers at base (1 of 6 guys) directly open his parachut at his point and will leave from the base... For the second (inner) whackers, break off altitude will be 5000 feet... and they will fly and track away 1000 feet and they will open their parachutes at 4000 feet... And again at this second break off altitude (5000 feet) one of the remainin 5 base skydivers will open his parachut at his point and will leave from the group... Last step is for the reaminin 4 guys at base... their break off altitude will be 4000 feet and will fly and track away about 500 feet and they will open their parachutes at 3500 feet... We are planning to use 2 cameraman for this 30 way and first cameraman will break off with 1st whackers group and track away with them to open his parachutes at the opening altitude of first whackers which is 5000 feet... (at about 7000 feet, this cameraman will go down to the level of 30 way group altitude and fall with them even, and will take the group's pics and wievs at even position to avoid from that when the outer whackers start break off and track away, so they can see hem in front of them at theri level) The last cameraman will fall down with the last 4 guys base group untill their break off time reaches and when they break off and the center of the group will be free he will open his parachute at about 4000 feet... This is my plan for brak off and opening... I know that I am not that much of experienced for big ways but when I think about the experinces of my skydivers I thought maybe this plan will work... the fundementel aim of my plan is to add extra altitude differences for opening parachutes... So I am looking forward to your comments about my plan... I will be very happy about it... And after I will be sure of my break off and parachute opening plan, I want to tell you about the aircraft formation, altitude, skydivers in aircrafts, exit and building the formation in the sky plans if you don't get bored of me and my questions... THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH.. I APPRECIATE all of YOU... blue skies...
  12. Hi guys again... After I have learned many things from you and the replies of all of yours... I have produced another 30 way formation figur here at attachment... I am looking forward to your replies and comments again... thanks so much... blue skies....
  13. Hello again guys... Thanks all of you... I have been very good informed about my questions and I appreciate your replies... I have learned so many things with your explanations... so hera I have drawn a new formation figure for 30 ways according to your knowlages gave to me at your replies... this new formation figure is at attachment which consists "zippers", "stingers" and "whackers"... I gave up building loops... I guess this 30 way will work easier and better than my last 4 foramtions... so again I am waiting for your comments... Thanks so much again all of you... blue skies...