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  1. Damn Simon! I didn't know your elbow turned out that bad! Holy shit dude. Dave is right, all we had at skyfest were a few solid flyers and a bunch of zoomers. That won't be the case this time, I'm not playing target again. If we can get the ASC guys to come over (don't forget Kenny P. and Chuck Owen if he's in the state) we'll have a solid crew and can eliminate any zoomers. If you NC guys will come down it'll be even better. The dates will be SOLID and the event CONFIRMED if that's what you are worried about. Come down and we'll get this thing set! -Chris Martin
  2. Any Freeflyers interested in setting both a Largest Formation and Sequential Head Down record for Georgia at the "One Dirty Halloween" boogie on Oct 29-31 let me know. -Chris Martin
  3. Hey Guys, I'd like to add that we will also be organizing VFS jumps, big way head down jumps, and also attempting to set Georgia Head Down largest formation and sequential records. Come and join us! -Chris Martin
  4. AUSkyguy


    Nope, just need to look him up -Chris Martin
  5. AUSkyguy


    Anyone know how to get in touch with Ron who used to run the dropzone in Rome? He also jumped at Pell City Alabama some. Phone or email would be awesome -Chris Martin
  6. still not seeing it, A link would've been helpful -Chris Martin
  7. Where is the link to the winning video? -Chris Martin
  8. Nah, I'm using a flash. And I also have other lenses that I'll be using. Thanks for the help guys. I quoted them a price and I'm doing the job tonight. I'm gonna be shooing stills mostly but I'm also gonna set up a video camera on a tripod just for a few songs in particular. Thanks again for all the help -Chris Martin
  9. I just got offered to take video and pictures of a band playing at a bar here in Auburn and I don't know how much to charge them. I'll be using a rebel Xti and a sigma 10-20mm lens. It'll probably take 2 hours. How much should I charge? -Chris Martin
  10. In a classroom of my high school right after having landed in the parking lot in the morning just before classes started -Chris Martin
  11. Actually, if the pilot is receiving anything that has value then he has to have a commercial license. Basically it has to be his plane and he would have to pay for everything. So unless you can find a pilot that will fly you up for free and drop you out of his own plane he needs to have a commercial rating. -Chris Martin
  12. Typically If you are doing a Hop and Pop and don't freefall for longer than 10 secs then it won't show a top speed and sometimes it won't log the jump if you pull out the door -Chris Martin
  13. This is an excellent opportunity for someone (like you) to make up some cool useful signals and make a chart so that we can all have some basis of standard -Chris Martin
  14. I'm not sure, but i don't think a NOTAM is dependent on airspace class, anyways they are really easy to file so i would at least advise calling the Air traffic control and talking to them -Chris Martin