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  1. What type of flying are you into? March 12-13 XP Freefly will be doing some quality freefly organizing at Raeford.
  2. No offense taken since im from AL but do note: -Ga flyers ( the few that exist) do know some of these people-- this year ive flown, jumped with, or met nancy, jen, reese, ivan, earl, sel, derek, reese, etc. -Ga DID travel to other freefly events-- Ben G was on the NC record, i was in town( w 2 more ga flyers) but made it late on saturday( the plan was the keep building it but nothing happened on Sunday before the tunnel boogie), We have also been to other XP weekends at raeford. This past weekend I went to Sebastian for Luis' event( 9 hour solo drive each way), and will be setting a state record in December in Sebastian. For carolinafest I was supposed to house Ivan and Steve V but ended up getting super sick in raeford the week before the boogie. Ga does travel, or at least I do. -like you Simon, I have also been to stuff in AZ,NC, GA, and FL none of which were my home state -TX record was the same weekend as Skyfest at the Farm. Ga's only freeflyers are there, so that is why no one showed up for the TX record. Personally, i think it would just be easier to have an open forum for stuff going on around the South. NOT A facebook group like AZ vfs would suffice. The South isn't cali but there are enough talented flyers for everyone to be coming together and doing good things regularly. I cant speak for the state of GA but I am definitely game to travel and do some quality jumps next season. Ga would be a great meeting place for tx, fl, and northerners. Todd is my name and 251 - six eight nine- two seven three seven is my number
  3. I'm re-posting this from the tunnel forum because no one ever really looks there for videos. .Here is a quick edit from the last 3 weeks or so. Summer Fun!
  4. A video mostly of Paraclete and a few skydives in there too. This is my progression thus far. All of the 3 way stuff is a friend and I- we both have under 15 hours.
  5. Hey guys here is some flying from my past 50 jumps or so. Mostly Skyfest 2010 at the Farm. enjoy [/url][url]
  6. Hey guys, looking to build a pond very soon and need some HQ pictures of some existing ponds (rectangular man made) to give authorities an idea of what we want. Any help is appreciated.
  7. -Anyone in the AL,Ga,SC, N. FL area wanting to do vfs blocks and randoms? Got a small group of safe HD flyers looking to progress in the discipline and do quality jumps. -Also anyone interested in setting some HD records for these states. (alabama only needs 8 for a record) PM me if interested.
  8. What is the plan for the Freefly state Record attempts? Who is organizing and when are the warmups/tryouts?