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  1. MotherGoose


    Onto my 9th canopy since student status and I think I've found my home. 1250 jumps flying a pilot 140 at 1.8WL. Fast and fun yet safe. Great landings, even a nice turf surf can be achieved (not competing in canopy piloting world championships any time soon). Great on demo jumps, decent on long spots and practically packs itself, even brand new ZP is easy peasy. Will be hard pressed to switch to another canopy.
  2. MotherGoose


    I have not really enjoyed my Stiletto since I bought it a year ago (250 jumps). The openings are so unpredictable and can go from completely perfect on heading one jump, to gnarly spin on your back off-heading line twists the next. I have almost 1000 jumps and this is my first full time elliptical. I have borrowed Kats, Xfires, Mamba's and even an FX so its not my only experience. The fact is, for camera flying and for big way flying, I'm looking for something that is way more predictable while still having fun flight characteristics. I will be going with the Katana at the same WL for my next canopy. My advice, skip the Stiletto and go straight for a Kat. That is of course my personal advice and everyone has varying opinions so try to make an informed decision and definitely take one of these canopies out for at least 10 rides before buying one.
  3. MotherGoose

    hc5 problems with tape

    Don't have the same problem, but I do have the 3 year extended warranty .
  4. MotherGoose

    pic of freefall + airplane nose dive?

    Google "skydive" : CLICKY
  5. MotherGoose

    Total knob question

    Here's a start : CAMERA CAMCORDER ... but I'm sure DSE has a few better resources up his sleeve.
  6. MotherGoose

    HC5 plus Hypeye

    Same experience here with the "screenshot" quality stills during video record. Not sure there is anything that can be done. I think it only shoots true 4mp in still mode.
  7. MotherGoose

    100th jump funny video

    Is there a name for this type of dive yet? ...may I suggest : "TRY YOUR HARDEST NOT TO DIE AS EVERYONE AROUND YOU TRIES TO KILL YOU." seriously . . . awesome
  8. MotherGoose

    Help finding first rig!

    Not a jab here but ..... this is lazy shopping. The right rig won't find you, you have to find it . There are tons of 150/170 rigs on the classified's right now. You just have to put forth some effort. Its time-consuming but very rewarding once that rig is in your hands.
  9. MotherGoose

    Milestone Jumps

    Well I'm not gonna say that it wasn't hard work, but it was well worth it. Getting you on 16 Cessna loads in two very short days was no small feat, especially since Friday, we only had the one plane!!! GASP! But you managed to get on all 8 loads on Friday by some small miracle. Then, to toot my own horn, I'd like to remind you that I woke up at 6:30am on Saturday to check the block heaters on the planes, and low and behold, the timers didn't kick in so I plugged them in manually. Imagine if the first load hadn't gotten off the ground just after 9am ??? We already cut it so close !!! It was an amazing weekend all around and a wicked way to cap off a great year. I could not have imagined a better weekend in late November !! Wait till you see the year end video . . . its a freaking masterpiece !! BLUE SKIES TO ALL . . . you should all learn something from this young fella . . . if you have skydiving dreams . . . go get 'em !! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE . . . I love this sport.
  10. MotherGoose

    T-shirt Graphics

    This is one of my personal favourites . . . see attached.
  11. MotherGoose

    Water training Scare

    Stop dipping your toe . . . JUMP !
  12. MotherGoose

    Skydiving Question

    Your poll makes no sense. Pushing someone out of the plane to save an aircraft and its passengers is not a selfish act nor does it mean that you are killing anyone. You do what you have to to save the most amount of lives in adangerous situation, period. Quick assessment of the situation and a level head will dictate what course of action needs to be taken for each individual situation. It has nothing to do with "general" ethics.
  13. I remember reading that a while back . . . those guys are on glue . . . Elmer's finest . . . "aim for water" "12 feet deep minimum" ??? Enough said . . .